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Suki had cried herself to sleep; her small body racked with sobs as I delivered the dreadful news. She had crawled in my lap and buried her head into my shoulder. Not knowing what to do, I rubbed her back and rocked to and fro. I hushed her as though she was a crying baby. It had felt as though my heart was breaking all over again. I had known that Suki would take it hard, but telling it in person was heart breaking. It made me want to kill the dreadful man again and again; enough to make him feel how I was. To feel the pain that was beating in my heart.

The soft cries soon turned into steady breathing as Suki fell into a deep sleep. The others were still awake and stood not far from out bed. They sat in a circle as they thought over the events of the day. Hershel was almost lost. It was more major than a lost dog, but Suki and I felt the same pain; the same fear. Slowly they traveled to their beds, all taking the time to come over and whispering their condolences. It felt as though I was at a funeral, it sure felt that way.

The sound of sleep filled the prison as everyone relaxed into a dream state. The only ones that were awake were Daryl and I. I knew for a fact that Daryl was still weary of me and I took that to mind. I stuck to the cell and tried to get some shut eye. Sleep was hard to get these days; most nights were full of fear and running that I had grown use to going without days of sleep. It was not only the fear of the undead, but the nightmares that hid behind my lids. Nightmares that held loved ones and strangers that stumbled upon my path. The gruesome nightmare that I feared was the one when I was in the military; a nightmare that made it present far too many times.

I shook myself of the thought of the nightmare and focused my attention on the piece of wood. It was dark and smooth, perfect for the creation that was soon to come. It was a long block; long enough to match the length of Hershel's other leg. It was an estimate but I knew that it would turn out well. I was known for my capability of creating anything out of wood. I was told many times that I had a way with my hands.

The sound of the scraping wood bounced around the small area, the sound began to blend together creating a loud enough noise to cause Suki to steer. Not wanting her to wake up, I took the wood and small knife and made my way out into the hall area. I had settled on the metal steps and continued the rhythmical stripping when I heard a southern accented voice behind me.

"Is she alright?"

I turned around and watched as Daryl left his position on top of the platform and came to seat by me. I was still staring at him as I tried to get over the fact how handsome he was in his cut-off shirt. His muscles were much defined as he positioned the rifle alongside him. I felt my throat get dry and my hands sweat as he itched his stubble chin, it was apparent that even though he was not clean shaven that he had a gift of a face. He was extremely attractive. Hot, even.

Realizing that I was staring for quite a while, I cleared my throat and hope that my face was not as red as it felt. "Right now she is hurting. She and Bandit were close. It's hard losing something so close to you; may it be a relative to a pet." I cleared my throat again only this time it was to shove the stinging pain of tears away.

The two of us went quiet; the smooth scraping sound of blade against wood was almost a soft lullaby. It's unfamiliar tune calling us into dark depths of loneliness. My left arm held firm as my right repeated its smooth cuts. The blade moved down the piece of wood each time I exhaled. I could feel the form move along my fingers, I felt the curve of each cut, each strip of wood. I felt the simple yet magnificent block of wood start to change; to take the shape of the gift. The only time I took a break was to shake the numbness from my upper arm. The white bandage had turned a little red with blood, but other than that it was fine. Every once and awhile the cut would grow irritated and my arm would begin to complain.

"How bad is it?" Daryl asked. He nodded towards my arm, apparent that he had seen me rub the tender skin. It may have been out of sheer politeness, but that didn't stop my stomach from doing summersaults.

Rubbing it one last time, I began to go back to shaving the wood. "A bit sore, but fine. Should heal in a couple of days." I let the silence take over again. Mother always told me that I understood people better when words weren't in the way. In time I began to find that it was true. I soon learned that words were fake, used to fool the simple minded into believing that everything was good, even great. Words had the power to hide the truth, but no one is able to cover their true emotions. Their eyes and even their own body goes against them. Without even realizing it, people's bodies tell their story that words could never. It all depended on if you were aware. If you saw the unseen.

With each breath I began to understand Daryl. I began to see why he was so cautious of strangers, I could see what he saw and how he saw it. I felt the pain and weariness of surviving pulsing through his veins as though they were the blood that supported his life. I could feel his closeness to the group and how he felt responsible for every single person. I could see how he felt as though the world was his to hold, every pain every worry was he responsibility. I could see how though he was a superhero, there when you need him. I could see him.

"What makes you so afraid that you can't sleep?" Daryl's thick husky words shook me. The constant scraping had stopped and I was still. I had come to see that Daryl wasn't a breath-taking speaker, instead he was like me. He saw what others didn't. He saw how I saw, he heard how I heard.

Taking a shaky breath, I let out a shocked laugh. "It's not sleep itself that scares me, instead its what sleep is able to do." I knew it may not have been understandable, but I knew Daryl would get the true meaning behind it. He nodded and even smiled a bit as though he felt the same way.

"Sleep is ever changing, it has the power to move from a glorious dream that you wish to never leave. Then that wondrous stage and turn into a chilling nightmare that you never wish to see again. Nightmares that I experience every time I close my eyes. Dark and cold nightmares that remind me of times that I rather forget." I let out another strangled sigh as those bad dreams came back. The memories that never seem to stay away. I looked over at Daryl who was still.

"Stupid right? I should be scared of something that is real, something that I can touch instead of a horrible memory." I barked out with a laugh.

"Stupid? No. Human? Yes." Those few and simple words held more meaning then any others could. I nodded softly and held back the tears that stung my eyes.

"Do one of those nightmares happen to involve losing Suki?"

Again I nodded. "It was the only nightmare that never became a reality, until now. Ever since all this," I waved my hand towards the outside. "Happened, I lost everything. My sister, my nephew. I was all alone, trying to survive. I was cutting through the woods one day, trying to get around a herd of Walkers, when I came across a small cabin. I thought a quick stop for the night wouldn't be so bad. I went through the house and came to one room, a man was in the middle of the room along with a woman and a little boy. It was clear that they were a family, but it wasn't the bodies that shocked me. Instead it was a little skinny dirty girl that was curled up in the corner. Her body was so thin and she was shaking. I guess my motherly instinct took over, I got her cleaned up and asked her if she would like to travel with me. She whispered out a soft 'yes'. I soon learned that her name was Suki, the night she told me her name she made a promise with me that we would never separate." I choked out the short story. My throat was closing up, I was breaking that promise. I was losing that one child that I loved.

"Until now." Daryl finished for me. I nodded my head and unable to hold back the sobs, I broke down. Daryl seemed a little uncomfortable as he softly patted my back. Cleaning my face from the tears, I smiled a soft thank you at him.

"It will be hard, but I know that it's the way that I can be sure that Suki will survive."

Daryl was about to speak when a soft child's voice broke through our conversation.

"You're leaving me?"

My head snapped up and the wooden leg clacked to the ground. I felt my heart freeze in my chest and I couldn't speak. Tears were running down Suki's face as she took a step closer to us. I pushed myself upwards and tried to bring her into a hug, but she shoved her body away.

"No! I thought you loved me! You promised that we would always be together. You promise!" Suki's yelling echoed around us as she began to sob. Her small body shook with each cry, her heart breaking.

"Suki, sweetie, listen to me. It's the only way you will survive." I held her close to me and felt her small arms wrap around me.

"Take me with you." Despite how muffled her voice was her words were crystal clear. I felt my throat choke up and tears were beginning to slip down my cheeks.

I kneeled down so that I was able to see Suki's face. Suki saw the look on my face and knew what my answer was. "No, baby."

Suki began to cry, harder this time. She slapped my hand away as I tried to clean her tears away; tears that were caused by me. She stepped away from me, far enough so that I couldn't pull her close to me. Her yelling before caused everyone to wake up and they all stood not far from us as they watched the heart breaking scene before them.

"I hate you! I wish I never met you! I wish you were dead instead of my parents!" Suki's words took a turn at stabbing my heart. I stood in shock and hurt as I watched the only person that I loved run away from me into Lori's arms.

Taking a shaky breath, I whispered a response to Suki. "Me too, baby. Me too." Suki turned away from me and wrapped her arms around Lori's neck as she sobbed her heart out. Everyone was staring at me as they witnessed my heart breaking. Daryl stood not far away, his arms were crossed over his chest and he stood stiff. Not wanting to be caught crying like a baby in front of him, I turned away and left the group staring at the empty spot that I was standing in.

I was now living in my nightmare. I was now alone. I was now afraid.

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