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Reese pecked kisses down Malcolm's neck insistently.

They had been lying in Malcolm's bed that way for quite a while.

When Reese's kisses reached down to Malcolm's clavicle, Malcolm giggled.

"Stop," Malcolm interjected, shoving Reese away.

"Let me out!" Dewey was banging on the door from inside the bathroom.

Reese locked him in there to ensure that he wouldn't get in the way, since Lois and Hal weren't home. "Shut up, Dewey."

"Maybe we should...I mean he's been in there for three hours already," suggested Malcolm.

"I gave him a sandwich," assured Reese, blocking off Malcolm from getting up. "Besides you owe me," warned Reese, pointing a finger at Malcolm's nose.

"Reese! I already apologized a million times already, and did all your chores!"

"Well, if you did that thing...maybe I would forgive you..."

"What thing?"

"The thing with the wig and the wheel of cheese..."

"No, Reese! We are not doing that!"

"Fine, I guess, since you got rid of Francis, I'll forgive you. How did you find the letter anyways?"

"Simple. When I saw him hovering over the mail for three days, I figured he was trying to hide something. Turns out he failed to turn in a history project. If mom hadn't found out, he would have gotten out of going to summer school."

"Mhmm..." Reese wasn't listening Malcolm talk; he was pressing more kisses to Malcolm's jaw. He shoved a hand under Malcolm's shirt and pinched a nipple.

"Wait." Malcolm pushed Reese away, getting up on his elbows. "You never told me what happened between you and Francis."

Reese sighed and rolled away from Malcolm to lie on his back. "Nothing, really. Caught him making out with a guy. I broke it off after that." Reese shrugged.

'Oh' was all Malcolm could say.

"Now that you know, can we drop it?"

"Okay." Malcolm sensed Reese's shift in mood. In hopes of cheering him up, Malcolm changed the subject. He rolled over onto Reese, straddling him.

"Get off," mumbled Reese.

Malcolm was appalled. Reese always was ready to go.

"I said get off," Reese shoved Malcolm off to side, causing Malcolm to land face first in stuffed toy lion.

Malcolm was ready to demand to know what bug bit Reese, when Reese got on top of him, slapping toy handcuffs on him, restraining his hands behind his back.

"What are those for," demanded Malcolm

"To keep you from getting into trouble again," sneered Reese.

Malcolm began to argue about the unnecessary roughness but all was forgiven when Reese laid on top of him, grinding into Malcolm's ass. Malcolm could feel Reese's dick through both their shorts, and he didn't even bother to hold back a moan.

"Fuck,"cursed Reese, burying his face momentarily in Malcolm's hair. He sat back on his knees on Malcolm's legs, pulling down Malcolm's shorts. Reese spread Malcolm's ass cheeks, and spit, using his thumb to rub in his saliva they used as impromptu lube.
Reese wasted no time working his way up to two fingers then three fingers. He worked the three fingers, spit slicked, in and out of Malcolm. "I think I'll just do you like this," Reese said.

He bent his fingers, pushing as far into Malcolm as he could; knowing he hit what he was looking for when Malcolm arched his back.

Malcolm hated this-not being able to see Reese.

But Reese was merciless. He slapped Malcolm's ass, before pinching it.

"You ready, Malcolm," Reese teased, pausing to pull down his own shorts.

Malcolm couldn't wait anymore. He tore off the cheap plastic handcuffs, turning around to push Reese down on the bed. He straddled Reese, reaching back to grab Reese's cock and quickly guide it to his ass. Malcolm slowed down as he let the head of Reese's cock stretch him open. Reese moaned the instant it happened, grabbing Malcolm's hips, trying to get deeper inside.

"Wait," breathed Malcolm.

Worried, Reese got up on his elbows, kissing whatever part of Malcolm he could reach.

But Malcolm just pushed him back down, resting his weight on his hands on Reese's chest. He groaned as he finally slammed his hips down, taking all of Reese.

Reese pawed at Malcolm but settled for holding onto his thin waist as Malcolm bounced on his lap. "Unnh...Mal-..." Reese tried to speak coherently, but Malcolm was so tight.

Malcolm had his head thrown back, gasping every time Reese hit his prostate.

Reese hated having Malcolm out of reach. He pulled Malcolm forward, making him get on his hands and knees.

Malcolm slowly eased himself down on his elbows around Reese's ears.

Reese held Malcolm's lower back, dragging his cock in and out, making sure they could both feel it. "Say it."

But it wasn't enough for Malcolm. He tried to ram himself back on Reese's cock, but Reese held him steady.

"Say it," Reese demanded, stopping completely his thrusts, almost completely pulling out of Malcolm.

"Say what," Malcolm whined, wiggling his hips.

"Say you're mine."

"I'm yours," Malcolm sobbed, nudging Reese.

"Ahhn...fuck, Malcolm." Reese rolled them over, shifting Malcolm's legs around his waist, sinking deeper in between them. Rolling his hips, watching Malcolm's mouth fall open more and more with each thrust.

Malcolm held onto Reese's shoulders, bucking up, unsuccessfully.

"Am I the only one," Reese mouthed into Malcolm's neck.

Malcolm hesitated to answer, taken aback by Reese's question.

When he didn't answer, Reese slammed his hips down harder.

Malcolm groaned immediately. "Yes, Reese. Only you...!"

Reese supported himself on one bracketed elbow on the side of Malcolm's head, using his other hand to work a tight fist around Malcolm's cock.

Malcolm was reduced to a mess of churrs, clinging to Reese.

Reese pistoned in and out of Malcolm, snapping his hips so fast it probably bruised them both.

Malcolm tried to watch Reese but his senses overwhelmed him till he had to close his eyes, crying when he came in Reese's hand.

Reese held out for as long as he could, panting. He collapsed on top of Malcolm, burying his nose in his neck, His teeth sunk into Malcolm's flesh as he came.

When he came up for air, Malcolm gave him sloppy kisses, hugging him impossibly closer.

Reese returned the kiss, as if they could never get enough of each other.

Reese laid down next to Malcolm, letting out a sigh of content. "Let's take a nap," he suggested.

"Okay, but let's get dressed first," answered Malcolm.

They only bothered to each put on their boxers in the end.

Malcolm turned on his side and Reese curled up behind him.

Malcolm hated spooning. He felt like a girl. He nudged Reese's chest with his shoulder, but Reese shoved his arm away, wrapping an arm around Malcolm to pull him closer. Malcolm gave up with a sigh, and closed his eyes.

"Can I come out now," asked Dewey.

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