~ What If Ahsoka Was Not Saved By Anakin?~

Hey guys I wondered how it would turn out in the season 5 finale. What if Anakin didn't prove her innocence. How will he feel watching his own padawan being executed. WAIT NO MORE HERE IT IS~!

Anakin didn't find the murder. He ran back to the court to see what Ahsoka's decision was. Anakin was so worried about his Padawan. He loved her so much. He wouldn't let a soul hurt her. He ran into the court and sat down next to Obi-Wan.

"The court has reached a decision." A man said. The man handed a note to the chancellor. The Chancellor nodded and put the note down. Anakin was sweating. Palpatine stood up and took a deep breath. Anakin looked at Ahsoka. Ahsoka was so scared. Anakin sensed her fear.

" Ahsoka Tano, you are guilty for the murder of clones and Leta Barmoni." Palpatine said. Ahsoka gasped. She was shaking violently. She started to cry. Anakin eyes were brimming with tears.

" Ahsoka Tano you will be executed at dawn. Take her away." Palpatine said. Anakin gasped and cried harder. The guards took Ahsoka away. Anakin looked at Obi-Wan than Plo. They both had sad faces. Anakin ran to Ahsoka's cell.

Anakin's P.O.V

I failed her, I failed Ahsoka. I loved Ahsoka and now she is going to be executed because of me. I ran to Ahsok's cell. The guards let me in. They disabled the rays. I walked into Ahsoka's cell to find Ahsoka crying. I was crying to. I sat next to her. She looked at me with her tear streaked face.

" Ahsoka Im so sorry." Anakin said. Ahsoka cried harder. I pulled her to my chest. She cried into my chest. I cried to. I stroked Ahsoka's lekku.

" Im so scared Master." Ahsoka said. That made me cry harder.

" I know Snips.. I failed you." I said. Ahsoka hugged me tightly.

" I love you Master." Ahsoka said.

" I love you too Snips. I always will." I said. I kissed her forehead. The guards came in.

" Its time Ahsoka Tano." Admiral Tarkin said. You know I cant believe he is going against her after Ahsoka saved him. The guards took her. They went to the execution room. I stopped and looked at Ahsoka. She was standing in the middle of the floor.

" Ahsoka Tano you are hear by to be executed." Palpatine said. I started to cry again. A guard came behind her and aimed his lightsaber in her center.

" Any last words?" Palpatine said. Ahsoka nodded.

" I was not responsible for the murder or the nano droids. I love Anakin, Obi-Wan and Plo. Bye guys." Ahsoka said. I couldn't take it this. The guard turned on the lightsaber and it went through Ahsoka's center. She screamed in agonizing pain. She fell to the ground. I ran to her. I put her body on my lap and stroked her cheek. I kissed her forehead. I felt like I wanted to kill my self. I cried and cried tears falling on her face. I carried her body to the morgue.

" By Snips." I said. I walked away and I will love Ahsoka forever.