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Chapter Four: The goat can heal?

There was only one word to describe his life right now, and it just happened to be miserable.

First it had been Dudley and his gang of buffoons, then the Dementors showed up and attacked them (Thats right DeFreakinMentors.), and the frosting to top this beautiful cake called his existence he received a letter from the ministry about using magic in front of his cousin while saving them from the stupid dark creatures.

If he had done nothing he shudders at the thought they could have been kissed, no one deserved that not even Dudley.

Uncle Vernon had already screamed himself red when another owl flew in from the window.

"For God Sake!" roared Uncle Vernon, pulling great clumps of hair out of his mustache, something he hadn't been driven to in a long time.

"I will not have owls here, I will not tolerate this, I tell you!"

"It's not like I can stop them you know" Harry snapped taking the letter attached to the owls leg.

"Arthurs just told us what's happened. Don't leave the house again, whatever you do."

Harry was in shock he couldn't even bring himself to be angry as he rightfully should have been. His aunt and uncle just stared, their disapproving face's aimed at him but as he looked closer in his shocked state of calm he noticed no hatred or disgust in their eyes just worry, and hurt. He was wondering if he was imagining things before their eyes were clouded by a sort of fog and their expression went blank.

Harry needed help and he needed it now.

Another owl flew into the room from the window to Harry's side, a piece of paper attached to its leg.

"Don't leave the house again, whatever you do. Do not leave your aunt and uncles house."

But it was ignored in favor of finding a piece of paper and pen to write a letter of his own to the owner of said owl.

"Sirius i need help, Dudly and I were attacked by Dementors. And there is something wrong with the Dursleys, their eyes are clouded and they haven't moved from their spot in a while. I think they may be under a spell."

he folded the letter after signing it, and attached it to the owl.

"Fly to Sirius as quickly as you can" Harry pleaded, the owl hooted and flew out the window.

He looked up at the Dursleys that had yet to move from their spot, still staring where harry had once been.

-_-over with Ichigo-_-

Ichigo was gathering his things into a large trunk Moody had giving him when they entered his house, The man had said something about it being magically expanding.

"Hope I don't fall in." he thought.

Everyone had piled into his room that had temporarily been made larger to accommodate the many people, when a pecking sound was heard outside the window.

Tonks being the closest opened the window let in the large owl with a letter fly straight into the room landing on Ichigo's desk.

"I wonder what Padfoot wants," Lupin said taking the letter.

"Moony the plans have changed., Harry was attacked by Dementors we need to pick him up immediately. From how he explained things you will need to bring a healer, the Dursleys seem to have been put under a charm of some kind.


Ichigo watched Lupin read and reread the letter before swearing, and looking anywhere from concerned, angry, and confused. He wasn't paying attention to what he was packing and almost tripped when putting more into his trunk or death trap as he liked to call it.

"That was close."he thought.

"What's wrong?" Tonks asked making Ichigo look up from his trunk.

"Harry was attacked." Lupin was able to say before the metamorphmagus jumped up yelling,

"Calm down you're going to get us caught" Moody growled at her, "Now what happened to Harry?"

Lupin read the letter aloud, the content making the others also swear,

"We need to find a healer and get going," Lupin said standing up, "Ichigo are you almost done?"

the teen looked up nodding before kicking the death trap shut.

(A/N seriously people could die falling in!)

"Where can we find a healer thought?" Tonks questioned before the closet door opened revealing the short captain,

"If you're looking for a healer," he sighed walking to the door pulling it open, "ask him"

"What is it with you shinigami's and my closet?" asked ichigo before seeing the man face down on his floor again, "what are you doing spying old man?"

the male wizards in the room gasped (well not Moody he just looked less angry),

"Isshin?" Lupin asked while Tonks helped said man up,

"Well lets get going," Moody said taking out an old dirty sock, before shrinking Ichigo's trunk.

"this will take us straight to Harry. And after we need to talk." the last part directed at the older Kurosaki

"I understand Moody." said man looked over at his son, "I have a lot of explaining to do."

"Grab the portkey so we can get going," Lupin said finally getting over seeing an old friend, he looked over at Ichigo who was looking at the sock with disgust. "do not let go until your feet hit the ground"

And they were off.

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