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The last light of the sun was beginning to fade when I got back to the small camp that I had set up. A small cod fish hung from a line of fishing string, it was rare to see them in such a small stream, but it was food. The wind picked up and sent chills down my back; a sign that winter was just behind the door. Winter was going to be deadly, just means that I have to work harder to find shelter. It wasn't hard enough to worry about getting bite and starving, but I had a little child that I had to take care of and her safety was the most important. She was my family.

I threw the pathetic fish on a flat rock and set to work. Slicing along its small belly, I pulled the organs out and began to slice bits of meat off its bones and skin. This pathetic excuse for dinner was going to have to be eaten raw; building a fire was too dangerous, especially when you're in a middle of a Zombie apocalypse. Using herbs and roots that Suki had found around the forest, I tried my best to mellow the taste and the smell.

I was just cleaning my switch blade when the sound of quiet coughing caught my attention. Putting my blade away I picked the fish up and walked over to the sleeping child. Her body shook as she tried her best to be quiet. I knew it was a bad idea to camp out in the forest, but I was running out of ideas. Every house we came to was beyond safe and having Suki with me made me double, no triple check the choices I made.

Suki finally woke up as her body shook even harder. Covering her mouth she looked at me, her eyes telling what she was thinking and feeling. All I saw was fear and pain. She knew that making one bit of noise was dangerous, but she also knew that she was sick. Being sick during a world that collapsed meant death, I was not going to let that happen.

"Hey, sleepy head." I whispered out. I smiled down at Suki as I kneeled next to her. She smiled a little as I ran my fingers through her raven black hair. Just a brief touch and I could feel the burning heat and sweat that was all over her. The fever was getting worst, just in a few hours her temperature had gone up two degrees. "You must be starving. Here, I got fish." I smiled as I showed her the treat that I had. Meat was hard to get and it was a sight for sore eyes. I saw Suki's eyes gleam with happiness and excitement as I fed her small bits of fish.

After two small bites she laid her head back down and closed her eyes. "I'm full. I'm… so tired." Her voice trailed off as her body pulled her into another sweating slumber. My hand shook as I touched her face one more time. The times she was awake were getting shorter and her appetite was diminishing even faster. If she was going to survive I needed to find medicine, a safe base soon.

I pulled Suki's head onto my lap as I finished her dinner. My brain ran at full speed as I tried to think of what to do, but all I got was a blank. All I could think of was Suki. She was such a sweet kid. Being only eleven she went through most stuff that kids should never have to go through, but she still held that dose of humanity. She had the ability to make me laugh and forget that the world had gone down the drain. Most of all she had saved me, not physically but mentally. She was my friend, my companion, my family. Losing her would be losing me.

I cupped Suki close to me as I broke down. Tears were falling down as fast as rain and my body shook like an earthquake. All the while Suki slept.

Cleaning my face free of snot and tears I bundled Suki into her thin blanket and let her sleep more. Not walking far off I began to search for herbs that could dull Suki's fever. I was searching along a large tree when something caught my attention. Looking to my right I almost fell to the dirt ground. Tears appeared in my eyes again; there hundred yards away was a fenced building, most likely a prison. It wasn't just the holy sight of a fenced safe haven, but the group of people that I spotted. I felt as though my silent prayers had been answered. People meant a chance for Suki to live.

I stood back in the safety of the trees and watched as the large group began to set for camp. It had been so long since I had seen people, besides Suki, and it was awkward but a miracle none the less. If I concentrated hard enough bits and pieces of their conversations could be heard. It was chilling to hear other voices, but thrilling. I spent minutes just staring with happiness and shock that the sky was darker when I came back to my senses.

If I was going to do something now was my chance. The only problem was getting over the large fence that surrounded the perimeter. I analyzed the metal gate until I found the way. Right in front of me I could see the evidence of where the group had gotten in. Thankfully the object they had used to tie it up was easy enough to un-do.

Not wasting any time I stumbled back to the camp and began to pack the small belongings that we had. It was minuets and I had our bag full. The few herbs and bottles of water that we had was in its body along with my drawing pad (paper was hard to come by). There were other minor things but I had to leave room for Suki's things. Un-wrapping her from her cocoon, I folded the blankets.

With everything ready I came across another problem.


With deep thinking I finally came across a solution. Removing my belt and a loop of rope, I pulled Suki up. Holding her bridal style I tapped her cheek with care until she opened her eyes. "Hey there, honey." I smiled again. I needed her to be calm and only way to do that was for me to calm. "Guess what, I found a little place for us, but in order for us to get there I need you to hold onto my neck. Got it?" I asked. Suki nodded and with me crouching to her level, I felt her small hands clasp around me. Still whispering I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. "Got to hold on tight, okay?" She nodded and despite how hard she tried to stay awake, her eyes closed but her hands were still clamped tight.

Not wanting to take any chances I took the rope and tied her body to mine. Next I picked her legs up and, using my belt, I tied her feet to my stomach making her tight as my bag. Testing the invention, I jumped lightly. All there was was the flop of her head as she hit my neck, but other than that she was secured. Even through the layer of clothing between us I could feel the burning heat of her fever.

Making sure that everything was packed I turned towards the woods and a low whistle that could only be heard by people that were close by, I waited until the familiar four egged animal bolted from the trees. Despite how large and heavy Bandit was he was as silent as a ghost. It was amazing how quiet his body could be. Quietness was the one important skill that was needed in a zombie apocalypse.

Bandit moved towards my side. Giving him two fingers, the signal for stealth, we began to run.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My heart thudded across my chest as I waited for the right moment. The amount of Walkers that were around was intimidating, but I knew that if it came down to it I could get through. Holding my machete in my right hand I took a deep breath and bolted.

Bandit was right at my heels and the two of us, with the little light we had, slipped across the grass field with ease. The group had a fire up already and was settling down beside it when I reached the gate. I had just un-fastened the fence when I felt Bandit knock against my knee. Turning around I watched with dread as Walkers picked up my scent, the closest one was two feet away, but thankfully his left foot was bent at a weird angle. Having little time I threw the fence open and shoved Bandit through along with Suki. I had just passed between the hole when my foot got caught.

The crooked leg Zombie had gotten to me faster than I had expected. His eyes were sunken into his face and he began to growl with hunger as he pulled at my booted foot. Stuck between a Walker and a fence, I pulled my right arm as far back as it could go and sent the force downwards. The blade made a sick sucking noise as it made contact with the oily head.

I shoved the body away and twisted my way past the gate. Grabbing the rope that was around Suki I pulled the two fences back together and began to tie them. A fat body slammed against the gate as I tried to hurry. The force of the blow sent me towards the gravel and the gate gapping open. My machete flew away from me leaving me helpless. I wathed with horror as the large Walker tried to slip through. Not wasting time I jumped towards the gate. Holding onto the fence I swung back with all my might and bending my knees I slammed my feet into its face. His head bent backwards and the sounding of popping noise told me that I had just broken his neck.

His feet slipped from underneath him and sent him falling. Seeing this as my chance I fell to the ground and began to tie the fence again. Just as I tied the last knot, a thin woman snarled at me through the gate. Her fingers reached towards me as she tried to get her dinner. Her face was pale and her eyes were glazed over. Her once white dress was covered in dirt and blood. Her jaw was also in the same state. This was the one moment that I was thankful for a fence.

The sun was almost gone and using the last light I picked the knife up, along with suki lying in my arms I made my way towards the group.

Bandit leaned closer into me as he watched for any sudden movements. The pressure of his body against my leg calmed my beating heart and soothed my shaking hands. I was thankful that Bandit had learned to be silent during the chaotic moments. He would have blown our cover a long time ago. Seeing that no danger was near, his tongue lolled out as he trotted farther ahead of me. The bright light of the fire and the little chatter of the people talking helped me find my way across the gravel and grass, it even caught Bandit's attention.

I had slipped my machete into its holder and I was brushing Suki's hair free from dirt when I felt the pure heat of her skin. Just by touching her I felt as though I had touched a burning stove. My heart began to race faster as her body began to shake with coughs, and her breathing began to come out in gasps. I immediately started to run, trying to cover the feet between us and Suki's fate.

Bandit yipped as I stepped on his body; I stumbled but gained my footing as Bandit shot forward. He understood the matter. The group of people had heard Bandits yipped and where standing tensed as they tried to see what was out there. Not wanting to get hurt I began to cry out not only in fear but with great urgency.

"Please, don't shoot! I mean no harm." I yelled. I skidded to a stop as I saw the people's faces. Every one of them was standing and each one held a weapon. They stood tensed and were ready for anything.

Suki was still passed out and her breathing was becoming quieter which sent me into frenzy. Seeing that they didn't understand the urgency of the matter I began to ramble. "Please, I'm asking you, to help her. She's sick. She will die." I began to cry as I crumbled towards the ground. My shoulders shook as I held the small child towards me.

Bandit leaned into me and whined under his breath. Buring my face into his fur I sobbed with tears that had been bottled up for months. I felt Bandit growl as a calloused hand touched my shoulder. An old man stood before me with sympathy in his eyes. I didn't want sympathy, I wanted Sukit to live.

"I can help. What's wrong" His voice was soft as he checked Suki. I felt as though my body exploded. I sighed with happiness as I whipped my face clean of its mess.

"She must have eaten something. She got a fever a few days ago, but this morning it had gotten worst. She has a really bad cough and.. And her breathing is coming in gasps." I told the older man. He nodded towards me and turned back towards Suki.

"How old is she?"

"Only eleven. Still a baby. Can. . . Can you save her?" I whispered out.

"I'll try." He turned towards me again and smiled. I sighed again and felt calmer then I had been for the past few days.

"Hershel… I don't think we should. We don't even know who they are." A man with a crossbow stepped forward. He pointed his weapon at the two of us as uncertainty wrinkled across his face. I felt the calm feeling vanish.

"Please. She is just a child." I hissed out.

The man named Hershel turned towards me and then to the man with the bow. "Doesn't matter. I am helping." And with that he went to work.

Please don't leave me, Suki. Hold on!

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