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The Village of Leaves never noticed when two figures sped past its gates. Their long hair flowing behind them as they raced to get to the one person that they needed to see.


On the other side of town everyone's favorite blond was running down the street. He was late again for a meeting with his team at the bridge but that wasn't anything new.

He sighed when he saw that the old scare crow of a sensei wasn't there yet.

Walking up he called out happily to the pink haired girl.

She only yelled at him; hitting him on the head.

He scowled at that but didn't show it to the others.

The raven hair, teammate simply called him an idiot before turning away to brood.

Naruto growled and got ready for his everyday routine of yelling taunts and insults at his male teammate but a cry of his name stopped him in his tracks.

His head shot up and turned in the direction of the call.

Two young girls were running his way.

One girl had long black hair. Her eyes were brown with a tint of red and she was dressed in a simple battle kimono that had butterfly's swarming the arms.

The other girl (who looked older) had dark red hair that was cut to her neck, while her eyes had a natural glow of blue in their black. She too was in a battle kimono but hers had swallows covering the bottom.

Naruto's eyes went wide before he ran to meet the two girls.

The two girls jumped onto an arm each and immediately took to talking to him.

"Aka-Sama it was so horrible!" the black haired girl started.

"Yes it was! Half the village was brought down to shambles!"

"Your father left several months ago."

"Without him or yourself we didn't stand a chance."

"We think it was another village that attacked us."

"It was so bad."

"We didn't know what to do so we came looking for you!" they ended in unison.

Naruto looked frantic but recognition showed in his blue eyes.

"We'll leave immediately," he said softly. The two girls nodded and the three of them jumped into the trees.

Sasuke and Sakura felt their jaw drop.

As if on cue Kakashi dropped down onto the bridge and looked at his two students. He looked around for his blond student, when he realized that familiar blue eyes were not there.

"Where's Naruto?" he questioned the two children.

"He left; something about another village," Sakura mumbled.

Kakashi's eye widened. "Sakura go tell the Hokage, Sasuke and I will go after him!"

They looked at their distressed sensei and seeing the urgency in his eye they took off, doing as they were told to do.


Naruto jumped through the trees with natural grace that the others had never seen before.

His face was showing nothing that he felt on the inside.

Inside he was in turmoil. He knew sooner or later he would have to go home but this was almost too soon.

He pushed that thought aside, there was no point thinking about it now.

He and the two girls easily past the sleeping guards at Konoha's gate and left without looking back.

The moment they past the gate he felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off his chest and heart.

He continued to run unaware that his henge was slipping. His blond hair began to grow out until it was just below his shoulder blades and his blond hair dulled out with streaks of silver, and black. His body thinned out to look elegant. And his crystal blue eyes took on a purple hint around his slit pupil.

One could say he looked pretty or even like a girl.

The two girls and he continued to run even when it started to rain. The three of them were soaked through to the bone by the time they stopped.

Taking refuge under a tree Naruto pulled off his orange jacket and threw it to the ground; reveling his net shirt.

The girls followed his lead before they sat under the tree.

"We'll have to wait the storm out, the rain is only getting heavier as we run and if we try to keep going it'll only make us lost," Naruto mumbled.

The two girls nodded.

They stayed quietly watching the rain fall, until the bush behind Naruto rustled.

The girls bolted to their feet ready to fight while Naruto continued to sit calmly and watch the rain.


Kakashi and Sasuke felt like they had been running forever. Not too long ago the rest of the rookie twelve (eleven) had joined them with their search.

They were using the help of Kiba, Shino, and Hinata to track down Naruto before he got too far away.

When it had started to rain Kiba lost Naruto's scent, but Hinata and Shino continued to follow his chakra signature.

When the two of them stopped everyone knew they had found their blond friend.

Kakashi stepped forward to take lead and pushed the bush in front of him away.

The sight that they landed on was one that could shock you to death.

Everyone's jaw dropped when they saw Naruto.

Their blond looked quiet and composed at them before turning back to the rain, seemingly in thought.

"Naru-Naruto, what...what's going on here?" Kakashi asked not understanding.

Naruto turned back to them and sighed.

"I am heading back home, I've been away for far too long," he explained.

"What do you mean, our home is that way!" Sakura yelled pointing towards Konoha.

Naruto shook his head and looked away. "That is not my home. Besides I don't see why you're getting so mad about it? It's not like you care if I'm there or not."

Everyone gaped at him. Sakura became red faced and walked up to Naruto, completely ready to hit him over the head. But the two girls got in her way both radiating with Killer Intent.

"If you touch Aka-Sama, we will kill you!" the black haired girl growled, her red eyes flashing with hate and anger.

"Yuko, Tomoe, stand down its fine," Naruto said calmly. The two girls looked at him, wide eyed before they saw him standing up. They went to his side to watch what the others would do.

"I don't care why you followed me here but it's time for us to start moving again." Naruto turned around and got ready to go, but a small gentle hand on his arm stopped him in his tracks.

Looking back his eyes widened. Hinata was practically shacking in her shoes but she held on, determined not to let go.

Naruto smiled softly knowing it had taken a lot of courage from the girl to do what she did.

"P-Please don't go!" Hinata practically begged.

Naruto felt a sad smile slip onto his lips.

"I have to, my kind is waiting for me back at home," he explained.

Hinata felt tears fill her eyes but before she could say more Kiba shouted out a question.

"What do you mean your 'kind'?!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Kiba's question.

"I'm not human dog breath, I would think you would know that by now after all don't you have the best sense of smell?"

Kiba fumed at the remark about his sense of smell.

"What do you mean not human?" Shino asked.

"I'm a demon," Naruto said simply.