January 19, 2012

They knew something was wrong the moment the clock struck midnight.

Gang members from all over Inaba shivered in their activities as they tried to shake off the foreboding sense of fear. What was this terror? Lately, things had been peaceful with Tatsumi giving up his violent ways under the careful supervision of that Seta kid. Biker gangs finally felt free again. So what was this paranoia?

January 20, 2012

It was dark out in the shopping district and all was silent. Or at least, it should have been silent.

The members of the Lightning Demon God gang laughed boisterously as they drove their motorcycles down the road. They hadn't planned on visiting the shopping district but after a successful victory in the turf war they thought that a celebration was in order.

Several members had initially voiced their disapproval over driving through the shopping district, they had heard of the rumors about Tatsumi after all, but after the high of victory quickly succumbed to the cajoling of their fellow members. Besides, despite what rumors said, there was no way Kanji Tatsumi could single handedly defeat a biker gang riding nothing but a bicycle.

What had initially been a fun victory ride quickly went to hell the moment they heard an angry scream though.


Not even bothering to look back, their fearless leader motioned for them to speed up and the gang quickly complied. Unbelievable rumors about bicycles vs. motorcycles or not, no one wanted to test the rumor of Tatsumi's strength. That one was guaranteed even if he had calmed down since Seta moved to town.

Hitting 50, 60, 70 miles per hour, they should have escaped. Not even Tatsumi could have caught up on a bicycle at 70 miles per hour. Should have escaped.

The high pitched scream from the back of their formation forced them to look back and cry at the sight that greeted them.

January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 marked the death of all biker gangs in Inaba and the surrounding areas. There was no hope left. With a bicycle there was the chance of escape but not anymore. Biker gangs across the region hung up their leather jackets in resignation when they heard the news.

Kanji Tatsumi had finally upgraded to a scooter.

AN: ... Because Kanji is just too awesome even on a bicycle. If he upgraded then death to all gangs in Inaba. I wanna see him on a motorcycle! I think for all of Yosuke and Souji's plans for a "squeeze play" only Kanji would actually be able to score one. Gotta love bad boys on a bike~ XD