A/n- This fic has Child abuse in it so if you don't like it go read something else.

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Two Dark Secrets

Harry did not like the Dursleys. They use and abuse him. Nobody knew this, of course, this was apart of his life that no one knew about but him, which makes a change. This part of his life was locked away in a cupboard of his memories. This was his dark secret. His dark secret that no one would ever know about. Harry had never told anybody about the abuse, as you've most likely gathered. He never told anyone because he had no idea what the Dursley's would do to him. So he told no one and that was how it was going to stay.

Hagrid took him back to the Dursleys. Harry knew he was in trouble when his Uncle called him down into the living room. Harry hoped that Hogwarts would began soon. Harry took a deep breath and walked down the stairs. His Uncle was really mad at him he started to hit Harry, Harry knew when he heard the crunch of glass he knew his glass were broken. After Harry's Uncle was done with him he threw Harry in the cupboard.

Meanwhile at Malfoy manor

A blonde hair boy was sitting in a dungeon silently crying. Why did his Father except him to be so tough. Draco cried himself to sleep