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Chapter Three: So he's harmless?

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Ichigo, Urahara, and Hitsugaya entered the room to see the three Wizards huddled and whispering in the corner.

"So what are we supposed to do now," Tonks whispered "I mean they seem nice and all but we can't just sit around doing nothing."

"I see your point," Remus said "but we can't just leave maybe they could still help us." Moody growled next to him,

"No. I agree with Tonks, we need to get out of here and keep looking."

Urahara hearing what the three were talking about quietly walked up behind them.

"Well if thats how you feel," he said setting his hand on Moodys shoulder "I guess I'll just have to ask my friend to leave."

The three jumped well Tonks fell backwards but Remus jumped Moody just glared at the man that had snuck up without him knowing,

the shopkeeper held his fan covering his smirk as he stood back up and sauntered over to the white haired boy.

"I guess you were telling the truth about there being Wizards here,"

the small male said before giving the Wizards a curt nod "Hitsugaya Toshiro."

"You called a child!" Moody snapped "How the hell is he going to help us?"

"A child?" the smaller male said clearly annoyed "I am Hitsugaya Toshiro Captain of the 10th squad in Seireitei, not some child!"

Moody was about to retort when Remus cut in,

"It is very nice to meet you Toshiro, I'm Remus Lupin."

"Captain Hitsugaya." the captain snapped shocking the older male.

"E-excuse me?"

"You will address me as Captain Hitsugaya," the shorter male said irritated.

"Just ignore him, he's always like that" Ichigo said literally shoving the shorter male out of the conversation, and towards the table.

"but I still want to know how I can see you." Ichigo said taking a seat on the cushions,

"Clearly you seem to have not gotten any smarter since I saw you last Kurosaki," the boy smirked when the teen yelled "Hey!", "but if you must know I'm in a Gigai."

Before the Wizards could ask what he was talking about the shopkeeper smiled,

"Gigais are artificial bodies which are used by shinigami's if it is required for them to interact with Humans, or to search for threats and to blend in while doing so."

"Can we just get to why I was called here please," Toshiro said while he took a seat laying his zanpakuto across his lap, "Head Captain didn't give too much information besides Hollows attacking all over Magical Britain."

"Hollows?" Remus asked sitting down along with his companions, "is that what those creatures are called."

"Hollows are former Pluses, ("deceased Human souls" Urahara added quietly) who lose their hearts to despair or remain in the real world for too long." Toshiro spoke calmly "They devour the souls of both living and deceased humans, sometimes even other Hollows but lets not get too far off topic."

"The ones you have described seem to be low level Hollows and Menos Grande,"

Urahara said a puzzled look on his face, "Is there an area or place where they attack more frequently?"

"The school!" Tonks yelled jumping up "I knew it wasn't just a coincidence, they have been attacking the areas around the school."

"Why not attack the school itself?" Ichigo asked "wouldn't it make more sense instead of attacking the surrounding area."

The others nodded in agreement until Moody broke the silence,

"Hogwarts Castle is a very old magical building, It is home to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. If Muggles ("Non magical people" Tonks whispered) approach the castle, all they see is an old ruin with several signs warning them to keep out because its dangerous and unsafe."

"So they are unable to get to the castle," Toshiro said "is there any reason why they would be attacking it?"

Tonks and the others looked nervous before Remus answered the captain,

"Last year one of the students witnessed the Dark Lord being reborn, and ever since these creatures have been attacking several other areas including the ones around the school."

"So this Dark Lord," Urahara stopped not knowing the name,

"Voldemort." Moody said making the other two Wizards flinch.

As if not seeing the flinch Urahara finished,

"Yes so this Lord Voldemort could be behind the Hollow attacks."

"Its not likely," Toshiro said "I don't believe he could control the Hollows but we could always ask one."

"Well aren't you kind," Ichigo's inner Hollow said appearing next to the teen causing a few of the rooms occupants to jump, "but I'm as clueless as King here." Shiro joked jabbing Ichigo in the ribs.

"Ouch, what the hell was that for," Ichigo growled holding his side "and how the hell are you doing that?"

"I don't know," Shiro shrugged "I just wanted to get out and well you can guess the rest"

"Uhm sorry to interupt but who is he?" Tonks asked

"This is Kurosaki's inner Hollow," Urahara said, ignoring the fact that when Hollow left his mouth the Wizards jumped to their feet pointing their wands at Shiro.

"Oh no King save me, they're gonna throw sticks at me." Shiro whined hiding behind said king,

"Give it a rest will ya," Ichigo said shoving the Hollow back to his spot

"Don't worry about him he is harmless," Urahara said smacking both teens on the head with his fan, getting many grunts and swears thrown at him.

When the Wizards finally sat back down after much convincing Shiro was of no harm to them Urahara finally asked,

"Since you have the person you were looking for, what is it exactly that you want?"

Remus looking slightly more relaxed pulled out an envelope.

"This is from the headmaster of Hogwarts, he wanted us to give this to the person that would help." he handed it over to the small captain with Urahara and Ichigo looking over his shoulders.

The Letter:

To the Readers of this letter,

My name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I am aware that you are shinigamis and would like to inform you of the happenings in Magical Britain, as you are aware from what my dear friends have possibly told you, we are being attacked by these strange creatures that you are familiar with.

We are hoping to ask for a couple guards to protect the students this school year, I ask for relatively young ones that could pose as 5th year students to keep an eye out on a particular student along with the rest.

Please inform my friends if you are able to help us.

Yours Sincerely.

Albus Dumbledore


When all three had finished reading the letter, it was handed back to Remus who quickly put it back into his jacket's inner pocket,

"We accept, I will inform the head captain of this before returning" was all the 10th captain said before standing and walking to a different room so he could open a senkaimon. Before he stepped in however he looked back to the people now standing and said with a knowing smirk,

"See you around Kurosaki." and like that he entered the doors and was gone.

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