Sir Saotome

A Ranma/Rifts Crossover by DarkJackel

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Prologue One: The Cats Out of the Bag ____________________________________________________________________________

(Jusenkyo Earth)

"Damned worthless boy" thought Genma Saotome for the twentieth time as he chased after his son. 'Oh why was he cursed with such a weak child that he couldn't have just learned the Neko-Ken like a real man and have been done with it?' he thought. Thankfully, he had realized early on that all the noise that the cats would make. Therefore, he relocated the pit outside of town, to avoid drawing the attention of the public, who, as Genma had learned from his time under the Master (shudder), did not always appreciate the rigorous training that a true martial artist must endure and would doubtlessly try to interfere. So at least they were running through a forest and not a populated city. Genma lost sight of his son as he went into a cave on the hill they had run up. He found his son in the cave crouched on all fours hissing with his back arched. 'Pathetic boy' thought Genma as he approached his insane son.

Then it happened.

You see this cave used to serve as an ancient dimensional transportation device and the planets had just come into alignment. This caused a massive surge of power that activated the transporter pad.

Genma watched in shock as his only son and meal ticket vanished from this Earth in a column of blue-white light. As the shock cleared form what passes for Genma's brain he summed up this bizarre event in two words.

"Oh shit."

Then he remembered his wife, Nodoka. He especially remembered her katana. He also remembered that it was a very sharp katana. Oh and that little seppuku pledge he had made to placate her when he stole away her only child who she loved very much and would wreck horrific violence upon his body if she found out that something like this had happened to her son. Suddenly Genma was gripped with a powerful desire to learn more about lands far away from his wife and her katana, like China or India.

And so with no further hesitation Genma began his flight from Japan.


(Rifts Earth: "English", {Japanese})

Neko-Ranma landed lightly on the soft moist grass and quickly hid in the forests. He then remembered that in his flight from the fat-man that he had not eaten and was quite hungry. Quietly the cat-minded boy searched for prey.


(Two days later)

Sir Browning and his companions carefully scoured the forests surrounding the small town they had stopped in. For two days now, the settlement had been plagued by a mysterious cat-beast, which had been feeding off the local livestock. It had managed to cut through or avoid all the normal traps designed to keep predators at bay so naturally Sir Browning, much to his comrade's dismay, offered they're services in hunting down and eliminating the monster. The Cyber-Knight halted as he heard a rustling in the foliage ahead and to his right. Cautiously he crept over and peered through. He say a young boy no more that six, of Asian decent, wearing a tattered gi and crouching on all fours drinking out of a pond. After pumping a little psionic energy into a techno-wizard device, he checked the boy's aura and found it to be human, if a little off.

"Hey what are you doing out hear." Browning said to the strange boy, catching his attention. The boy leapt up and turned around hissing menacingly at the knight and landing in a defensive crouch. Neko-Ranma struck out with his chi-claws, which Sir Browning barely parried with his psi-swords, if it had not been for his sixth sense he would have been reduced to shredded meat. The stalemate continued for a while and seemed like it would continue for some time when just then Neko-Ranma's eyes glazed over and he passed out.

"Well that certainly was different." Said a voice from behind him. "Hey Bill, thanks kids tougher then he looks." Sir Browning said as he turned to face his friend. Bill just smirked at his friend and asked, "So what do we do with him? His aura's human so I think we can assume that he's not a monster."

"Actually I was wondering if you could see if you could find out what's wrong with him." replied Browning as he gathered up the child and started to carry him away. "But first let's get him some shelter."

Bill just shook his head and telepathically contacted the others telling them that the search was over as he followed Sir Browning back to town.


Five hours later Bill Johnson walked out of the room he had been examining Ranma in. Bonelessly the Mind Melter slid into the couch nearest to the door and massaged his temples. "So how is he?" Kain, the head magic- user of their group, asked Bill while sipping some tea.

Bill groaned and said, "He should be fine. There was some kind of mental trauma that was making him act like a cat. It was also responsible for those claws he was using." Sir Browning perked up from the chair across the room as Bill continued. "I was able to get rid of the trauma so now we just have to wait until he comes too." Bill then began meditating to regain his lost power.


Ranma opened his eyes wearily and wondered where he was. The last thing he remembered was being thrown into the pit of cats by his papa and now he was in a strange room. It didn't look like a hospital or a hotel, and where was his papa. Just then, the door opened and a strange looking woman walked in and gasped at him. She then shouted something in a language that Ranma couldn't understand and two other men came in. The first man was dressed in a loose, collared, t-shirt, equally loose-fitting jeans and walked with the flowing grace that defined him as a warrior, the second was dressed in a flowing green robe and walked like someone with limited combat training but lots of experience. The first man said something to him in a language that he didn't understand. {What?} Ranma asked in confusion.

{I said how are you feeling young man?} The first man said.

{Fine I guess.} Ranma replied.

{My name is Sir Ronald Browning and this} he said gesturing to the second man {is Kain Benson. What's your name?}

{It's Ranma; Ranma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Where am I? Where is my papa?} Ranma asked, still confused.

{I'm afraid we don't know that. Where are you from, Ranma?}

{Umm Tokyo, I think. Why, is something wrong?}

{What is the last thing that you remember?}

{Papa was trying to get me to learn a new martial arts technique, the Neko-Ken, I think.} Ranma replied.

{How was he doing this?} Kain inquired.

{He was wrapping me in fish stuff and throwing me into a pit of starving cats.} Ranma answered; surprised that he had been able to say all that without being overwhelmed by the fear of cats that had been developing within him ever since he began the cat fist training. Ronald and Kain both stared in shock at that statement. What kind of monster does something like that to their own child? After a while Kain asked {Could you excuse us for a moment Ranma?}


Kain and Sir Browning then left the room.


"Listen Ron, I think we need to be frank with him, the fact is it will be years, if ever that we can find out the dimension he's from and even then I don't think he should be returned to his father if that's what he wants to make his son into." Kain said as soon as they were out of earshot. "Hey Ron he said he was learning martial arts, you could always teach him yourself. Now hear me out." He said cutting off Sir Browning before he could speak "Odds are he'll be stuck on this world for some time and I know how much you've wanted a talented squire. This will help him adjust to his situation and help him make a life for himself should he not be able to return home. What do you say?"

Sir Browning sighed; Kain had taken away all his arguments for not taking the boy under his wing. "Okay I'll ask him and if he agrees I'll train him." Ronald said in defeat. "Trust me he might surprise you." Kain said with an enigmatic smile. Only then was Sir Browning truly worried.


Ranma waited while the two men, Mr. Ronald and Mr. Kain, talked. As he waited he wondered what would happen to him and where he was, he was pretty sure that it wasn't anywhere in Japan, maybe China, that would explain why everyone spoke so funny here. The door then opened and Sir Browning walked in and sat down next to him. He then proceeded to tell Ranma what had happened to him finishing by saying, "Ranma, I'm sorry to tell you this but it is next to impossible to find your home dimension, in the meantime, if you want, I could train you as a warrior. If you don't want to I won't hold it against you."

That left Ranma perplexed; few people had asked his opinion on things ever, except for his old buddy Ucchan. However Ranma is nothing if not versatile, while he might have to wait it was still a possibility for him to get home, and he needed to keep up his martial arts or papa would be royally pissed off. So the decision was made. {Thanks mister, I'd be honored.}


Over the next few years, Sir Browning trained Ranma's mind, body, and spirit into a finely tuned fighting machine teaching him armed and unarmed combat, military strategy, tactics, martial arts, tact, compassion for others, discretion, the Code of Chivalry, developing his latent psychic potential, and seeing to his education. After his training was finished, Sir Ranma set out to find his place in the world. After several adventures the young Cyber-Knight became part of a plot to raid the Splugorth in Atlantis, it was there he meet a sorcerer from Russia named Eric. Eric's family had emigrated from his native Poland to Russia when he was very young, since leaving them; he has made a living working freelance. He also possessed an aptitude for magic that rivaled Ranma's own skill at battle. After the raid, the two had to escape to another dimension and traveled to several other worlds before returning to their Earth. Upon their return the two, who now thought of each other as brothers, ended up traveling around the world, eventually Ranma returned to North America to fight Xiticix for Lazlo before the war at Tolkeen.

***** * ******* * *****

Many years after having set out on their own Ranma, Eric, and other friends and allies of his joined in the war between the Coalition States and Tolkeen. With great reluctance, Ranma put in charge of a platoon, with which he lead a series of daring raids deep behind enemy lines to strike their supply lines. However eventually the overwhelming numerical superiority of the Coalition military wore down the defenders of Tolkeen and the land was conquered. In a rush to save as many civilians as possible, Ranma, Eric, and what remained of their unit fled with a group of refugees, pushing to get them out of the country and to safety.

***** * ******* * *****

Sir Ranma Saotome looked out from atop a cliff, watching the night as he reflected upon the events that had lead him here. During the course of the war Sir Ranma had earned distinction as a unit leader and been made an officer. He led his platoon in several cavalry raids deep behind Coalition lines, disrupting the flow of men and material that the CS needed for their war of genocide. That in and of itself was what had motivated him to join in the war, to protect the innocent beings of Tolkeen from the Coalition's hatred of that which did not conform to their standards of purity, of humanity. Unfortunately, to gather forces to fight the Coalition the Kingdom of Tolkeen had made a number of alliances with dark powers. This made it hard for the knights in Tolkeen's service to remain above the atrocities that were committed during the course of the war. Before he had achieved an officers rank Sir Ranma had to silently bare witness to the horrors his demonic "allies" could inflict upon their enemies, and the glee with which they preformed their villainy. Not having forgotten those, experiences Sir Ranma had used his rank to hand pick every man, woman, and creature in his unit so that none of his subordinates would perform such heinous acts as the sort he had seen.

Upon hearing a noise in the bushes behind him, Sir Ranma turned and saw one of the refugees that he and his men were helping to escape from the Coalition Army. "Hey what's up?" he said to the young person.

"Umm sir I just wanted to tell you the .umm. recon group is back sir." The refugee, a young D-Bee child said nervously.

Sir Ranma smiled reassuringly at the young man. "Thank you for telling me this. Now why don't we head back?" And with that, he Ranma and the young D-Bee headed to where they had been breaking up camp to continue their trek to the Ironhorse that would be taking their almost five hundred refugees away to Lazlo.

***** * ******* * *****

"So what did you find?" Ranma said as he approached the table where the recon group and leaders of his unit were seated.

"A whole lot of bad news, that's what." Eric said. "About ten miles from our possession there is a CS encampment about battalion size with heavy armor. I'd say they plan on moving out just after dawn."

Ranma frowned, that was bad news indeed. They were outnumbered by more than ten to one. "What types of heavy armor?" he asked.

"At least one Skull Smasher, some Abolishers, and a few others I couldn't make out and PAs." Another wizard said.

Sir Ranma sat there for a while weighing his options. If they started, now they could make it to the pickup point but it would take time to get the refugees on the train. If the CS attacked at that time, the train could be destroyed and they'd all be killed. However, there was the distinct possibility that they could delay the Coalition troops while the refugees made a run for it. However, that would mean that his men would have to escape on their own. With a sigh, he addressed his troops. "Okay everyone the CS plans to wipe us out and if we all make a run for the Ironhorse it is most likely that we will all die. Now I have a plan, if we strike the CS troops as they are breaking camp we can delay them until the Iron horse gets out. After that, all of us make a break for it and regroup twenty miles north of this point. After that, we will head to Lazlo and with any luck get jobs hunting Xiticix. Do you foresee any problems with that plan Seer?"

The Grey Seer closed his eyes and looked into the possible futures. "I see that this plan could succeed, though the costs will be high."

"Sir Ranma, should my brother Warlocks and I summon Elementals to aid in the upcoming battle?" the Water Warlock Seaspray asked. He was one of four Warlocks that had joined Ranma's group early on; since Seaspray was the best tactician of them, he was the one who attended these meetings.

"Good thinking Seaspray. That should be a big help but let the Elementals return home should their deaths seem eminent." The pig-tailed Cyber-Knight replied as Seaspray went to relay the plans to the others. After a few minutes, the plans had been relayed and everyone was getting ready. Ever since they had started out on this mission, the CS had been harassing them and now it was time for the battle to determine the final victor in this little game of cat and mousse.

"GET THE HELL OFFA MY RIDE!!!!!" one of the mercs screamed at the Crazy A.J., who was situated on the drivers-side windshield of the mercs hover rover.

"MOO." A.J. replied, still carrying the manhole cover he had taken from the capital as they had fled. Ignoring the argument Ranma continued to don his TW modified armor. After sealing the helmet of his heavy, traditional styled armor, Ranma spoke to his troops over the radio.

"All right people, let's move out."

***** * ******* * *****

Eric smiled wickedly as he watched the CS camp, concealed by spells of invisibility. 'Time to rain some doom down upon my doomed enemies (1).' Eric thought. He stood concealed by an invisibility spell in the woods. Drawing power from his nearly exhausted energy sphere Eric began to cast a particularly wicked spell. Upon completion, magic razorblades began to fall from the sky, shredding the troops not fully armored to bloody strips of meat. After completing that, he began on a spell to disorganize some of the Coalition troops. Eric then cast a pair of protective spells and a Lightblade spell so that he could join his comrades in battle.

(1): Line from Invader Zim.

***** * ******* * *****

As Eric finished his Steel Rain spell Sir Ranma, A.J. and several others made there way to the camp. Upon reaching, the point A.J. threw his manhole cover at a soldier who was not wearing his helmet, tearing his head off and crushing it.

With that, Ranma, riding upon his robot horse, lead his troops into the encampment area that was unaffected by Eric's magic. From concealed possessions, snipers kept RPAs out of the robots and the few Iron Juggernaughts in Ranma's group attacked the ones that were moving. In the sky a lesser Air Elemental, a flying Iron Juggernaught, and several suits of power armor engaged the sky cycles and SAMAS units that got airborne. The mercs in Ranma's unit advanced on the Coalition encampment laying down withering fire.

Sir Ranma charged in on his stead, chopping off the head of a grunt as he moved past. Leaping from his horse the young knight turned to engaged four more grunts who opened up on him with their rifles. The robot ran off, still carrying Ranma's robot dog to wait for its master's call. Ranma ducked and rolled out of the way of the laser pulses fired by the Dead Boys and summoned his psi-weapons. The Dead Boys continued to lay down their fire but Ranma moved too fast for them to react, as if he knew where they were going to shoot before they did. As this was happening, the Warlocks made their contributions to the battle. The Earth, Water, and Fire Elementals engaged the troops on the ground; a mighty earthquake tore the ground open and destroyed all in the path of the quake, especially the heavy robots. A river of lava appeared on the ground swallowing those who had stood on the ground it was cast on, melting armor and vaporizing flesh with unnatural heat.

Using the distraction of these unnatural elemental assaults Sir Ranma charged the grunts that had opened fire on him. With a forward thrust, he impaled one of the grunts on his right psi-sword and, turning the left one into an axe, lopped off the head of another. One of the remaining grunts tried to club Ranma with the butt of his rifle but Ranma ducked and, with his axe, chopped off one of the soldier's legs at the knee. The grunt fell to the ground screaming after the blade of crimson psionic energy had severed his leg but before Ranma could deliver a finishing blow the last Dead Boy came at him, wielding a vibro-saber. Ranma parried the blow with his psi-sword and, returning his axe to sword form, retaliated in kind, leaving a deep gouge in the Dead Boy's armor. Following up his strike the Cyber-Knight made a slash with his right sword, dropped into a sweeping kick, and then finished the fallen Dead Boy with a thrust thru the weakened armor.

Reacting to a tingling in his senses, Ranma leaned out of the way instants before a hail of rail gunfire passed thru his position. Ranma then turned to face the threat as the Glitter Boy Killer that had fired at him closed in. The Killer slashed at Sir Ranma with a set of twin blades and followed up the assault with a burst from its shoulder mounted rail guns. However, Sir Ranma would not be as easily felled as he dodged the slash and seemed to flow out of the way of the rail guns bullets. Leaping forward Ranma made a skillful double-slash with his psi-swords, cutting off the PAs right arm. The Killer responded by leaping back and firing a blast from its forearm ion and plasma guns. However like all Cyber-Knights Sir Ranma was trained in Zen combat which allowed him an additional edge against high-tech opponents, which Ranma demonstrated by evading the blast and closing in to continue the fight. The Killer reacted by attempting to run the Cyber-Knight thru with the vibro-blades on his other arm. Ranma parried the blade with one sword while using the other to attack the head of the suit. Sir Ranma had long ago learned that the best way to beat a Borg or suit of Power Armor was to cripple it. Take out the weapons, restrict its mobility, and destroy the sensor systems were the best way to deal with them. His sixth sense started screaming and Ranma rolled left as two mini-missiles shot from two of the right tubes. The pilot then tried to tag Ranma with a leaping kick but Ranma brought his swords down on the extended leg and sliced off the foot. The pilot landed hard as Ranma leapt out of the way, drew his pistol, and shot one of the mini-missiles, detonating the rest and consuming the power armor in plasma fire. Ranma then ducked as a hail of bullets flew by him, fired by two Skelebots.

An armored hover rover driven by a zombie burst out of the forest and slammed into the Coalition unit's command vehicle, detonating the explosives that had been crammed into the thing and severely damaging the APC. Large numbers of zombies and mummies came out of the woods and charged the Coalition troops with vibro-weapons. This was somewhat unsettling because in life the majority of them had been CS troops. As the dead continued, pilling up the magic-users in the unit began animating the corpses to fight with them.

Eric, his invisibility spell down, battled a Psi-Stalker wielding a vibro-sword with his magically constructed blade. The Psi-Stalker scored some hits on the magic barriers that Eric had set up but eventually the magic-user managed to get a clean hit in, gouging a deep slash into the Stalker's armor. The Psi-Stalker then returned with a diagonal slash but was stopped from completing the attack by a blast the mage deflected into his enemies face. As that happened particle beam, blast fired by one of Eric's allies struck the Stalker from the side, killing him. Eric then turned and cast a power bolt, blasting the arm off a Skelebot. The arm flew off the body, rail gun still firing, and turned such that the gun shot up the body of the Skelebot. He then cast a time slip, stopping time so he could close in on another opponent.

As the battle continued to rage on a pair of Coalition Grunts, fresh from the academy, turned their laser assault rifles on a person who was not wearing any armor, hoping for an easy kill. Unfortunately, they had forgotten one of the most basic lessons. Anyone who goes into battle without some measure of armor is either stupid, an unnatural entity, or powerful enough to back up their confidence. In the case of the man in question, it was the latter as he turned to the pair and with a flick of his wrist sent about a half dozen small objects at one of the two with the force of a rail gun. The grunt reflexively tried to protect himself and accidentally put his rifle between the attack and himself. The rifle exploded vaporizing his arms and rendering him blind. The mutilated man collapsed to the ground screaming in agony. Wraith, no one knows his real name did not stop to admire his work but used the flash as a distraction to close with the second grunt and before the soldier was able to recover from his shock the Psi-Slayer had driven his psi-dagger thru the man's throat and practically decapitated him. Activating his psi-sword in his other hand the black-clad assassin moved on to his next target with merciless efficiency.

***** * ******* * *****

Despite the strong start, the attack had possessed and the superior skill of his troops the sheer number of soldiers the CS could throw at them was beginning to take its toll. In fact, what was seeing them thru now was that Eric had cast Disharmonize on the CS troops, keeping them from acting as a cohesive unit. Because of that, the only ones fighting with any semblance of organization were the Skelebots, though the confused and disorganized human troops could still be a threat if ignored. Dodging another burst from the rail gun of a Skelebot Sir Ranma closed in and engaged the robot with his psi-swords. The Skelebot extended the vibro- blades from its non-gun wielding arm and swiped at the Cyber-Knight. However, the same combat awareness that gave him an edge against tech wielding opponents was even more effective against full A.I.s and Sir Ranma leaned away, dodging the blow. In return, the pig-tailed knight cut the belt feed to the rail guns ammo-drum, rendering the gun useless. The Skelebot dropped the now useless firearm and unsheathed its other pair of vibro-blades. Ranma made a cut at the torso of the bot, which was parried and returned with a backhand slash that Sir Ranma bent out of the way of and avoided. The robot followed up with a leg-sweep that Sir Ranma avoided by leaping over. Landing behind his adversary Ranma made a fierce double- slash with his psi-blades at the spinal section of the bot that connected it's torso to the pelvis and legs. After cutting thru the machines spinal column Sir Ranma rolled away from the falling body. Once it had landed, the Cyber-Knight drove his psi-weapons thru the robot's torso, destroying its central processor.

Ranma then engaged two Juicers who had abandoned their rifles in favor of the vibro-claws on their forearm integral weapons one their right wrists and charged him. Sidestepping a strike from one of the chemically enhanced super-soldiers Sir Ranma struck out with his blade only to find it parried by the Juicers forearm vibro-blades. The other tried to strike at Ranma from behind but his own psychic senses warned him of the danger and the knight flowed out of the way of the deadly blade. It was only the lightning fast reflexes of the Juicer, which saved the young man from disembowelment by Ranma's psi-sword as he attacked the Juicer behind him. Reacting to his sixth sense Sir Saotome ducked as the other Juicer tried to run him thru and Ranma drove one of his blades thru the augmented human's throat. Leaning out of the way of a particle beam blast from the last Juicer Ranma made a complex series of cuts scoring several hits against his less skilled opponent. Finally, Ranma was able to score a killing blow and disembowel the last of the two.

Having bested his foes Sir Ranma took stock of the situation. The battlefield was a scene straight out of hell; mutilated corpses riddled the battlefield as warriors fought. He saw as the fires of the lesser fire elemental they had enlisted to aid them vaporized a CS grunt. Another was being pummeled to death by a golem. The IAR-3 Skull Smasher was engaged in brutal combat with a Thundering Iron Juggernaut. However many of his own troops were dieing as the battle raged on. A Dragon Blood Juicer crushed the head of a soldier and thru the corpse at two more Dead Boys, knocking them down. However before he could close to finish the two he was hit in the back with a plasma mini-missile and before he could get up four more Dead Boys concentrated fire on him. They did not stop until the only thing left of the mighty Juicer was an unrecognizable pile of charred meat. After taking in the bedlam, surrounding him Sir Ranma determined that it was time for the retreat. Dispelling his psi-swords Ranma pulled a flare gun out and shot a TW Storm flare into the sky. The resulting rainstorm was the signal for the rest of the team to make their respective escapes. Pulling out his rifle Sir Ranma began laying down covering fire while making a withdrawal to where his horse was. As he reached his robot horse Sir Ranma's radio crackled to life.

"Attention everyone I just picked up a request for air support from the CS troops. They'll be here in less than two minutes. We need to haul ass and quick."

With that, Sir Ranma mounted his horse and he headed off towards the rendezvous. The zombies and mummies remained behind to continue battling the confused troops that remained.

***** * ******* * *****

Sir Ranma charged towards one of the link-up points when a few medium- ranged missiles exploded nearby. 'Oh shit, what'd I do to deserve this?' Ranma thought, and then he remembered all the stuff he did during the war and before. 'Oh yeah, that.' His robot horse charged thru the woods at a speed that no natural horse could hope to achieve but it would not be fast enough to outrun a dedicated air strike by the Coalition. Ranma needed somewhere to hide and fast. Bursting into a clearing Ranma saw the Ley Line from where the Iron horse had picked up the refugees and even now was speeding to Dweomer where they would be safe from this. The roar of engines alerted him to the coming of the enemies Sky Cycles from both the North and South, he was trapped. However the infamous Saotome luck seemed to shine once more as from within the Ley Line a tear began to form, like the hands of a mighty god, the veil between dimensions was torn asunder. Random rifts like this were extremely dangerous and should he go thru the gateway the young Cyber-Knight knew he would be trapped until he could find a way home but as he saw the enemy closing to attack range Sir Ranma knew he had no other choice should he desire to live. So Ranma prayed his luck would hold and his steed charged thru the rift. The Coalition Sky Cycles and SAMAS units did not follow, the fear of being trapped in an alien world staying them.

***** * ******* * *****

In her home, Nodoka Saotome continued to await news of her wayward son and husband. At first she had been kept informed of the wellbeing of her child by letters her husband, Genma, would send. However ten years ago the flow of letters had stopped. Originally, she had been worried about her only child but a few years ago, she had begun to have premonitions and feelings that her son was well and at times got the feeling that he was being very manly. It was from these feelings that she drew her reassurance of her child's wellbeing, but that did not prevent her from asking a friend who was an investigator to seek any information pertaining to her wayward family. However since Genma's travels took place primarily in the wilds, away from cities, information was not easy to obtain.

***** * ******* * *****

"Eric." A young woman in mechanics overalls said as she opened the flap to the tent he was staying in.

"Yes Sam what is it?" the sorcerer said opening his steel-gray eyes and looking at the young Psi-Tech who had interrupted his meditation.

"W..we have some news on what might have happened to Sir Saotome sir." The psychic mechanic said nervously. Sam had never been very good with people, preferring to spend her time with machines, and tended to be shy around others. "We picked up a Coalition transmission regarding a Cyber-Knight. It said that he had gone into a rift that had appeared at the Ley Line were the train had been." She flinched slightly as Eric's eyes narrowed.

Eric rose from his seat and motioned for the young technician to exit. Following beside her, he said, "This is not good. In fact we'd be very lucky if we ever find him." Grabbing her arm Eric turned Sam to look at him.

"Now look Sam I need you to get the Seer, tell him to see if he can divine where Ranma is, or at least if he is in a familiar place. Also, I need you to go and tell Garak to check the com frequencies to see if it is safe to send a team to the line. I want to have someone read the portal and find out where it went if at all possible."

"Yes sir." Sam said and she ran off to carry out her orders.

***** * ******* * *****


Next Chapter: Ranma returns to the dimension of his birth, though he does not know that fact. Once there stuff happens as he makes his way from China to Japan.

Authors notes:

Ahhh now that feels better. I decided to rewrite this fic since it seemed a little disorganized.

One thing I have noticed in many Ranma/Rifts fics is that he knows that he is returning to his home dimension so I decided to play with him not knowing that. Of course, when he gets to Japan his top priority would be survival and he has little in the way of local currency, like about none. Given that fact, I am going to have to think of a job for him. In addition, his friends are not about to abandon him. Oh and naturally, Ranma will wander into the way of the plans of villains.