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Shepard leaned against the railing at Bay D24. She'd been watching the ships flying in and out for an hour or longer. It helped her think. Her mind had become obsessed with trying to decide what to do next, or where to go next.

Her friends were moving on with their lives. And the retired Commander Shepard found herself without a damn objective to achieve. Her hands clenched around the railing. Hackett offered her a position on Arcturus. She wisely decided to say no. Hackett and Zaeed did not need to be that close to each other every day. Someone would die, and it would probably be Shepard.

She was tired of almost dying.

"I have a surprise for you."

Shepard glanced back to find Zaeed standing just behind her. "Does it require a physical search of your person?"

"Maybe later," he smirked at her. He grabbed her hand to lead her towards a waiting skycab.

"Are you sure it doesn't require a strip-search?" Shepard asked when he led her right back to the apartment.

He scowled at her until she fell silent. "How do you feel about colony life?"

"What?" She sat on the edge of the couch while he spoke.

"There's a new colony being built. It's in need of some security advice. They've been having trouble with mercs." Zaeed explained. "It also comes with a beach-front house and shit-load of credits."

"I like idea," she admitted.

"Would you like it better if we were naked in the hot tub, Sweetheart?" He ran a hand over her thigh.

"I like everything better when you're naked, Massani."