Author's Notes: This is my first try at writing short "drabbles". I have started to write these for this pairing because I've been too consumed by real life lately to do much more. My muse has gone on vacation, and I am just hoping that I will soon have more inspiration and time.

You, the reader, will hopefully look at these little drabbles as tiny hors d'oeuvres that will whet your appetite for more.

Disclaimer: I do not own Adventure Time. Unfortunately.


Now she runs a tongue down one sweat-slicked thigh,

And pulls her lover's body closer

Because no matter what anyone else believes-

Pink is her favorite color

And Bubblegum:

To her,

Is the most delicious shade…

Author's Notes: This is my first time to write something for BubbleLine/Sugarless Gum, so bear with me. These drabbles will be short or very short (like this one) written in a half-prose and half-poetry manner.

Rated M just to be sure.

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