There comes a time in your life when change is good take mine for example; mine was bad but I think it's good cause I got to be with my true mate. I also changed my whole life,personality,love and everything else about me. I used to be Bella Cullen now I am Bella Volturi and this is my story.

(Bella's POV)

I stared at my daughter and I got myself to tell her that her father slept with another woman, yet when I can barely handle it myself so we are moving on.

The others just went out to go hunting; I already called Aro to inform him of my departure for tonight, He is very excited and will have my room ready when I get there.

I was sitting on the couch when Edward came over to me

"Bella how many times do I have to say i am sorry?"

"Don't speak to me ever again I have no reason to forgive you"

"Fine" He growled as he left the room

I crossed my arms and continued watching tv

-later on-

"Bella, everyone is going hunting would you like to come with us?"

"No Alice"

"see you later then"

"Yeah..see you guys later"

"Bye bella" they all said then walked out the door.

Once I couldn't hear them anymore I got up off the couch "Time for my plan" I said to myself; I walked upstairs to Reneesme's room, I recently got a new power I was able to take others powers without them knowing and then I could store it for later use in my box of gifts so far I have taken all of my family's gifts beside his they still have there powers when I take them. I looked at her sleeping form then I vamped over to her picking her up gently. "Reneesme sweetie get up it's time to go" She rubbed her eyes "Ok mommy let me set out the letters I wrote"

"they say nothing of where we are going right"

"trust me mommy let me show you"

she touched my cheek showing me all the letters she written

"good no one must know"

We quickly got dressed in new outfits i bought us then we grabbed our suitcases then went downstairs to the kitchen I got out my note I wrote and read it over one more time to make sure it was perfect for my used to be family.


I know you guys don't understand our reason for leaving but you must understand it is for our own good we love all of you Except Edward he hurt me so we must move on you will never see us again and yet maybe we will but we all must move on I wish you all the best but what he did was wrong . goodbye forever, Bella

P.S. Edward this one is for you "We Are Forever Over"

-End of letter-

I put the note in a envelope then I toke off my ring and my neckalace and left them all on the counter after that I toke Reneesme's hand.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes mommy let's start over"

after that we slipped out in to the night heading towards our destination...Volterra