THIS IS PURE FLUFF! NO LEMONS! JUST ADORABLENESS, MEMORIES AND OVERALL CUTE FLUFFY MAN LOVE AND FAMILY! Sorry, I drank SO MUCH TEA. This takes place after Tainted Paint, and is part of the Tales of the Burrow series ABOUT the Ice Queen trilogy. A note: ALL TALES OF THE BURROW BOOKS ARE REFLECTIONS OF, SIDE STORIES TOO, AND BASED ON THE ICE QUEEN TRILLOGY! The characters, references, EVERYTHING can be traced back to ANYTHING I have written based on the Ice Queen trilogy or the trilogy itself. ANYWAY, this little number WILL have Old Man Winter/Silva Aurora romance in it, being set two years after Tainted Paint. I MAY post a lemon of those two one day (If I get enough requests and I feel motivated), which will be filed under First Snow, where ALL LEMONS RELATING TO THE ICE QUEEN TRILOGY WILL BE POSTED! Please Read and Review!


The Warren was quiet. That in itself was an abnormality, but for once, peace reined. Aster was, for once, relaxing in the sun instead of going into workaholic mode a month after Easter. Nick was painting eggs with Joy, the twins weaving baskets for next year's Easter, and Hunter was busy tinkering with a robot toy he had designed. The only family member unaccounted for was Jack, and that was usually a terrifying thing in itself. Suddenly, the quiet was disturbed.

"HEY KANGAROO!" Aster groaned as he heard the nickname, the children snickering.

"What the bloody Hell is he yelling about?" he sighed.

"Knowing Mom, probably some game he picked up in Russia." Snickered Joy.

"JOY! HUNTER! EMMA! ROSE! NICK! YOU TOO!" yelled Jack, peeking out the front door of the Burrow. The five kits shared a look, but ultimately retreated to the Burrow. What they saw when they got there though, THAT was the surprise. Boxes were all over the living room, Jack sitting on the floor while he carefully picked up different colored books and smaller chests from one big box.

"Where did THIS come from?" asked Hunter, looking into a box of old fabrics and leathers.

"I got bored and decided to go through the storage pit." Said Jack. "Hey Roo, look what I found!"

"I knew I put it somewhere in there." He said, looking at the binder like books.

"What is it?" she asked. "Must be pretty important if DAD got all smiley over it. No offence Dad, but usually your all anti-fun and work obsessed." Jack laughed, Aster glaring at his mate. Hunter coughed, trying not to laugh like his younger siblings, Nick hopping up to his parents with a curious look in his eyes.

"It's your baby albums." Said Jack, holding up the bright pink book. "Pictures, stores, important dates, how big you were when you were born, all that."

"Tooth got yer Mother hooked." Said Aster. "Gotta admit, ya were damn cute little ankle biters. Been wondering where they ended up."

"Ooh, I wanna look!" said Emma, Rose nodding. Jack opened up the Pink book, Joy's ears going back in embarrassment. The first picture was just of Joy napping on a bright pink blanket, North's cursive scribbled onto the page.

"You were so tiny." Said Jack, smiling. "And fluffy. Neither of us were awake for this, so North recorded it. You didn't have a name yet, though. You were only about seven inches long!"

"Pretty small for a Pooka." Said Aster. "But, yer Mother's pretty tiny."

"What was Joy like when she was a baby?" asked Nick. Jack thought a moment then laughed.

"Adventurous." Said Jack. "And VERY cuddly. You HATED being left in your crib. Unfortunately you figured out how to escape and scared the shit out of your Father."

"Yer the one that nearly killed yerself zipping through Santoff Claussen having the Mother of all Panic Attacks." Snorted Aster.

"Who was it that, the minute he found out his little girl was missing in the workshop, attempted to put the globe on red alert?" asked Jack. "Didn't Sandy have to knock you out before you started interrogating elves mafia style?" Aster snorted and Jack smiled, knowing he had won.

"What happened?" asked Hunter, wanting the blackmail against his sister. She KNEW that's what he was after too, and shot her younger brother a dirty glare.

"Well…" said Jack smiling at the memory.

Joy: 2 weeks old

"Not a trace of nightmare sand or fearling." Said North, nodding at Jack and Aster. Both let out a sigh of relief at Jack's clean bill of health. "And officially off constant bed rest. May stretch, fly IN workshop SLOWLY, and walk, but must have rest periods. Fearling take physical toll, and escapade at pond slow healing. Must be careful."

"So I can MOVE?!" said Jack happily.

"For small period." Said North. "Nothing strenuous, and must rest at least one a day outside of sleep. Good for health."

"And Joy?" asked Aster.

"She is healthy." Said North. "Small for Pooka, but healthy. You know of appetite, and she's already crawling."

"Most Pooka don't start crawling until a month." Said Aster.

"You have advanced daughter, old friend. This calls for celebration!" Jack glared at him with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, clearly warning him against his idea of a party, a cold front running through the room.

"Oh no." said Jack. "NO party! I'm not risking someone trampling Joy in a drunken waltz!" North startled at Jack's glare, and Aster sent him a look telling him to drop it if he valued his life.

"Alright, we wait until kit is bigger." Said North. "And Jack stops hormonal imbalance."

"Hey!" huffed Jack, glaring angrily at North. Suddenly a yeti burst in, rambling on in hysterics in their guttural language only the Clauses seemed to understand. North turned white as a sheet, Aster immediately gaining suspicion.

"North…" began Aster in a dangerous tone. North chuckled nervously.

"Ah, Manfred here…well, he go check on kit, and when he look, kit not in crib."

What happened next border lined on the third ice age.

"YOU LOST JOY?!" yelled Jack, floating in the air, winter energy dropping the room's temperature by twenty degrees and filling the air with an icy current.

"Must have crawled out of crib." Said North, backing away nervously. He had only ever seen Jack this worked up once, and that was after Pitch absorbed Sandy five years ago. He never hoped to be on the receiving end but, lo and behold, this is just where he got. In a flash Jack was gone, rocketing through the workshop, Aster hopping after him, but not before he sent North a venomous glare.

"Joy had better be okay, or there's going to be a LOT of Christmases without a Santa Clause." North gulped, Aster disappearing to search the ground while Jack searched the air. North slid back into his chair.

Time to call in the reinforcements.


"JOY!" Tooth fluttered about the workshop, finding no trace of the baby Pooka. Sandy had to give up an hour ago, needing to administer dreams but promising to return and help as soon as he was done for the night. Aster was pacing, completely out of sorts, in the globe room, trying to think of any places she could have wound up and, MiM forbid, who would take her if given the chance.

"Bunny!" North lumbered in, looking out of breath. "You seen Jack?" Bunny felt an icy hand grip at his heart.

"Not since he dashed off looking for our daughter." Aid Aster. "What happened?! Did he get hurt?! Damn it North I'm going to wring your bloody neck! First Joy, then Jack! I oughta-" Suddenly Bunny hit the ground, a cloud of golden sand exploding and transforming into a ring of carrots above the sleeping Pooka's head. Sandy grinned, tossing a ball of and up and down. An image of a snowflake and a baby rattle appeared above his head, followed by a question mark.

"Not a clue." Sighed North. "We look for hours! Not a tra-" suddenly, Baby Tooth zipped in, Tooth coming from the other side with her head hung.

"I looked EVERYWHERE! Thank MiM there's no sign of Joy in any dangerous areas-" Baby Tooth squeaked loudly, loud enough to wake Aster.

"What's wrong with the little sheila?" he huffed. Baby Tooth grabbed his ear and squeaked, tugging him towards the toy storage.

"Really?!" exclaimed Tooth, hovering over Bunny's head. "Oh thank MiM!"

"What say little fairy?" asked North.

"She found Joy!" she said happily. "And Jack too!" Bunny perked up, itching to go.

"What are ya waiting for sheila?" he said, taping his foot. "Lead the way!" Baby Tooth rushed off, leading the Guardians through countless doors, three stair cases and two long hall ways before they entered the open toy storage. Baby Tooth raced to the back of the room, where all the plush items were kept and hovered, squeaking. Curled up atop a mound of stuffed animals and pillows was Jack, Joy snuggled securely to his chest with a bright pink bunny stuffy secured in her paws, sucking on the ear as she slept. Bunny let out a sigh of relief, the other Guardians cooing at the adorable scene.

"Oh that's so CUTE~" chirped Tooth, Baby Tooth perching on Jack's shoulder and nuzzling him affectionately. Joy stirred a bit, blinking as she stared at her Father with sleepy little blue eyes. Finally she yawned and fell back asleep, burrowing, if possible, even closer to her Mother's chest. The five merely watched in silence until North noticed the elves frozen to the walls. Without a word he walk out of the room.

"PHIL! Bring chisel and hot water! We need no more elf décor!"

Present day…

Everyone but Joy was laughing, the white Pooka's ears flat with embarrassment.

"You were just so cute!" said Jack with a smile. "I didn't want to wake you up. You latched on like a koala!" Hunter broke into a fresh fit of giggles, ad Joy punched him in the shoulder.

"Shut up idiot!" huffed Joy. "I bet you did PLENTY of embarrassing things when you were a little kit!" Aster snorted.

"Plenty is an understatement." He said with a grin. Hunter's ears fell as Jack picked up the green book…