Be Kind! this is my first time writing anything outside of essays for school. I never liked writing fiction, but this idea has been in my head and sorta exploded out. I am planning on writing a few more chapters on this line, then 2 prequels. any help is greatly appreciated!

The Angel and the Devil. Part 1

She screamed. She had nothing else in her. The man she loved was bleeding to death in her arms. Shot by some crazed lunatic.

It was supposed to be a simple run. Things had calmed down since they won the war for the prison. Rick and Daryl were in dealings with Milton, the new leader of Woodbury, for trades and allegiances. Nothing was set in stone but things were looking up. Especially for her.

She had been so lonely. Even with her family surrounding her, no one truly understood her. Then He came.

She had never thought she would be with a man like him. A rough redneck with a mean streak the size of Texas. But underneath that, she saw depth. A desperate love of his brother, confusion at the differences in this world to the previous, and a deep loneliness, just like hers.

That's what drew her to him. They were both so different, yet so lonely for someone to understand. One inexperienced in everything in life, and the other, having seen and done so much it had scarred him for life. But they couldn't avoid it. They were drawn to each other, desperately and passionately.

No one knew about them. Some may have suspected something, but nothing as deep as their love went. That's what made it so easy for her to ask to go on the run. She needed to get a few things, a few surprises for him.

He was a perfect gentleman, something she had never expected. He told her he would wait for her to be ready, that they didn't need to hurry. Lately she had been thinking, and had come to the conclusion that tonight; she was ready to give herself to him.

Rick, Glenn, Maggie, herself and him had gone to a small town a few miles out. They hadn't had time to fully explore its opportunities since the issues with the governor. They pulled up in front of a small hunting store, looking for sleeping bag, winter clothes and other supplies. All seemed quiet as they cleaned out the place, filling both cars with badly needed resources. On the last load, she heard something, turned and was shocked at the gun in her face. Somehow a crazed man, a survivor, had hidden from them, and now had her at gun point.

She glanced around, hoping to find a weapon; however the man pressed the gun against her head harder as she reached for the knife, the same one he had given her earlier. The man was spouting nonsense, blaming her for the walkers, the world as it was. He screamed that he was going to kill her for bringing this upon him. As she cringed, expecting the pain of a gunshot, suddenly the man was ripped away from her. In the small amount of sunlight that had filtered thru the building she could see the lunatic wrestling with someone. All of a sudden a gunshot went off, and the next second she saw a knife tip appear thru the back of the lunatic.

She ran up to the two unmoving bodies, flung the lunatic to the side, to her worst nightmare. Merle was lying with a gun shot thru the chest.

Beth screamed, scream for Maggie, Glenn and Rick to help her.

Rick appeared at her side, ripped the shirt from the lunatic's body and pressed it on to Merle's wound. "Hold this here, it's a high shot, only through his shoulder. If we can get him to your father fast enough he may survive."

Glenn and Maggie came running in, Glenn looked to Rick who told him to help him find something to carry Merle on. They ran off as Maggie ran to Beth's side.

"Are you okay?! What happened!" Maggie cried.

"He saved me. He saved me from that lunatic! I would have died if it wasn't for him and I haven't told him yet!"

"Told him what sweetie?" Maggie glanced at her sister. She and her father both suspected something was going on, but now she knew, and worried at her sister's next words.

"I love him. I never told him I love him. He made me so happy, I was so lonely! And he came along and I have never been happier. Now I'm going to lose him, and he'll never know!"

Maggie's heart clenched at the words. She thought Merle was much too old for her sister, had told Hershel as much. But she watched Beth gently touched his face with one hand while the other desperately tried to stop the flow of blood. Bloodshed by him as a sacrifice for her sister. Maggie may not have approved before, but now, after this, Merle had proved to her his strength and love for her sister.

"They're back; we need to move him to the truck. Hold the wound while we move him"