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Chapter Three: Somewhere Fun

The pair stepped out of the TARDIS; greeted by grey concrete walls and a set of metallic, windowless doors.

'Oh look!' The Doctor beamed as he pointed at the doors. 'An elevator!' He hurried towards them.

Merlin walked at a slower pace and surveyed the scene; he fiddled with the cuffs of his brown overcoat for a source of comfort. 'Doctor, where are we?'

'Let's go and find out, shall we?' The Doctor pushed a button next to the elevator doors and waited as Merlin reached his side.

'We're just going to leave the TARDIS here?' Merlin enquire skeptically.

The Doctor continued to grin; swinging his arms at his sides and rocking on the balls of his feet like an impatient child. 'Umm… yes, we are.'

'What if we can't find it again?'

'We will, don't worry.'

The elevator doors opened to reveal a small cubical full of mirrors - in the top left corner, Merlin could see a camera, which made him feel more self conscious than he already felt around the Doctor. The Doctor and the sorcerer stepped into the small space and the Doctor began to examine the control panel.

'Let's try… that one!' The Doctor announced as he selected one of the six buttons in front of him. The elevator doors closed and a jolt told them that they were moving.

The computer screen slightly drifted in and out of focus - but this did not make the image any less visible. The screen showed two people in a small room of mirrors; the first was a man who had to be at least twenty-five, he wore a brown suit with a white shirt and a red bow tie and the other man appeared to be younger - maybe twenty; he wore a brown overcoat, with a blue shirt and a red scarf his choice of clothing didn't seems to match the modern day trends.

'Ma'am.' The young woman; who had silvery blond hair and wore a uniform that was composed of a black satin shirt and black steam pressed trousers, turned in her seat - so that her back was facing towards the computer monitor - to gain her supervisors attention. 'We have an intruder.' She then pointed at the monitor.

Another woman; in her late forties with curled red hair, leaned towards the computer monitor and examined the two figures. 'Why don't you be a good girl and give them a warm welcome, Alice?'

'Yes ma'am.'

The elevator doors smoothly opened to reveal a vast but highly decorated hall and a cool female voice announce, 'floor one,' from somewhere within the elevator. After sharing a curious glance, Merlin and the Doctor stepped out of the elevator and strolled across the room - both we're startled by their own echoed footsteps.

Merlin observed his surroundings; the stone walls had flamed torches mounted upon then - the flames had left dark scorch marks on the walls - there were also numerous numbers of shields and plaques mounted upon the walls. At the end of the hall was a huge set of stairs with purple material neatly draped over the steps. The room was also flanked by marble pillars - presumably supporting the upper floors. In the middle of the room stood a large square water fountain; featuring an angel carved out of marble with a golden crown, the water issued from each corner of the fountain and cascaded down onto the angel - making it look as though it was crying.

Merlin gave a small chuckle, 'have we found Hogwarts or something?'

'Hogwarts doesn't have elevators,' the Doctor tutted at Merlin - he had approached the wall with the many shields and plaques to observe the trophies, 'nor does it have a water fountain in the Entrance Hall, didn't you ever read the books?'

'Of course I read the books.' Scoffed Merlin. 'How could -'

Their conversation was cut short by the sound of more reverberated footsteps; which were slowly getting closer. The Doctor and his companion were not able to tell which direction the sound of footfalls were coming from due to the loud echoing.

'Good morning, gentlemen.' A figure appeared at the top of the staircase. The sorcerer and the Time Lord cautiously moved to the bottom of the stairs. The figure descended towards them; the flickering light of flamed torches made her silvery hair and pale, heart-shaped face look brighter; both of which were complimented by her black short and trousers. She wore a kind and welcoming smile as she addressed the pair again. 'My name is Miss Alice Lunn. I would like to welcome you to The Lomas Academy.'

'Hello!' The Doctor grinned happily in greeted as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small leather bound wallet. He opened it to show their new arrival. 'My name is The Doctor, I'm from the Educational Board of Governors and this is my assistant Merlin. We've come to assess the academy.'

'This is unexpected.' Alice's smile faltered slightly, but she decomposed herself quickly. 'We're not due for another inspection.'

'We like to catch you off guard.' The Doctor explained.

'We were very impressed with the high standards we saw on our last visit.' Merlin joined the conversation.

'Of course.' Alice bowed her head at the two men. She then beckoned them to follow her and lead them up the stairs, down a rather dimly lot corridor and into a small office. 'Please, take a seat.' She indicated towards two chairs that resided in front of a wooden desk. 'I must ask you to wait here, I have to speak with the headmistress before I can allow you to continue.'

The Doctor nodded respectively at the young woman, 'that's completely understandable.

The door snapped shut behind Alice, when she knew she was out of earshot of the office she pulled a small mobile phone out of her trouser pocket. There was only two phone numbers logged into her mobile phone; her own phone number and her supervisor's phone number. Alice selected her supervisor's phone number and pressed the green call button.

'Alice Lunn… yes… The Doctor and Merlin…' Alice answered the questions that were directed at her down the phone. 'The Educational Board of Governors… he showed me his identity badge, it seems to be in order… they wish to inspect the academy… they're in my office… yes Ma'am… consider it done.' Alice pushed the red "end call button" and continued her journey through the empty corridors.

'What are you doing?' Merlin enquired as he watched the Doctor search around the office.

'Just looking around.' The Doctor replied innocently. 'I'm trying to work out where we are.'

'Don't you mean when we are?' The wizard laughed.

The Doctor gave him a slightly exasperated look, 'just… don't, please.'

'Sorry.' Merlin grinned sheepishly, he then cast his eyes around the room. 'So… Alice is the deputy headmistress?'

'I don't know.' The Doctor spoke slowly while he examined the books on a bookshelf behind the wooden desk. 'I think she might be a Science teacher though.' He motioned towards the bookshelf. 'Stephen Hawking, James Watson, Richard Dawkins, Brian Cox, Steven Weinberg, Charles Darwin, Edward Wi -'

'Doctor?' Merlin cut across the Time Lord's ramblings.

The Doctor whirled around to face his companion with concern spread across his face, 'what's wrong?'

'Almost all of those names mean nothing to me.' The sorcerer rolled his eyes.

'I only named the scientists from Earth and from your era, you must know who they are!' The Doctor burst in a shocked tone.

'Sorry,' Merlin shrugged, 'science isn't my strongest subject.'

The Doctor looked flustered, 'when we're done here I am giving you an education in science!'