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The birth of their son had been the scariest thing Kurama had ever seen. Watching his love scream and become pale right before his very eyes, was more than he could take. And yet, he could do nothing about it.

Kushina, after their son had been born, had told him that he would be his only son. Naruto did not have the youki for another, so he would have to settle for one.

Kai, his son, was now six years old and kicking. One could say he was a prodigy, even as a demon. Though Kai took his father's hair and eyes, he had his mother's personality and every other facial feature. Like his eyes would glow when he laughed, like his mother's would.

They were happy now, the village had been rebuilt and Kurama was doing a good job ruling over them.

It had also been a surprise to them, when they found out that someone, had gone into the royal chambers and stolen several papers. Only, for them to show up again, with marks that pointed out missing segments and places that could use work.

Those papers where some of the papers Naruto had been working on, they had been the rules and old decrees set by elders that Naruto had to look over because of the persecution that had been placed over the very people who had made them.

Naruto felt his eyes tear up as he realized that his human friends must have filled them out for him.

Kai and Kurama had to work hard to calm him down as he had become very depressed since he would never be able to thank them but he would always, always remember them, his human family.

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