Zero's POV:

Screaming fan-girls are not good for headaches. Their 'kyaas' were driving me nuts. I would rather be sleeping in the haystack with my favorite horse Lily, where it is nice and quiet, and why wouldn't it be? Few people at this school like the horses more than the night class, and even fewer are willing to spend their afterschool time riding, or grooming them. In fact, I don't think there actually is someone at this school who would take the time to do that. Except for me of course.

Thankfully, the day class noticed my bad mood and stayed a couple feet farther back than normal, therefore making it easier on my ears than if they were right next to me. Although it did make it harder for me to punch someone, which I sorely want to do right now, even if it would probably be bad for them, and myself later when the chairman found out.

Finally the bloodsucking night class came out, and the fan-girls screamed even louder. At this point, my head felt like it was going to explode, I bet they wouldn't be screaming if they knew they were leeches. It didn't help when the first person to come out was Yuuki. I never loved her anymore than I would a sister really, but now that it was revealed she was the pureblood princess and she joined the night class, she became convinced that I am in love with her. Now that she has a 'clear view on the world,' or so she says. In reality, not only was she dead wrong about me loving her (not even as a sister anymore due to her major attitude change,) she is also wrong about me being some pathetic level D far beneath her. The Kiryuu's were vampire hunters, yes, but we were also purebloods*. Only very high-ranking hunters, and/or close family friends knew about it though. It would cause an up-roar if it became public. The only reason I knew was because I had been secretly trained by my parents for years on how to use pureblood abilities. Funny thing is, the spell they used, sort-of gave me a pureblood side, and a human side. When I was bitten by a pureblood my human side turned into a level D. So I suppose if you wanted to be overly technical, Yuuki was right about me being a level D in some sense, but only a level D? Not even a competent one, as well as a hunter? She really needs a reality check. Of course, I already knew that when she became so stuck up, and a whore to boot, (those skimpy dresses she wears on the weekends do nothing for her).

"What does that street filth think he's doing?" Yuuki must be referring to me, "If those dirty humans want to cheer for their princess, then they can't be expected to do so all the way back there!"

I looked at her with my eyebrow raised, my angry aura dissipated from my utter confusion. What planet is she living on? Fortunately, the fan girls were too caught up in their cheering to notice my lack of an angry aura for the second it was gone, or to notice her revealing statement. The bastard Kaname, who must be the most tolerant man in the world to decide to marry her, said absolutely nothing. However he had a disapproving look on his face, it may have been hidden behind a mask of indifference, but it noticeable to me. I cursed myself, how is it that I got so good at reading that guys emotions? I hated him. I don't know why, but I hated him more than the usual vampire. Something about his attitude rubbed me the wrong way.

Well as I said, he just kept walking, and didn't do anything when she hooked her arm with his, and bragged about being invited to some party to some bloodsucking, demonic, leeches that were level C's and B's which were flocking around her when, in reality, they all got the invited too, so it wasn't that impressive.

After the switchover I wished again that I could just sleep, but I couldn't because I now had to patrol the grounds. You would think I would at least be able to find some peace and quite while I'm patrolling right? Wrong! Some idiotic day class girls, decided to try and get a picture of a bloodsucker, as usual. I was still too annoyed by my headache (even if it did get a little better) to bother making my presence known by purposely stepping on some twigs while I made my way over to them. Needless to say, since all the girls in the day class seemed to be horrible screamers, I regretted it immediately.

"AAAAhhhhh!" There were two of them and they tried to run because they were so scared. I caught them by the collars of their shirts (AU note: not sure how to say that properly someone let me know) and spun them around. One of them suddenly realized it was me** and stopped, even if she still looked freaked out. The other wasn't even looking and didn't care, so she kept screaming until I quickly clamped a hand over mouth. Not something I would normally do, and in retrospect, probably wasn't the best way to handle this situation, but I'd like to see you think logically when there's a terrified, screaming fan girl in front of you. Especially when you haven't gotten enough sleep as of late.

"Relax, it's just me." I growled annoyed, removing my hand from her mouth.

"Y-you scared us!" The calmer of the two stuttered.

"Y-y-yeah, y-you didn't h-have to s-scare us," The other girl still hadn't quite recovered so she was stuttering quite a bit more than the first, but she was angry that's for sure, "we were just getting a picture of Idol-sempai for our friend's birthday next week! There was no reason to sneak up on us." Something about that statement left a nagging sensation at the back of my mind, like I'd forgotten something, but I decided to ignore it until I could settle this problem. I also decided to ignore the part where said I was sneaking up on her when I wasn't.

"You didn't have to break the rules ether. You both are getting detentions for three weeks."

"R-r-r-right" any other time, and he would have found the fact that their chorused stuttering from my dark aura, that was worse than usual from my still raging headache, to be to be highly amusing. Right now though, I just wanted them to be gone. It didn't help that I could sense the bastard Kaname on his way to find out the cause of the screams. Probably because he thought it was a vampire attack, or me losing control of my bloodlust, I now felt since I was currently, technically, a level D. The blood lust actually drove me nuts since I knew I would have more control if it wasn't for this dumb spell.

Suddenly, it clicked; the nagging sensation in the back of my mind because of something I'd forgotten was because I forgot my _ birthday (yeah, just fill in a number for now, and I'll try and decide how old I want him to be later). I don't know how. That was the day that the spell my mom cast that made me human begins to wear off, the one I don't know how to recast. The girls had just left, running back to their dorms when I heard a voice behind me.

"What happened here, Kiryuu?"

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He may be a pureblood, but he still dislikes vampires. I figured that even if he was a pureblood it really wouldn't change his feelings towards vampires than if he was just a level D.

My computer thought this should read, "One of them suddenly realized it was I…" which I just thought I should mention because I giggled a little at that. Yes, it was I, Zero who stopped them. Okay now I'm making myself laugh and it's not even that funny.