A small quarry near the center of the territory. It is very deep, and the only entrances are the main entrance, a tunnel leading to the clearing, and the dirtplace tunnel, a tunnel that leads into the forest on the opposite side of camp from the main entrance.
-Clearing: Grassy clearing that takes up most of the camp.
-Warrior's den: A large bramble bush with woven branches. Near main entrance.
-Apprentice's den: A smaller bramble bush with woven branches off to the side of camp.
-Medicine den: A branch off of the quarry. A tunnel connects it to camp. There is a small hole in the ceiling that lets in light.
-Nursery: A dip in the ground covered by holly bushes. The bushes are woven together to make a tight ceiling and wall.
-Elder's den: a hollow log that fell into the quarry generations ago. It was rolled to the side near the dirt place tunnel. One side is open and the other is blocked with a woven bramble wall.
-Leader's den: A small cave in the side of the quarry wall. Closest to main entrance.



Leader- Foxstar: a deep orange she-cat with green eyes and black feet and tail tip, white muzzle.

Deputy- Rainheart: A solid blue-gray Tom.

Medicine Cat: Snowbreeze: A she-cat with fluffy, silky white fur, and amber eyes.


Jayflight- Silver and white tabby tom with deep green eyes.

Goldenheart- Golden tabby she cat with long fur and yellow eyes. Apprentice: Nookpaw

Braveclaw- Dark brown tabby tom with white chest, underbelly, and legs. Apprentice: Icepaw

Heatherlight- Pretty silver and white tabby she cat with light purple eyes and long, glossy fur.

Mouseleap- Short furred, small, light brown tom with white tail tip and green eyes.

Hawkstrike- Very large, broad shouldered, calico tom, with many scars.

Redbird- long hair dark ginger she cat with red-orange eyes

Whisperwind- Short hair tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

Robinheart- Small, brown tabby she cat with blue eyes.

Rowanfield- Broad shouldered brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Clawscratch- Dark gray tom with light gray stripes. Blue eyes.

Blackclaw- Black tom with green eyes. Apprentice: Thunderpaw


Thunderpaw- Sandy-furred tom with green eyes.

Icepaw- White she cat with amber eyes.

Nookpaw- Light brown tabby tom.


Leafberry- Tortoiseshell she cat with whit tail tip and feet.

Graynose- Blue she cat with white muzzle.


Badgerkit- White, broad shouldered tom, with black spots and green eyes.

Maplekit- Calico she cat with amber eyes and long fur.


Twigfall- Light brown tom with green eyes.

Honeyear- Golden tabby she cat with light blue eyes.


Leader: Skystar- White tom with long fur and icy blue eyes.

Deputy: Fluffpelt- Gray tabby tom with deep blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Leafstem- light blue tabby she cat with pale green eyes.
Apprentice: Coldpaw- Light gray tabby tom with blue eyes.


Leader: Wetstar- Blue she cat with amber eyes.

Deputy: Heatherleaf- Tan tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Medicine cat: Grasstail- Silver tom with gray spots and blue eyes.


Leader: Silverstar- Light gray tom with long fur and light blue eyes.

Deputy: Snowfall- Pale gray she cat with green eyes.

Medicine cat: Berrycloud- Cream colored she cat with light orange eyes and a fluffy pelt.