Well.. this is a month late. No explanation, really, other than the fact that I've been lazy and kind of lost my motivation to keep writing this.

But alas, I shall continue it.

Chapter 9

Jane's POV

I went off to Seattle while Bella was away at school to hunt. I didn't take out the blue contacts in my eyes because it made me seem more human and, in a way, feel more human. But what could possibly be human about drinking another human's blood like I had done a few hours ago?

I hadn't been human for 1,000 years, why did it matter to me?

I sighed as the reason's face manifested itself in my mind. Her pale face was forever burned into my memory.

This morning's events had gone so well, I thought I had ruined it by getting angry at her for not kissing me.. but once again, she had amazed me by not being angry.

Speaking of humanity, I still needed to talk to Carlisle about my going to school.

Urgh and with all those pathetic humans... excluding Bella, of course.. and let's not forget one very pathetic vampire.

I had to admit, I did want Bella to just get it over with and tell him so she could publically be mine rather than just behind closed doors. I didn't want to be a dirty secret.

It's funny, I seemed frightening and dangerous on the outside, which of course, I am but.. at the same time and as much as I hate to admit this, I am still a 16 year old girl on the outside and sometimes my mind wanders like that of an insecure teenage girl and I really did not like this. I had been on this earth for a bit more than 1,000 years and I knew a lot about it. Murder and violence did not frighten me but the thought of Bella wanting Edward frightened me more than anything on this earth. I was not used to this type of insecurity weighing down on me. Oh Bella. She had really humanized me more than both of us had realized.

I wanted to get her something, to show her how I felt about her. But I was not good with picking out presents and I never had been, even in my human life. Alec was the one that was good with presents.

Alec.. I had almost forgotten how much I missed him.

Whilst I kept walking around, I noticed a little shop in the corner of my eye. I cocked my head and went to get a closer look.

You could easily tell this was the type of store that sold gifts and jewelry but it was small and few people were inside.

I sighed as I looked around. This was not my scene at all.. but I felt sort of drawn to this place as I ran my fingers along the jewels when yet another thing caught my eye. Only this time, it was a small glass jewelry box. I stared for a moment before I picked it up and opened it to look inside. It was beautiful and in an odd way, it reminded me of Bella. It was see through with a floral and butterfly design on top of it.

"Ma'am, would you like me to wrap that up for you?"

I turned around and saw an elderly man standing behind me.

"Um.. no no, I can do that at home. But I would like to purchase it." I said as nicely as I would allow myself.

He smiled at me and took it from me and gestured towards the counter.

I think I had the perfect thing to put inside.

After I was done with the purchase, I kept walking home and was close when I began feeling a strange pain my chest. I ignored it and kept walking until I stood in front of the door when I realized something.

How on earth was I going to hide this? Okay, think Jane, think. Okay, thinking done.

I slipped off my jacket and put the little bag inside of it, then wrapped the sweater around it

I took an unnecessary breath and opened the door.

The whole family, minus Rosalie and Emmett, were there in the living, Wonderful. Edward glared at me.

Oh, he heard me, forgot to block my thoughts.

"Hello Jane." Carlisle greeted as he smiled gently at me.

I scowled a bit, but waved at the family nonetheless. When I was halfway up the stairs, I remembered something.

"Carlisle?" I called

"Yes, Jane?"

"I need to talk to you about something."

He nodded and told me to meet him in his study..

While I waited, I felt the pain get a bit stronger. What was wrong with me?

"Jane? Are you alright?"

I looked up at Carlisle's face for a moment before looking back down and nodding.

"What is it you'd like to talk to me about?" he asked as he sat down in the chair across from me.

"I accompanied Bella this morning on her way to school because Edward is currently angry with her." I paused for effect and he noticed that I scowled when I said Edward's name

"And when I went to her house, I met Charlie and he asked me if I'd be going to school. I didn't know what to say and he looked suspicious when I didn't say anything which is when Bella cut in and told him I would be going to school." I continued.

He nodded and then spoke.

"I see what the problem is. The Chief of Police will be even more suspicious of us. I'll have your paperwork in as soon as I possibly can."

"Yes, you can't risk any more exposure." I said coolly, as I nodded before I walked out of the room.


It was Alice and she sounded panicked.

I ran to her room and saw Jasper trying to comfort her while she looked like she was having a vision.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked Jasper

"She's having a vision about Bella." Jasper said

Suddenly Edward appeared in front of us.

"What's going on with Bella?" he asked, frowning

"She's crying and she's hysterical. Destroying her room and.. " Alice paused, her voice breaking near the end.

Edward covered his mouth in shock and horror, having seen Alice's vision in her mind.

"Oh god.. Oh god Bella." Edward said, as he frantically paced the room.

"What, what did he see, Alice?" I asked wondering what Bella had done that elicited that type of response from Edward.

"... She hurt herself." Alice whispered.

I was silent and shut my eyes for a moment before reopening them, trying to ignore the pain in my chest.

"Alice, do you know what's wrong with her, why is she so distraught?" I asked.

"Why the hell do you care, Jane? You don't care about Bella." Edward shot at me

I swear, if I wasn't concerned about Bella's well being right now, he'd already be dead.

"I don't know why she-" Alice was cut off by a noise downstairs.

It was the door opening, I immediately smelled her, Bella.

Edward was the ahead of the rest of us because his speed, but my worry for my mate overrode my annoyance with Edward.

I raced down to see Bella sitting on the floor, her back against the wall with her head buried into her knees. She was sobbing uncontrollably and would not let Edward touch her as much as he tried and pleaded her to tell him what was wrong.

And I smelled it. She smelled faintly of blood.

"I... where's.. Rosalie." I heard her choke out

My heart sank.

"Rosalie isn't here, Bella." Alice said soothingly

This made Bella make a terrible, ear piercing scream that broke my heart.

"Bella.. Bella, love, Please tell me what's wrong." I heard Edward plead

"Don't touch me!" I heard Bella cry as I got closer but Alice was faster.

"Jane!" Alice rushed to my side just as I got near Bella.

"Let go of me, Alice. I need to know what's wrong with Bella." I said, gritting my teeth in frustration, trying to get to Bella but Alice's arm kept me from going forward to her.

"Jane, just be careful with what you do and say."

I didn't wait for her to say any more and I rushed past her to get to Bella.

Bella looked up and finally noticed me staring at her and, before I knew it, had thrown herself at me.

"Jane... he's.. he's." Bella cried

"What, who? What happened?" I asked, feeling confused and helpless, as she held onto me even tighter.

"Bella, love, why are you clinging to her? Come to me, she doesn't care about you." Edward said trying to take her from me

I growled at him menacingly and this made him step away, looking shocked and angry.

The door suddenly opened.

"Emmett, I'm telling, I'm not going to let you-" the voice stopped as it entered the room

It was Rosalie.

Rosalie instantly was at Bella's side, who was in my arms.

"Bella, what happened? Did someone hurt you?" Rosalie asked, looking murderous herself.

"He's.. he's alive."

Rosalie's eyes darkened and I immediately knew who Bella was talking about.

Her Uncle Stanley.

The pain my chest grew again, and I sucked in another unnecessary breath.

"What? No, no he can't be. Your mom told you he was dead." Rosalie said, sounding like she was trying to convince herself rather than Bella.

"She lied to me..I got an email from her today.. it's.. she said.. she didn't want to hurt me." Bella said, attempting to speak more clearly.

"Rosalie, what is Bella talking about?"

It was Carlisle, I didn't even realize he and Esme had come in.

Edward was seething and glaring at me.

Rosalie didn't take her eyes off of Bella. They were silently communicating.

I felt a flash of jealousy ripple through me.

"Bella's emotions are everywhere. They're very painful." Jasper said quietly, sounding a bit choked.

"Bella, I can smell it. Maybe you should.." Rosalie said

Bella nodded, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

"We should all sit down, this isn't a pretty story." I finally chimed in, facing the family.

They all looked confused but went to sit in the living room.

I lead Bella to the couch, who silently cried into her hands.

Once we were all seated, Bella had calmed down more but was still clinging to my side.

"When I was 7, My mother and I lived together, just the two of us. Until her brother, my Uncle Stanley, asked my mother if he could stay with us for a while. He had lost his job and he needed a place to stay. My mother said yes and he stayed with us for a year. I-In that year.." Bella stammered and stopped what she was saying because fresh tears were pouring down her cheeks again.

My dead heart ached to see her in so much pain.

"In that year, Her uncle molested her until he left when she was 8." Rosalie finished bluntly for Bella.

I heard many gasps and when I looked up, I saw Esme dry sobbing into Carlisle's chest.

"Bella..?" Rosalie pressed gently

"After that, I was very, very depressed. I believed for a long time that my mother didn't know and that my uncle had died but today I received an email from her telling me she knew about the abuse and she lied about his death. He's dying, for real this time, and he wants to speak with me." Bella sniffled.

"Oh Bella, I'm so sorry." Alice cried before she enveloped Bella in a hug.

"Don't worry, Alice." Bella said, sucking in a deep breath, looking uncomfortable.

"Alice, be careful with Bella. She's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and may be afraid of being touched by certain people." Carlisle stated firmly.

She quickly let go of her and apologized once again.

"Bella.. is it-" Edward began asking but stopped when he saw Bella begin to tremble and shake her head.

She murmured an apology.

"Bella.. I'm so sorry to have to bring this up in such a difficult moment but we all notice you smell like blood." Carlisle said, and I remembered what he was talking about.

Bella's face turned pink and she looked down at her hands.

She now wore a baggy sweatshirt, that covered her forearms from our view but definitely not the scent of her mouthwatering blood.

" I used to scratch at myself until I bled when I was younger. Sometimes because of nightmares, and sometimes because of panic attacks. When I received that email from my mom.. it killed me. My room is destroyed and well.. so is the flesh on my forearms." Bella said, not daring to look up at him.

"Dear, how about Carlisle fixes up your wounds and I'll make you something so you can eat and then rest?" Esme spoke up, saving Bella from feeling more uncomfortable.

Bella nodded, her eyes reflecting more light than they should.

Esme smiled at my mate then raced off into the kitchen.

"Come on, Bella. Let's get you cleaned up." Carlisle smiled gently at her, holding out his hand to her.

Bella hesitated but took his hand nonetheless and followed him to his study.

I sighed and shook my head.

My mate's abuser was alive. The man who touched my Bella was still alive. I wanted nothing more than to tear him apart right now.

"You cannot be serious."

I looked up and saw Edward seething and looking more angry than I've ever seen him.

Once again, I had stupidly forgotten to block my thoughts from him. I would have rathered he not find out like this but now that the secret was out...

"I heard what your thoughts, Jane. You cannot honestly think you're her mate, She's mine! " Edward yelled, before he threw me across the room and through the walls.

"Edward! Stop, you don't know what you're saying, you need to calm down!" I heard Alice yell.

I simply brushed off the debri from my clothes and jumped out of the human sized hole in the wall.

"Well, Eddie boy, believe it because it's true." I smiled maliciously at him.

I showed him everything, from Aro's true reason for sending me here to me and Bella kissing that same morning.

He looked at me with such disgust and anger.

"You did something to her, you.. you filthy tom!"

I noticed in the corner of my eye, Esme flinched. She apparently knew what this meant as well.

"Edward, don't use such language in my house!" Esme scolded, seeming horrified by use of the word.

"She did something to her, she did something to Bella, that's the only way this explains it!"

"I did nothing to her. Get that through your thick skull!" I screamed at him.

I was about to use my power on him when I heard a small voice.

"It's true, Edward. I love her."

I turned and saw Bella there next to Carlisle, looking tired and sad.

"How do you know she's not using you? How do you know she isn't really here to kill you, because that's just how sadistic she is?" Edward asked, getting close to her face. I growled at this, feeling my anger rush back.

Bella flinched and stepped away from him.

"Edward.." Carlisle warned

"Because.. you would have already stopped her."


Edward's eyebrows knitted together.

"What do you mean?" Carlisle asked Bella.

"Edward can read minds. He would have seen if she had bad intentions, Alice would have seen her killing me and Jasper would have felt her deception." Bella explained carefully.

"She's right, Carlisle." Rosalie said, smiling smugly.

Edward fumed before turning to Bella.

"What does she have that I don't?"

Bella raised an eyebrow at this and I almost laughed at her expression had it not been for the seriousness of the situation.

"Besides the obvious, you mean?" I said in a condescending tone

He ignored me and kept his eyes focused on her.

"You're not her. You're not Jane." Bella stated.

I was so impressed with her right now, she was being so strong right now. Despite everything that has happened today, she was handling it in a way that I found incredible.

Despite her breakdown, despite knowing her mother had lied to her about her abuser, despite having to be confronted by her soon to be ex boyfriend about her leaving him for a girl.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Edward put his hands on her shoulders and grip tightly.

"You're being brainwashed by her, Bella. She doesn't love you!"

As soon as I saw this, he was down on the ground screaming in pain. How dare he lay a hand on my mate.

"Don't you ever touch her like that. I won't hesitate to kill you next time." I growled at him, putting myself between Bella and his screaming form.

"Jane, maybe it's best that you take Bella upstairs to your room." Carlisle spoke, trying to dissipate the situation before it grew even more violent.

I scowled at him but released Edward from my power.

"Come on, let's go upstairs." I said, turning to Bella.

Before she could respond, I had her in my arms and carried her upstairs.

Once situated on my bed, I kissed her cheek and smiled at her.

"Are you okay?" she asked me as she got into the covers.

I was shocked, she was asking me if I was okay after all that she had just been through today?

I voiced this out loud and she smiled gently at me.

"You know how I feel, I was wondering how you feel about everything that's happened." she answered

"I'm angry because I know your abuser is out there alive.. even if it's just barely. I'm angry that Edward is so pathetic and hard headed. Basically, I'm angry. But.. I'm also content. Just content that you don't have to hide me anymore." I replied.

"I hated that, you know. I didn't want you to feel like I was ashamed of you" she said, a sad look in her eyes.

"Well, that's over now." I hummed.

"Why are you so different with me than you are with others?" She asked, looking genuinely curious.

"Well that's easy. I hate everyone else... not including Alec." I smiled at her.

"But not me?" she asked, though it came out like a statement.

"Not you." I confirmed.

"There's debri in your hair." she pointed out

"Edward threw me through a wall." I shrugged

"Me and Carlisle heard. I was afraid he had seriously hurt you." she said, looking at me with concern in her eyes

"I am okay, I've had worse."

She frowned at this and ran her fingers through my messy, blonde hair.

Suddenly I remembered.

"I got something for you." I said, getting up to where my jacket had been discarded. I unwrapped the plastic bag.

Without turning around, I slipped the necklace I had for her into the jewelry box. Once I was finished, I turned around and handed it to her.

She looked at it in awe as she held it with both hands, taking in it's detail.

"It's beautiful.." she whispered.

"There's something inside, you know." I teased.

She opened the box slowly and gaped at it.

"I've had that necklace for a long time, I planned to give it to you when I got here. It seemed perfect for you." I explained

It was a single pearl inside of the small shape of an oyster that hung from a long silver chain.

She looked at me and smiled widely.

"Is it strange that this has been the one of the worst, yet the best day of my life?" she asked, with that same radiant smile.

"A bit, but who cares?" I laughed and leaned in to kiss her.

Once I pulled away, I took the necklace from her and swept her hair to the side so I could put it on her.

"There. Now you're mine." I smiled playfully.

"I always have been. Always will be."

In case you're wondering what a "tom" is, it's kind of like saying dyke. But the actual meaning is "Tomboyish Lesbian"

Next chapter will be Bella trying to help Jane get ready for school, more Edward drama and Jane's evil plans towards a certain someone.