Chapter 1

Jane's POV

I first found out she was my mate when I first saw her and felt something.. foreign. Something I had never felt before, let alone for a mere human girl.

When Aro touched my hand, he saw it too and I knew it was true. I was her mate, not that wretched Edward.

I first laid my eyes on her when that red headed vampire created an army of newborns. She was there, being protected by wolves and Edward. Her mahogany colored hair was messy, as if she hadn't slept in days and skin that seemed paler than it should be.

She stood behind the wolves, one in particular who she would occasionally whisper to and pet. I held back a growl to the sight in front of ,e. She was gnawing at her pinkish bottom lip when she saw me.

A look of fright passed over her face that quickly turned into curiosity. You know what they say, Curiosity killed the cat. Maybe in this case, the human.

I smirked at her, despite what I knew I was feeling for this human girl.

This made her step behind Edward, in fear.

I inwardly cringed. How could she love him? He was controlling and manipulating. Well, from what I heard from Aro and the rest.

But, I suppose, I am not better than he is. At least he doesn't kill humans and enjoy causing pain like I do.

How could she ever love someone like me?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Aro say something directed to me about Bella.

"... So all I am saying Jane, is that it would be a good idea to go see Bella, get to know her."

I scowled at him. Did he really think it'd be that easy? Of course he would.

"And how on earth am I supposed to go there without revealing the truth? Or hurting anybody.." I muttered the last part.

Aro tapped his fingers together before his eyes lit up .

"I'll inform Carlisle that you'll be going down to check on them and to check up on other things we've recently been informed about." he said almost gleefully.

"I'll look suspicious if I go alone, but I know you need Alec here in Volterra, I'll go pack some things." I said thoughtfully

"Wonderful! I'll go inform the Cullens now." Aro said walking in the opposite direction.

Aro is rather.. eccentric sometimes.

I shook my head and walked towards my room. How would I act? What would I say to her?

For the first time since my human death, I was actually anxious. Me, Jane Volturri. Anxious was not in my vocabulary.

I packed some of my belongings and waited for Aro to call for me.

Bella was so beautiful, she was different than any other human. She was different.. and so real. She drew me in like no one had before, not even any other vampire.


"What?" I snapped

It was my twin brother, Alec. He smirked at me. It seems smirking runs in the family.

"I hear you're going to stay with the Cullens."

I frowned. The thought of staying with the Cullens was not a pleasant one.

In fact, it stirred up disgust and anger within me.
"Hey, you love her, don't you?" I heard Alec say softly

I looked up at him, his smirk was gone and his eyes had softened.

I could never show, what Alec deemed, my "soft side" in front of anyone except him. He knew me too well.

"Yes" I said quietly

"Then go get your girl." he grinned playfully

I rolled my eyes and gave him what I consider a smile.

"Jane! You leave tonight!" Aro said suddenly appearing before me and Alec.

I nodded and kicked them out of my room. I wanted to be alone.

I was going to see Bella.. and unfortunately Edward himself who believed my mate to be his. The thought only further angered me so I went out to have a "snack".

Bella's POV

"The Volturri is coming to Forks?" I asked curiously and somewhat confused.

"No, that's the strange thing. Only Jane is coming, by herself." Carlisle said looking at the family. Everyone was gathered in the Cullen living room after Carlisle had received a call from Aro telling him that Jane would be coming to Forks to check on the Cullens.

"Carlisle, he only sent Jane because they know Bella is still human and she's the one who can inflict pain. I don't trust her." Edward said bringing me closer to him.

I stiffened up. His touch surprised me.

"We will protect Bella while Jane is here" Carlisle reassured

"I don't see anything bad happening to Bella in the next few days." Alice chimed in

"See nothing bad happens to me in the- Hey wait! Does that mean something bad is going to happen to me?" I asked suddenly aware of Alice's words.

She looked at me knowingly and gave me a smile.

"Alice, stop singing that horrible phone song." Edward said visibly cringing

Alice simply giggled and winked at me.

What was that about?

I looked at her questionably.

"When is Jane going to be here?" Rosalie asked, a scowl present on her perfect face.

Jane was her least favorite of the Volturri members, and that was saying something considering she hated them all with a passion.

Rosalie had previously hated me also, with a passion.

After Edward told me her story, I went to her and told her my own traumatizing childhood story and we bonded over how similar we actually were, in that aspect.

She had become a close friend and sister to me, she was truly amazing.

I smiled to myself before I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Carlisle's answer to Rose's question.

"She'll be here in the morning."

"Don't worry Bella, we've got your back!" Emmett said grinning, dimples showing and all.

Rose put an arm around him and smiled at me.

"He's right, you know."

My family. That was my family.

"Thank you" I said, my cheeks tinting pink.

"Come on Bella, I promised Charlie you'd be back an hour ago." Alice said taking me by the arm.

Edward kissed my forehead and held me for a moment before disappearing up the stairs.

I followed Alice to her car in silence. It wasn't until halfway to my house that she spoke.

"Bella, are you worried about Jane's coming?"

"Um, well, not really. I'm just worried about what Jane might do when she seems I'm still human. I don't want your family to suffer because of me." I said, biting my lip.

"Nonsense Bella! You're part of the family, no matter what." Alice chirped happily

I tapped my fingers along the window.

I wonder what that meant?

I sighed and leaned my head against the cold window until we arrived.

"Me, Rose, or Edward will come to get you in the morning." Alice said holding out her arms to me.

I accepted the hug happily and said I'd see her tomorrow.

I decided to get started on dinner for Charlie.

"Hey Bells, what are you making?"

I turned to look at him and gave him a small smile.

"I'm making some pasta and chicken, that okay?" I asked

"Of course, let me know when dinner is ready." He said, looking a bit flushed

I nodded and went back to cooking.

I wonder what tomorrow would have in store for all of us.

Sighing, I put the chicken and pasta on two plates for me and Charlie.

"Dad, dinner is ready." I called out.

Later that night

After a long night of dinner and homework, I decided it would be a good idea to shower and then head to bed.

As I was in the middle of washing my hair, I heard a strange noise.

"Could that be Edward?" I thought to myself as I rinsed my hair

And I couldn't call out to confirm my suspicions, Charlie might hear me.

I waited a few seconds to see if I'd hear it again but I didn't.

How odd. Maybe it was just Charlie.

I decided to stay under the shower head for a few extra minutes, to collect my thoughts.

Sighing at my thoughts, I looked down at my arms.

The paleness marked by dark looking scars.

It was only a few, only a few.