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Summary: After fighting and defeating Aizen, Ichigo shouldn't have been able to see or hear anything spiritual anymore so why is Urahara bothering him and why the hell are people waving sticks around?!




Chapter One: Throwing sticks?

Like most normal teenagers Kurosaki Ichigo's day were started by waking up eating breakfast going to school hanging with friends and fighting hollows, oh I'm sorry did I say normal my mistake I meant any normal teenager who just happens to be a substitute shinigami.

But that all changed after Aizen was defeated he was just a normal teenager now and he hated it, some of his closest friends happened to be shinigamis and he could no longer see or hear them. He was willing to do anything to be able to see them and fight hollows alongside them again he wished for it every night.

But Ichigo be careful what you wish for, not everything happens the way you would expect it.

It was morning and the Kurosaki house was unusually quiet. The oldest was trying to stay in bed a few hours more but we all know that he would never be allowed that privilege as long as oh wait here he is now,

"Good morning Ichigo!~" the man yelled leaping through the door head first straight into Ichigo's clenched fist.

"Shut the hell up!" Ichigo yelled the man sliding off his fist landing once again face first on the floor,

"I have taught you everything I know" he mumbled into the floor.

"Baka" Ichigo said walking out of his room to take a shower.

When he was done and almost completely dressed he went downstairs pulling his shirt on as he entered the kitchen where his sisters were already seated and eating.

"Morning Ichi-nii" his sister with light brown hair said smiling before fixing him a plate, while his other sister with black hair only grunted at him,

"Morning Yuzu" He said before walking over and ruffling the other girls hair, "Morning Karin"

Karin had started yelling but their brother was already out of the room,

Yuzu tried calling after him "Ichi-nii what about breakfast?" but she gave up sighing she looked over to see her sister already stuffing her face with Ichigo's food.

Ichigo was a few blocks from his house when he started feeling like he was being followed, he didn't stop walking until he heard a trash can being toppled over and cursing with some apologies thrown in every now and then.

"You going to come out yet?" Ichigo asked hearing more cursing before two men (one with a weird looking eye and a fake leg the other looking slightly panicked, both men were dressed in well worn clothes) and a woman (she had pink hair, her pants were slightly torn from where she seems to have caught the trash can) came out from between houses.

"How long did you know we were there for boy?" the rough voice came from the man in the middle with the fake leg.

"Why are you following me?" He asked instead ignoring the question,

the woman chuckled while the one who asked the question growled.
"We'll be ask'n the questions boy, now how long?" he asked once again more demanding in his tone.

When he realised he wasn't going to get an answer anytime soon without talking first Ichigo went to turn around and continue his way to school,

"Wait please don't leave yet" The other male finally spoke his voice cracking slightly but still held strong.

The woman walked up to Ichigo who didn't bother listening and took out a stick and pointed it somewhere in front of them,

"Dammit!" She said loudly making the other two look, "Why are they here too?"

Ichigo looked at the stick confused,

"What the hell is she gonna throw it at me or something?" he thought before he heard it, something he hadn't heard in a very long time.

Standing a few yards away was a hollow, Ichigo had chills going up and down his spine. he could hear it screaming and he could make out the outline of warped space showing where it was but why he had lost his powers defeating Aizen, right? He had no more time to think about it when the other two grabbed their own sticks and all three of them started yelling in some language with red lights shoot out of the points of their sticks

Ichigo felt helpless here he was hearing and almost seeing what he had wished to for many months and he couldn't even save himself if he wanted to, he was scared as he watched as the woman shoot out one more red light hitting the hollow where he believed the mask would be.

"I thought coming here would fix this" The woman complained.

The man with the creepy eye walked up to Ichigo putting his hand on his shoulder,

"You okay boy?" He asked getting only a nod of the head as a response.

The other male gave Ichigo a sad smile from next to the woman,

"Do you know anywhere we could go that would be safe to talk?" he asked also getting a nod of the head.

"You need a safe place to talk, yes?" a overly cheerful voice asked nearing the group, "I have the perfect place, a quaint little shop just a few block over"

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