Joy: Age 7, Hunter: Age 6

Jack and Aster were sleeping peacefully in their nest, Aster curled protectively around Jack, and Jack snuggled into his mate's fur, one hand on his swelling stomach, the other tangled in Aster's fur. Aster was just waking up, blinking the sleep from his eyes, when IT happened.

"MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" Two balls of fur landed on his side, knocking the wind out of him while Jack jumped, fully awake at the kit's squeals. Hunter and Joy clambered all over their Father, squirming, yelling and hanging on to their Mother all at the same time.

"Oi!" The kits froze and looked at their disgruntled, trampled Father and flashed a huge grin apiece.

Grins that were slightly askew.

"What's wrong?" panicked Jack, checking over Hunter, mostly because he was small for his age, the youngest, and his sister liked to rough house. "Is anything broken? Where does it hurt? How many fingers am I holding up?!"

"Mama!" said Joy hopping up and down. "Look! I gots a loose tooth!" Jack watched with wide eyes as Joy poked one of her bottom teeth with her tongue, wriggling it about.

"Me too! Me too!" said Hunter, showing one of his buck teeth swaying as his tongue boxed at it.

"Well would ya look at that!" said Aster, picking up his daughter and ruffling his son's fur. "Yer getting to be pretty big! Yer first loose tooth! Tooth is gonna be thrilled!" Both parents froze, cogs in their mind turning.

"Oh Sweet MiM." Said Jack. Quickly the winter spirit shot out of the nest, locking all the windows and doors, reinforcing them with ice.

"Why's Mama acting funny?" asked Joy, tugging on her Father's fur.

"Come on Frostbite, Tooth ain't gonna break in with a pair of pliers." Snorted Aster, arms crossed. "One bloody joke and yer terrified of the woman."

"This isn't about the pliers!" snorted Jack. "THIS IS WAR!"

"What the bloody hell-Heck, what the bloody heck are ya going on about ya show pony?"

"Oh no." he said. "I love Tooth, she's great, but it will be a cold day in the Amazon when that freak fetishist gets a hold of their teeth!"

"Is this about her sticking her hands in yer mouth all the time?" asked Aster. Jack shot him a glare and put another layer of ice on the door. Aster sighed, rolling his eyes. "She's a guardian. She's gonna find a way to get those teeth eventually. Besides, it's her JOB. Ya can't win." Jack continued to ignore him, ramping up the defences around the burrow and entrances to the Warren with single minded determination.

"…Ya know the fairies can fly right through any barrier, right?" Jack roared in frustration, the ice melting in five seconds flat while the kits giggled at their Mother's antics.

Hopefully Tooth would find it just as funny.


"BUNNY!" Aster choked as a barrage of rainbow hued fairies, led by their human sized Queen, and dragging the other two male guardians behind her, swarmed, forming an impossibly thick barrier around them in the globe room.

"Oi!" he yelped. "What the bloody-"

"GET ME THOSE TEETH!" yelled Tooth. "Jack wouldn't even let BABY TOOTH collect them! What good is being the guardian of memories when you can't collect your own niece and nephew's teeth?!"

"Whoa, calm down!" exclaimed Aster. "I'm sure it's just hormones. Give him time to even out! The teeth haven't come out yet!" Aster's ears drooped as Tooth fluttered up to his face, eyes narrowed. He trembled slightly as his ear was grabbed, Tooth pressing their foreheads together.

"Look, E. Aster Bunnymund." She growled. "You WILL make sure I get those teeth, and I WILL have NO PROBLEMS FROM JACK ABOUT IT. . UNDRSTOOD?!"

One normally didn't associate scary with Tooth, but HELL she could play the card well.

"Crystal clear." Choked Aster as he was released. As Tooth's army disappeared, Aster let out a long sigh. "Jack ain't gonna like this…"

(Line break)

"You tried to take on Tooth?!" exclaimed Hunter. Joy grinned.

"And you lived to tell the tale? Impressive."

"Oi!" Aster glared at his eldest. "Close yer gob and let me finish!"

(Line Break)

Aster was not prepared for what he saw at home. He had been expecting a full scale fortress to have been built around the Burrow, complete with Egglet and Golem guards and operational ice artillery. But, not a blade of grass had been changed. Aster felt a hopeful burst of optimism; perhaps Jack had forgotten about his desire to keep the baby teeth.

As soon as he opened the door, he was proven wrong. EVERYTHING was smothered I bubble wrap. Every hard surface, every corner, even the walls, all covered in bubble wrap.

"Daddy!" Aster groaned as he saw to remotely bunny-shaped mounds of bubble wrap hop up to him, only their faces clear of the plastic. Both seemed to be having the time of their lives.

"Joy…why are ya covered in bubble wrap?" Joy giggled, popping the bubbles on one ear.

"Mama did it!" she laughed. "It's fun Daddy!"

"This brings the term 'bubble-wrap child' to a whole new level." Groaned Aster. "Go play. I have to have a chat with yer Mama."

"Okay Daddy!" Both kits shot out the door, laughing maniacally all the way. As soon as he was sure they were gone, he shut the door and growled.

"FROSTBITE!" He almost wished he hadn't spoken up, as a gust of cold wind slammed him onto the bubble-wrapped couch, a VERY intimidating Jack Frost stalking forward with a roll of bubble wrap under one arm and a roll of packaging tape in the other.


"THIS IS YOUR FAULT KANGAROO!" Aster wilted, at a loss for words.

"What's my fault?!" Jack huffed, pulling out some bubble wrap.

"You know HOW they both got loose teeth?!" he growled. "Your egg golems formed a wall while they were playing and they SMASHED INTO THEM!" Well, that somewhat explained the bubble wrap.

"How's that my fau-Er, Jacky, what are ya doing with the-" Aster gulped as Jack's blazing blue eyes burned into his skull, the sound of ripping tape filling his ears.


North, Tooth and Sandy stared with dropped jaws as Jack, smiling, dropped two little teeth on the table in front of Tooth. Though, instead of Jack, their eyes were locked on Aster, Joy and Hunter.

"Vhy…Bubble wrap…" stammered North, Aster sighing as another bubble of his forced armor popped in his ear. The kits were having the time of their lives, as were the elves, as they all popped away at his and the kit's armor, filling the air with tiny pops and giggles. Tooth, however, forgot about the bubble-wrap clad rabbits as she picked up the teeth.

"Awe! Aren't they the cutest little-" Tooth squeaked, almost dropping the teeth as Jack hooked her foot and tugged her down to eye-level with his staff, smiling a little too sweetly.

"lose their teeth, or let ANYONE touch them and I will turn you into a feather pillow."


Jack turned red as all five of his and Bunny's kits cackled, Aster laughing despite himself.

"Made sense at the time…" he muttered. "Pregnancy messes with your head…And Tooth DOES have a tooth fetish!"

"Where did ya get all that bubble wrap anyway?" asked Aster, giving him a questioning look.

"…er, you know about that…You know how North had to get creative with old paper and blenders that year…?" Aster sighed.

"Ya looted the bloody pole."

"In spades darling." Emma and Rose giggled while Hunter and Joy both looked like they wanted to vomit when their Mother kissed their Father on the cheek.

"GOD get a room!" Huffed Joy, gagging.

"How do you think you all came along?" said Jack with a deadpan expression. Both chuckled as their eldest son and daughter squealed, covering their ears.

"MiM, Mom that's GROSS!" shuddered Hunter, Joy for once agreeing.

"Guess we shouldn't tell them about that one time, huh?" laughed Jack.

"MiM, that was awful." Snorted Aster.

"What time?" asked Rose. Jack laughed nervously while Aster ran a paw through his fur.

"Well, ya were only three at the time and it was New Years Eve…"