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Chapter One: The Doctor

Merlin gazed up at the stormy grey clouds - blinking as the light snow fell into his blue eyes. He tried to ignore the fact that he was shivering and wet from the snow the that clung to his clothes and dark hair. He moved his gaze to the frozen lake before him; Avalon. At least this was the lake's name a thousand years ago, no one called it Avalon nowadays because no one knew that Avalon ever existed - no one except Merlin, of course. A thousand years ago this lake and the woodland that surrounded it was one of the most beautiful scenes a man could ever stumble upon, but now it's beauty was tarnished by the houses and roads that ran along next to it and the forest was long gone.

To Merlin, this place only reminded him of how much he had lost and how much he hurt inside. Freya… Lancelot… Arthur.

He used his red scarf to whip the hot tears from his high cheekbones; trying to ignore the faces swimming in and out of focus in his head. More faces joined the first three, causing more pain to course through the raven haired sorcerer; Gwen… Gwaine… Percival… Leon… Elyan… Gaius… Morgana…

The list kept on growing; all of them gone, never to return to him. Merlin closed his eyes, blocking out all that was around him.

'At least I'm not a… dollop head!' Chuckled Merlin, riding upon his horse behind Arthur as they headed towards Camelot. He heard the knight behind him sniggering and saw one or two of the drop their heads to hide their faces as they smirked.

'There's no such word.' Prince Arthur glanced over his shoulder at Merlin and smirked.

'It's a idiomatic.'

'It's what?' The prince's smirk vanished; he gave his manservant a questioning frown.

'You need to be more in touch with the people.' Merlin muttered under his breath.

'Describe dollop head.' Arthur challenged with an authoritative voice.

'In two words?' The ebony haired servant offered.


'Uhh…' Merlin fell silent for a short while, fooling Arthur and the knights into thinking that he was contemplating his answer. 'Prince Arthur.' Merlin finally replied simply with a small shrug.

A strange noise pulled Merlin back to his Arthur-less reality; he couldn't really describe what the noise was… but it almost sounded like wheezing and groaning… combined. He slowly opened his eyes and stared around for the source of the noise - half expecting some monstrous creature to jump out of one of the nearby house's neat gardens and attack him. But no such monster appeared.

A blue police phone box appeared a few feet away from the bank on the opposite side of the lake. The sorcerer cocked his head at the phone box and watched curiously as a man toppled out of the doors. The man looked up at him, then looked around himself before dramatically knocking himself on the head with a frustrated groan and storming back into the police box. Merlin's curiosity deepened as the strange man and his box disappeared again - had he really seen that… or had he finally been driven to insanity?

He heaved a sigh and watched his misty breath slowly vanish as silence fell around him again. The noises came back, but they were closer this time… only a few metres away from himself. He watched the blue box materialise next to him, his figure poised so he was ready to run away or to use his magic. The door of the mysterious police box opened again and Merlin was instantly on his feet.

'You don't need to be scared.' The man spoke as he emerged from within the box. 'I won't hurt you, Emrys.'

'W- who are you?' The wizard asked. His voice shook from both the cold and shock - how could anyone know his Druid name?

'I'm the Doctor.'

'The Doctor?' Merlin observed the strange man's appearance; he wore black shoes, smart trousers, a white shirt with a blue bow tie and a brown overcoat. His brunette hair was short and slightly ruffled, his blue eyes showed kindness and the stranger smiled encouragingly at Merlin.

'Yup!' The Doctor replied cheerfully.

'A- and… how did you do that?' Merlin's eyes flickered to the other side of the lake for a fraction of a second; admittedly, he was a little frightened and creeped out by this man.

'Ooh…' The Doctor moved his gaze to the other side of the lake too and then waved a hand at the box behind him. 'This is the TARDIS - Time and Relative Dimension in Space.'

'So… you're a time traveller?'

'Time Lord, actually.' The Doctor surveyed Merlin, making the sorcerer feel nervous. 'It's a bit chilly, why don't you come inside?' The stranger turned and stepped back inside the blue phone booth, leaving the warlock to stare in discombobulation.

'Won't it be a bit cramped in there?' The warlock called after his new acquaintance; following the other man anyway.

Merlin felt his jaw drop; the TARDIS was bigger on the inside. In the middle was a huge blue tube-like thing reaching the ceiling with, what Merlin could only guess, a control panel surrounding it. The walls had a peculiar patterns and behind the controls were a small set of stairs and a balcony that led to a labyrinth within the TARDIS and some more stair leading to a lower deck of the TARDIS.

The Doctor ran around the balcony with his arms spread wide and a grin on his face. 'What do you think?'

Merlin's astonished gaze fell on the Doctor's face. 'It… looks bigger on the inside.'

'It is bigger on the inside! You're frozen, let me boil the kettle and we can have a cup of tea.' The Doctor span on the spot in search of the kettle as he spoke. 'Speaking of kettles, I think I left it in the swimming pool.'

'You have a swimming pool in here too?' The wizard blinked up at the strange man; who nodded in response.

'Last time I was in the swimming pool, it was in the library.' The Doctor fell silent for a moment. 'I'll be right back, make yourself at home.' Without waiting for a response, the Doctor pivoted and jogged into the labyrinth while Merlin idly walked around the TARDIS - deciding that it was a good idea to avoid the labyrinth in case he got lost - he wasn't sure whether he should trust the stranger either, but curiosity kept him from leaving the TARDIS.

The Doctor returned roughly ten minutes later with a kettle in his hand. 'Sorry about that,' the Doctor smiled apologetically, 'never know where this thing will end up.' He waved the kettle for Merlin to see then plugged it in somewhere where Merlin couldn't see it. The brunette man then started to operate at the console of the machine.

'What're you doing?' Enquired Merlin.

'Moving her out of the way.' The Doctor has to raise his voice over the strange noise.

'What's that noise?'

'I've left the brake on.'


'I like the noise!' The Doctor beamed happily at the warlock. Merlin moved to stand beside the Doctor and watched in awe as the man operated the control. Then something caught Merlin's eye.

'That's… is that me?' He pointed at the picture of himself on a small screen. Small text beside he picture gave basic information about Merlin.

The Doctor glanced up too. 'Sure is.'

'Where'd you get this information?'

'The TARDIS found it.'

'Why were you looking me up?'

'I saw you and thought I recognised you.' The Doctor's eyes locked with Merlin's and his voice returned to it's normal level as the TARDIS noises stopped. 'Jethro… someone I met a long time ago.' The Doctor explained. 'You both look alike, I just thought…'

Both men fell silent for a while.

'What did you mean by "getting her out of the way"?' Merlin finally asked.

'The TARDIS is too noticeable, I'm just moving her out of the way.'

'Where's "out of the way"?'

The Doctor contemplated his answer for a moment then smile, 'come and have a look.' He led Merlin towards the TARDIS doors and threw them open; showing the sorcerer the scenery outside.

'But… we're…' Words faltered at Merlin's lips and his eyes feel upon the Earth below him.

'In space.' The Doctor finished.

A smily crept onto Merlin's face for the first time in a long time.

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