Two Dark Secrets

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter Eleven

" Are you Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy" a tall lean man asked Harry and Draco. " Yes we are" replied the boys in unison.

" Good because I'm your lawyer."

" Oh" both boys said.

" Now my name is Mr. Brown. Follow me please" Mr. Brown said.

The boys followed Mr. Brown down the hallway and into a room. A courtroom to be exact. The judge was not there.. People were coming in and out of the courtroom. Remus was sitting behind Harry and Draco .

" All rise for the honorable Judge White." Everybody in the room rose. When the Judge sat down, the everyone else sat down. " Mr. Potter please come to the stand" the judge said. Harry got off of the bench and got up the stand. A person who had a sort of uniform on came over to Harry with a book and told him to place his hand on it and say that he would tell the whole truth. When that was done Harry sat down. " Mr. Potter could you please drink the truth potion" the judge said pointing to the glass on the table. Harry picked up the glass and drank it all in one sip. " Mr. Potter where you abused" the judge asked. " Yes" replied Harry. " Why do you want Remus Lupin to adopt you" the judge asked.. " Well I feel protected and loved. I mean I have never had anybody that has cared for me."

" Harry you may sit down." Harry gladly got off the stand and walked to where Remus and Draco were sitting. When he got there he sat down. " I call Draco Malfoy to the stand the judge said. Draco walked over to the stand and sat down. "Mr. Malfoy were you abused" the judge asked. " Yes" replied Draco. " Why do you want to be adopted by Remus Lupin." " I want to be adopted by Remus because I fell loved when I'm around him and cared for". " Thank you Mr. Malfoy"

" There will now be a five minute recess


After five minutes had gone by everybody got back into the courtroom. Everybody was anxious to hear the result. Remus, Harry ,and Draco were the most anxious of all.

Finally the judge spoke " Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are now officially Remus's Lupin's sons.

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