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Chapter 15: Dragon Reborn

The spirit that guides you

The father of all

In a kingdom of stone

You're the dragon reborn

Jellal let his head roll back to rest against the metal of the human freezer they were in as he surveyed the people around him. The last magical attack he did drained him almost completely of his magic, and so he was practically useless, but Natsu seemed to have more than enough to expend while he charged time after time at the same spot on the door.

Gray was outright scowling at the room around them, his magic at a good level, but the hole in his side had slowly began to seep blood once again.

Then there was Erza.

He looked down at her and gently ran the tips of his fingers across her cheek, praying to whatever God there was out there to help them because, he thought, as he scanned the room around them, they were well and truly screwed.

Then the door opened. Some evolved version of the creatures who had been chasing himself and Erza entered the room and he instinctively held the red headed woman closer to himself. The experiments grabbed Natsu, many of them falling to his attacks, and by the time they had the pink haired dragon slayer and Gray constrained, the floor was littered with the bodies of the seemingly infinite number of experiments.

Natsu was led from the room literally kicking and screaming every profanity he could think of and he, Gray and Erza were left in the meat locker alone.

"What do you think is going on?" The tattered mage asked as he plopped down next to his counterpart. Gray kicked aside a frozen experiment in disgust before sucking in a strangled breath of air and grasping his side.

"I don't know," Jellal answered, "but we need to find a way out of here soon. Whatever it is, it doesn't end well for us."


Natsu struggled against the things that dragged him from one twisting hallway to another, taking out many of them along the way. He was tired and out of breath, but that didn't stop him from shouting every chance he got. The dragon slayer knew it would probably be wise to shut up and conserve energy, but he couldn't erase the terror-stricken look Lucy had given him before being ripped into the darkness. Every time her wide eyes flashed across his mind, red colored his vision and he could only lash out to keep from bursting.

Finally, the things seemed to be slowing down, their numbers becoming more compact as they lined the walls around him. Natsu was thrown towards a door, his arms forcefully constrained behind him by the braver of the three experiments around him.

The door flew open and Natsu snarled at the glare of the room, turning his eyes away from the blinding whiteness. His enhanced smell picked up traces of cleaner and…blood? The pink haired man's eyes snapped to attention, quickly trying to pinpoint the source.

"I never thought you'd choose this one," a cool voice said, interrupting the boy's analysis. He narrowed and blinked his eyes until the room in front of him completely came into focus.

His heart nearly stuttered to a stop.

The blond sat on a metal palate in the center of the room, her hands clutching a tube filled with dark liquid. The pink haired man bore his gaze into her face, willing the girl he loved to raise her eyes and look at him. Behind Lucy stood Herule, his hands behind his back and a chilling smile playing around his mouth.

Herule shrugged, seeming to not notice the tension in the room buzzing like electricity, "I suppose his body can withstand abnormal amounts of heat, but this is pure magic so the results are not concrete." He continued, as if the notion that his precious experiment was normal was beyond offensive.

Natsu wasn't paying the crazed scientist any mind though, as he was forced to his knees a few feet in front of Lucy's dejected form. Brown eyes peered up at the shadow covering Lucy's eyes pleadingly; silently begging her to look at him—just look at him. He had to know that she was okay; that she was going to survive whatever was about to happen.

"But enough talk," Herule finished, pushing Lucy so that she now stood in front of the kneeling pink haired man, "Inject him so we may move on to the next stage of this experiment."

The blond was still far enough away that Natsu could look at her when he craned his head up slightly. The dragon slayer's hands twitched, his heart aching to reach out and touch her. In retaliation for his movement, one of the bodies holding him twisted their grip further, causing him to grunt in discomfort.

The sound caused Lucy to lurch forward, one hand leaving the syringe while the other grasped it so tightly that her knuckles turned white. She paused, her eyes finally coming into view.

"Let him stand." She whispered.

Herule nodded at the creatures behind him, and they let him rise to his feet, their hold slackening on his wrists and arms. "Luce," he finally choked out, "Lucy, what's going on?"

The blond celestial wizard finally met Natsu's gaze completely. Her eyes were puffy and red rimmed, her cheeks marred with light burns and dirt, and her lips were bloody and cut. But there was something in her eyes that made the dragon slayer's heart drop.

"It's okay Natsu," She replied, coming closer to him as she lifted the syringe between them, the other hand finding his cheek. He leaned into her hand, the tenderness of her gaze sweeping him away.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, and that's when he realized what had made him so worried. The look in her eyes was one of fierce love and determination.

She would take her own life before she took any other.

Natsu sucked the air in through his teeth and his body moved before he could think, "Lucy, no!"


She wouldn't allow her body to be used as a means to destroy any one else's life and she sure as hell wasn't going to murder one of her friends to get relief from the burn coursing through her veins. She would happily give her life for the people she loved, but she had to make sure that they were safe before she did so.

This was why she chose Natsu. Lucy knew that he wouldn't stop fighting; that the dragon slayer would still have the energy and the magic to defeat Herule and get all of her friends out of the way of danger at the same time.

But she knew he wouldn't do any of it if he thought that he had the slightest chance of saving her.

So Lucy kept her eyes lowered until she knew she could meet his eyes. She had to—she had to convey how much she loved him in those few seconds before she did the unthinkable. Lucy never thought that she would feel so much for one person, but she did for Natsu.

The blond could see the concern and confusion for her in eyes that usually only held laughter, and the love that ran bone deep practically radiating off his skin. It was a relief that she could save the life of a person so perfect; so loving.

Lucy closed her eyes before the needle pierced the skin of her neck, knowing that Natsu would have panic written across his face as soon as he realized what she was going to do and not wanting to taint the picture she had of him in her head at the moment. She distantly heard him shout her name, but was too focused on applying pressure to the pump to reply.

The blonde heard Herule yell her name multiple times as well before being abruptly cut off with a gurgling noise in his throat. She heard him hit the floor and go silent.

Lucy could feel heat all around her and she knew that Natsu was fighting the experiments away from around her.

The celestial wizard slowly sank to her hands and knees, opening her eyes to the floor and watching as the empty syringe rolled away from her. She had done it. She allowed a small smile to grace her lips. That's when the burning started.


The pink haired man was sure that everything had to be moving in slow motion.

He tossed the last of the experiments out of the door and latched the lock just in case more decided to try and push their way in. The dragon slayer was distantly aware that there was commotion on the screen of the TV in the room, showing Gray and Jellal fighting their way seamlessly out of their confinement.

Natsu felt as if he was wading through mud to the tops of his knees as he approached Lucy, the pressure in his head making everything silent except for the dull ringing in his ears.

He pulled her to her feet, forcing her to look at him. Relief swelled in his chest as her eyes met his. "What were you thinking, Luce?" He asked, trying his hardest to be firm with her, but knowing he failed when her name came out in a broken whisper.

She opened her mouth to reply and instead sucked in a terrifying gasp. Her chest began to glow and her arms took on an orange tint as they heated up. She looked at the pink haired man in panic, "You have to go!" she started, slamming both hands on his chest in an attempt to push him away, "I'll explode!"

The boy looked down at her, determination in his eyes as he anchored her hands to his chest with one hand, the other wrapping around her waist and securing her to him. "We'll get through this." He said, the sureness in his voice rolling onto her. "Together."

Lucy was caught in the gaze the dragon slayer held her in, warmth blooming in her chest at the strength and love they held. She nodded, tears forming in her eyes, "Together."

Natsu dipped his head to crush his lips with hers, passion overflowing from each of them as they held each other tight. Natsu dragged his hands through tangled blond locks as Lucy ran her hands over the well defined muscles of Natsu's back, each taking in as much of each other as they could.

The surge of light encompassed their forms.


Intense heat and then nothing.

She was floating, blissfully caught in the in between we so often enjoy as we wake up. Her body felt no pain, her mind filled with nothing but a pleasant numbness while her skin felt warmed by a gentle heat. Lucy kept her eyes closed as she basked in this state, finally feeling the poison fall away from her body completely, leaving it humming with magic.

There was something nagging at the back of her mind, an insistent sort of feeling that she was forgetting something, but she pushed this away. She was finally free and finally able to relax.

The warm feeling creeping over her reminded her of when she was very small, and her mother came into her room to sit on the edge of her bed as she tucked a young Lucy in snugly. It had been a very cold winter then, and her mother always checked on her on her way to her own room. But this night was different; instead of merely tucking her in and leaving, her mother stroked her hair and spoke to her of love, the strengths and weaknesses of this bond and how sometimes you must fight for it. Lucy remembered being confused then, wondering why her mother was putting so much emphasis on something that a person could live without.

But now she couldn't imagine her life without Natsu. He was her rock, the one person who could make her laugh, the man she trusted with everything she had—heart and soul. He would always protect and defend her. This train of thought tickled the back of her mind and somewhat broke the pleasant feeling coursing through her body. Lucy frowned, not liking the coolness seeping into her skin.

She tried to get back the warmth but it was receding, her mind flashing through images like pages in a book. Natsu holding her in his arms as she lay ridden with arrows, her sitting by his bedside when he was injured, that night at the hotel, her skin against his, the way his lips felt when they pressed against hers. Blood, Herule, running, her friends were in danger, her keys were trapped in this world she had to find them, had to help, had to fight—

Lucy's eyes snapped open, all pleasant feelings forgone as the reality of the past slammed into her. She could feel the pain lacing through her body from the damage it had taken today. She lay sprawled on her side, her body crumpled on the ground as if it had slid down the wall after her back had collided with it. The blond rapidly blinked until her blurry vision came into focus and what she saw had her heaving her battered body across the floor.

Lucy crawled on her hands and knees over to the form whose back was to her, her limbs screaming in protest the entire way. A shaking hand reached out to his now-bare shoulder; his vest long gone from previous battles. She grabbed it, pulling gently but firmly as she turned him on his back.

She had to see the damage she had done to him.

Lucy could only stare.

She started at the top of his mop of pink hair; now matted with sweat and who knows what else, fanned across the floor, down to his slackened face, skin covered in blood and smoke. Lucy forced her eyes to rove over his torso next; surely this is where she would have burned him the most. But there was nothing.

Nothing but perfectly toned muscles and tanned skin. No burns, no blood, no gaping hole. Nothing.

A choking noise that could have passed for a laugh had it not been so meager and weak caught her attention and she returned her eyes to Natsu's face, "I told you we would make it. The good guys always win, Luce." He smiled, the contortion looking more like a grimace than anything else.

Tears filled the girl's eyes as she picked up one of his hands and put it against her cheek, turning her head to press a kiss against his palm. "How do you feel?"

"Like someone ran over me over and over again." He mumbled, closing his eyes once more as she began running the fingers of her other hand through his hair carefully.

She swallowed. "No…no burning right? I didn't…Are you sure I didn't…?"

"I'm sure," he said, a slight frown touching his lips; their position achingly similar to when he had first lost her. He took a breath and pushed that away; she was here now.

A furrow appeared between his eyes, "I'm not sure exactly what happened. One second it looked like you were about to explode, and the next, we're shooting away from each other to opposite sides of the room."

Lucy moved so quickly that it caused the dragon slayer to tense as alarm shot through him, knowing that he was in no shape to wage another battle. Natsu grunted when her head made impact on his chest, and he was sure his face held nothing but confusion when she lay down next to him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

His hand automatically came to rest on top of the blonde locks and was surprised to feel wetness on his chest shortly after. "Why're you crying Luce?"

"I'm just so happy," she responded, her words thick and slow. He could feel her smile against him, "I love you so much."

If he wasn't so exhausted, Natsu probably would have though of something sweet to say in that moment—but since they were surrounded by bodies in a room full of smoke and laying on a cold, tiled floor, he figured she would give him a break.

He squeezed her tighter against him as he felt a smile stretch across his own face, basking in the way her body molded perfectly against his, "I love you more, Luce."


Jellal and Gray burst into the room shortly after that, Gray propping up the dragon slayer enough to where Jellal could carry a still unconscious Erza as Lucy shuffled along after them. They left Herule there to rot with what was left of his failed experiments until they got back to Fairy Tail to alert someone of the grounded airship.

A fairy tail team made short work of getting rid of the experiments' bodies and any remaining on the ship (most of them had unsurprisingly been either frozen or incinerated when they got there) and buried Herule in a shallow grave in an unmarked and secret location.

Lucy shook her head to rid those memories from weeks ago, smoothing down the cream tutu skirt that skimmed her knees Mirajane had gotten her for the occasion. The woman had insisted on fussing over her and dressing her up, saying that since it was a celebration of their homecoming that she should dress accordingly. The memory brought a small smile to the blondes face, now appreciating the modest elbow length navy shirt she wore that hid the slight bruises still clinging to her upper arms. Her keys hung from a hidden garter strapped to her upper thigh so as to appease the white haired maid who practically had a seizure when Lucy went to put on her usual belt over the outfit she created for her.

She stood in the back of the room with a glass of champagne in hand, observing the festivities of the "Welcome Home" party that Fairy Tail had put on to honor their safe return once the team had healed enough to attend. Though she figured the Guild would find any reason to throw a party if there was alcohol and fighting involved. The blond tapped her ring that connected her to Natsu softly against the glass as she turned her attention to the people around her.

Erza and Jellal were quietly conversing with a group of other normal fairy tail members, the red headed woman finally recovered from the blow Loke had dealt her. Lucy noticed that Mira had also gotten ahold of the fierce warrior who looked classy in simple black skinny dress pants and loose forest green button down. She caught the blonds stare and moved to come speak with her but Jellal touched her hand in question and Erza's attention was immediately stolen away. Lucy smiled into her glass as they linked hands, noting the look they shared as their eyes met.

Her eyes automatically scanned the crowd of loudly shouting fairy tail members to find a familiar shade of pink hair. It seemed both Natsu and Gray were having a great time retelling their glorious tale of getting all of Lucy's golden keys back; complete with reenactments of the battles they had. They had chucked their suit jackets and now only remained in button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up half-hazardly over their dress pants. She smiled broadly as she realized that they were attracting quite a crowd.

"Seems like you should be mingling a bit more Lucy."

The voice startled the blond celestial wizard, causing her to jump slightly as she whirled to see who spoke to her so suddenly. Loke stood behind her, hands in his pockets as he slouched against the wall in his suit.

A genuine smile spread across her face as she faced her spirit, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear that had escaped the knot piled on her head. "Loke! I didn't even realize you came through your gate."

The spirit forced a smile in her direction, the action looking pained, "You know I can't resist a good party."

Lucy frowned as she stepped closer to Loke, who in turn stiffened and seemed to try and mold himself into the wall behind him. Ever since returning with him from his enslavement with Herule, the lion spirit had put himself into somewhat of a self-induced quarantine from humans and spirits alike. The blond didn't like the fact that her once most energetic spirit was in an almost constant state of soft depression.

Her hand stretched out in an attempt to grab his arm but he slid out of her way. Lucy scowled, "Loke. This is ridiculous and we've been over it a thousand times. You did not do any of the things he made you do. To anyone. I could see the pain in your eyes as you looked at me—"

"But it wasn't enough, was it?" He hissed, his eyes narrowing behind his glasses. His face inched closer to hers in an attempt to keep their conversation quiet, "I still hurt you, still tried to kill you and anyone that got in my way."

"You listen to me," Lucy growled, poking Loke in the chest with her index finger to emphasize her words, "You did nothing. Herule is the one that hurt me. Killed me." She spat, ignoring Loke's finch at her words.

The blond fisted her hand lightly in her spirits shirt and pressed on in a softer voice, "Loke, I trust you. I've always trusted you and that has never faltered. You are more than my spirit, you're my friend." Her voice broke at the last word and her spirit's face softened in response, "And I can't stand to see you beat yourself up over something no one blames you for."

Lucy looked up at her spirit pleadingly, boring her eyes into his, "You saved my life once. Don't think I've forgotten that."

The lion spirit stood for a few seconds as he regarded his master. She didn't look very threatening in her dainty attire tonight but there was a fierceness and a surety in her eyes that let him know that she was laying her heart out to him in the hope that he would feel better. Loke placed one hand gently over the one still grasping his shirt and gently pried it off as he let out a small chuckle.


"What?" Lucy asked, turning back to him after placing her glass down on a nearby table.

Loke sighed and smirked at the blond in front of him, "I saved your life," he stated, knocking his knuckles gently against her forehead, "twice."

Loke outright laughed at the bewildered look still adorning Lucy's face. "Lucy, what did you think that flash of light was when Herule's injection began to work through your body?"

"I…I don't know, I just assumed his plan didn't work," she fumbled, before narrowing her eyes at the spirit in front of her, "Why, what did you do this time?"

Loke chuckled, "The other spirits and I used Natsu as a funneling source for the pure magic bursting out of you—now don't give me that look, we had no other choice with you shooting yourself up with the stuff."

Lucy tried her best to contort her face into a semblance of normality before huffing and crossing her arms, "Go on."

"We could use him to get rid of the energy, because as he touched you, the heat from your body was sucked into him. Being a dragon slayer, Natsu can withstand heat much higher than any other human. Once the energy began moving towards him, it settled between you two, like trying to force the same charged side of a magnet against each other. I used the Regulus star and the other spirits lent me some of their power to maneuver the raw magic into the spirit realm." He shrugged, "Casting that much raw magic into the spirit realm caused some kickback so it knocked you two away from each other, but it was a price I figured you'd be willing to pay. The rest was a piece of cake."

Gray continued to speak with grand gestures next to the dragon slayer as his attention was pulled elsewhere. Particularly to where Lucy was speaking with a certain spirit.

Try as he might, Natsu was still wary of Loke and didn't like it if Lucy was alone with the spirit. He knew that the lions key had been under the influence of a very powerful puppeteer, but that fact didn't ease the knots in his stomach when he thought about everything he did to Lucy.

Sliding off the bench unnoticed except for the slight hitch in Gray's tale, the pink haired man made his way over to the pair, who seemed to be in some sort of argument…

"…dangerous! The Spirit King might be pissed! And what makes you think that you can use my boyfriend as a funnel—"

The dragon slayer wrapped his arm around the girl's waist as he took his place next to her, both interrupting her train of thought and angling her body so that he was between the two. "Use me as a what?"

Lucy huffed and looked at Natsu, quickly explaining everything her spirits had done. As she spoke, the dragon slayer couldn't help but notice the light blush that dusted her cheekbones once he began to trace her side with his fingers in a subconscious effort to get her to calm down.

The blond looked at him expectantly as she recounted the dangerous feat her spirits had attempted once again to save her life. Her heart seemed to want to break out of her chest with the way it was slamming against her ribcage at the sight of him. She couldn't help it, Natsu was being so protective of her and just looked so handsome in that suit that the girl was sure she was as red as a tomato.

When he started tracing the tips of his fingers along her side, she thought she would lose her train of thought completely but managed to end her part in the conversation with a semblance of her dignity still intact.

The dragon slayer took a moment to process the information and then nodded in agreement at Loke's raised eyebrow, "I would have done anything to save you Luce."

The girl huffed and rolled her eyes, a smile creeping onto her lips. She hadn't really expected anything different. She knew both her spirits and her team would sacrifice themselves for her, just as she would for them. "You two are impossible."

Natsu grinned and pulled her against him so that she was facing him completely, cupping the side of her face as his thumb traced the prominent cheekbone there. He gave her a chaste kiss, "That's what you love about me." He remarked confidently.

Lucy placed her hands lightly on the dragon slayers biceps, opening her mouth for a witty comeback when she glanced around in confusion. "Where'd Loke go?"

Natsu shrugged, "He disappeared a second ago, probably trying to give us some alone time." He added, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

The celestial wizard laughed and smacked him lightly on the chest. Natsu smiled at the sound of her laugh and grabbed her hand, "C'mon Luce, lets go get some air."

Lucy wordlessly let herself be pulled along through the crowds, waving at Mirajane and Levy as she caught their eyes and they smiled knowingly at her. The blond narrowed her eyes at them before Natsu's hand tugged lightly on hers to keep moving.

The night was cool and the breeze blew lightly through the land of Fiore, causing Lucy's skirt to move gracefully in the wind. Natsu led her up to a small garden next to the guild, their linked hands a comfort to the celestial mage after everything they had been through.
The blond gasped lightly at the beauty of the garden as they walked the small trail through the flowers and trees, releasing the pink haired mans hand temporarily. Lucy reached her hand out to brush the smooth petals of some magnolias and orchids as they passed by, smelling the perfumed beauties and sighing in complacency.

Natsu watched the girl as she darted around to every new flower she saw, smiling when she turned on occasion to show him one excitedly. He knew that Lucy loved anything that brought people happiness or peace, and this flower garden was one of the places he had gone when he had missed her so much that it hurt to breathe. These flowers were delicate and beautiful, but could also withstand extreme conditions in order to survive.

The dragon slayer took a seat on one of the stone benches as he watched Lucy smell another flower, heat bursting in his chest. When he thought she was gone forever, his world froze. Nothing mattered anymore, nothing looked or sounded the same, he couldn't bring himself to eat from the knots in his stomach and his few hours of sleep were riddled with nightmares. Now that she was here, so close that he could touch her, kiss her, everything seemed slightly ethereal. Lucy practically glowed in the moonlight shining on her and Natsu could barely catch his breath at the sight, knowing then that he never wanted to let her go.

Lucy turned to show Natsu a dendrobium flower that had been slightly hidden to her when she paused, a frown tugging at the corers of her mouth. Natsu had been awfully quiet since they entered the garden and it was unsettling to the girl. She approached him as he sat on the stone bench, temporarily in his own little world.

Lucy placed her hands on either of his broad shoulders, leaning down so her face was close to his. She could see him snap put of whatever he was doing and look at her quizzically.

"What are you thinking about so hard, Natsu?"

The boy looked at her and shook his head as he smiled broadly at her, "Nothing Luce. Come on, there's something I want to show you."

The blonde's frown deepened but let the dragon slayer grab her hand once again, leading her through twists and turns on the path until they stopped in front of a tiny lake in the center of the garden. Kadupul flowers bloomed serenely in the moonlight, the only time one could see the flower in all it's glory.

The boy beside her stared intently at the water in front of them. At Natsu's continued silence, Lucy turned to him fully, noting the sweat beginning to form in the palm of his hand that was linked with hers.

"Alright Natsu, what is it, what's wrong?" She put her hand on his forehead as worry creased her face, "Do you feel okay? Is that why you wanted to get some fresh air because I could go get Wendy—"

The pink haired man turned towards her and grabbed her face with both hands, crushing his lips with hers. Lucy immediately reacted, her hands finding their way around his neck and into his hair as his slithered around her small waist.

Her lips parted as Natsu deepened the kiss, one hand coming to the back of her head, pushing both her body and her lips closer against him. Lucy let her hands wander his muscled back and upper arms, relishing in the feel of his skin when her hands slipped beneath his shirt.

Natsu pulled away, breathing heavily as his forehead came to rest on hers, his hands encircling her waist, "Lucy," he began huskily, gaining the blondes dazed attention at once; he never used her full name. The pink haired man cleared his throat as his hands dropped from her waist to reach into his pocket.

Lucy's heart began beating so hard against her chest that she was sure he could hear it as her eyes spotted a small box in his hands. Natsu got down on one knee and for a second Lucy could only see bubblegum locks before her until he raised his face to meet hers.

"Lucy Heartfilia, I love you more than anything this world could offer. I don't want to spend one more second of my life without you by my side," He paused, opening the box and watching the tears form in her eyes as she covered her mouth, "Would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

The ring was beautiful, the diamond surrounded by gracefully weaving dragons, as if protecting it from the outside world. A million emotions crashed into Lucy as she gazed at the man kneeled in front of her, but there was one that stood out amongst the rest—happiness.

The blonde's head bobbed up and down, her euphoria making her unable to form words as she tried and failed to suppress the urge to cry in happiness. Natsu smiled so big that he thought his face would crack as he slid the ring on her finger and rose from the ground.

Mirajane cried out happily and burst out from the bushes around them, followed closely by Levy, Juvia, Gajeel, Erza, Gray and Jellal. The women rushed to hug Lucy as she smiled and wiped away her tears and the men slapped Natsu on the back in congratulations. Before long, the once quiet garden was filled with lights, music and fairy tail members singing, drinking and dancing around the couple.

Neither Lucy or Natsu let go of each other the rest of the night.

Their wedding was large, though not by their choice. The couple would have preferred a quiet wedding somewhere close to the ocean, but the Fairy Tail guild was no having any of that. And so, with Mirajane and Erza playing wedding planners, the wedding was held in a luxurious ballroom, surrounded with every single person they knew.

Lucy wore a wedding dress that was custom made for her from the women in the guild, each adding their own unique touches to the lace and pearls surrounding her. Natsu smiled the entire day, clearing his throat to keep his emotions in check as his bride walked down the isle and if anyone asked Erza, there was something conveniently in her eye at the time.

Lucy and Natsu kissed, the whole crowd erupting in cheers as the party continued through the night and into the early morning hours when the newlyweds snuck off to be alone.

And now as Natsu held Lucy in his arms, her skin against his as he absentmindedly stroked her spine with his fingertips, a smile grew on his face.

Lucy looked at him curiously, lifting her head away from his chest where she had been inspecting her ring in the early morning sun, "What?" she smiled.

The pink haired man lifted his hand to run it through the blonde locks in front of him and shook his head, "I have everything I ever wanted."

The celestial wizard smiled and nuzzle his hand softly, "I'm never letting you go, Luce."

"Promise?" She asked, her smile broadening before kissing him softly on the lips.

Natsu pulled her down for a more lingering kiss that had her toes curling before he responded with a smile of his own, "Promise."


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