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Every soul, whether it is a conscious or unconscious goal, has something it wants to accomplish throughout life. When it is not able to fulfill this goal, then that soul is resurrected and keeps attempting to complete the goal until it has accomplished what it wants to.

Once that has happened, the person can pass on to the Afterlife.

Even animals and plants have souls, but their goals are much simpler: wanting to grow taller or have two litters instead of one. Humans have a harder time: some want true love, to finally own a house, to write a book, or become a singer.

How easily the goal is accomplished depends on where the person is born. However, there was one man who just seemed to never complete his goal. He was one of the first people to be created; currently, an angel was watching over him.

Grantaire, his black wings speckled with white and gray, lazily stretched out as he sat above Earth and looked at his Apollo. That was not actually the man's name, but the idea of the Greek gods was just now spreading and the man reminded Grantaire of Apollo.

He was absolutely beautiful. Perfect golden curls, bright blue eyes, powerfully built - but not overly so. Grantaire was often surprised that Apollo was not worshipped instead of the gods themselves.

He had even met him several times, but if Grantaire showed himself now, his Apollo would not recognize him. Once a person was resurrected, all their old memories disappeared. They only gained the memories back once they passed on into the Afterlife.

Grantaire sighed, wishing for the day that he could get to know his Apollo personally and not have to worry about him forgetting.

"Grantaire!" a shrill voice from behind him shouted.

The voice surprised Grantaire so much that he nearly fell to Earth, just barely being caught by a small, but firm hand. He was pulled to his feet and spun around, only for an angry-looking face to glare at him.

"What have I told you about staring at him? You need to get to work!" Eponine cried out, her beautiful brown wings unfurled.

Grantaire blushed and grinned sheepishly. "Why do you think I was looking at ... uh, him?"

"Do you really have to waste my time with such a question? You have been staring at him for hundreds of years. Ever since he walked the Earth, in fact! What else would you be doing?"

"Yes, but you're one to talk. You stare at that one man quite a bit as well, he usually ends up with what name was it? Mark? Merick? Uh—"

"It's Marius!" She growled angrily, "And at least I don't spend all day simply staring at him, unlike someone."

"But he's so—"

"Gorgeous? Amazing? Stunning? Beautiful? I've heard it all, Grantaire, and though I admit he isn't bad looking, you don't need to repeat everything you've said again!"

"But I don't want to work right now!" Grantaire whined as he looked back down at his Apollo. His Apollo was currently gathering a crowd, creating speeches about how wrong their society was and how it needed to be remade. That was always something that was consistent between his lives. He always fought for the good of the people and was an incredible speaker. Sadly, so far none of his rebellions had been successful. It seemed that something always got in the way.

"I don't want to work either, but someone's got to do the cleaning around here," Eponine muttered. "We're some of the youngest angels, so of course we have to sweep the streets and clean the local places."

Grantaire sighed but did not argue, following Eponine back into the main city.

The afterlife was very much like a mixture of Heaven and Hell. Much of the afterlife was extremely beautiful and people walked among its ever changing streets. However, there were dungeons where the wicked lived and were punished by whatever sentence seemed fit for them.

There was not a god like many religions made out. There was an angel named Joseph, instead. He was in charge of everything and it would appear he was the first angel but it was impossible to be sure because no one could truly remember that far back.

Grantaire and Eponine walked into the large city, hands opening up and brooms appearing in them. This city was the only one that was filled with about an equal amount of humans and angels. Most cities just had humans with one or two guardian angels; but this was the first city, so many angels that weren't guardians had named it their home.

Currently, the city looked much like a Greek one but there were hints of the Egyptians and Babylonian architecture. As time went by, the city stayed up to date with the latest designs and technologies; however, other civilizations could still be seen throughout the streets.

As Grantaire swept up the dirt that had collected on the cobblestone streets, he glanced over at Eponine and said, "I wish we didn't have to do this crap work. Why can't the humans do it?" The last part is almost a whine of complaint.

"Because they've earned their rest," replied Eponine, a little stern. "I mean, being a human sounds really hard! The only reason I would want to be one is of course for ... well, you know."

Grantaire sighed and responded, "I know. Believe me, I get it. I just, I wish I could talk to my Apollo and simply be myself as well."

Eponine raised an eyebrow at his wording and laughed, asking, "My Apollo? Since when did he become yours, Grantaire?"

Grantaire blushed and shook his head, responding with a tart, "Shut up."

They continued to work on cleaning the city when he suddenly heard it. Commotion was stirring up in the Afterlife and there really wasn't that much of anything exciting here. That must mean whatever was happening was on Earth.

Grantaire dropped everything and began to run, soon flying. He heard a yell from behind himself, which clearly belonged to Eponine, and soon she was flying next to him.

"Grantaire! We have a job to do, you know."

"Yes, but I want to see what's happening!" Grantaire was one of the few curious angels, and when something this big was happening, he had to be there to see it.

They landed by a large group that was looking down at Earth. More and more humans and angels were gathering around the sight. Grantaire looked down and a large grin came upon his face. The moment Eponine saw, she knew exactly what was going on.

"It's him, isn't it." It wasn't even a question anymore.

"Yes, he's leading a group against the government in Athens as we speak." He sounds giddy.

"Why get so excited? There's always something that happens to ruin his little rebellions. What makes this one so different?" asked Eponine.

"Nothing, but I can still hope can't I? Maybe this is the one he's been waiting for. Maybe this is the one thing his soul has desired!"

"Yeah, perhaps," she murmured in response, and it was said just to appease Grantaire. The entire group watched for several days, fascinated by the action happening below them. Some of the more recent people were extremely interested in what was going on in the world below seeing as they had just left it.

In a few hundred years to come, this very revolution would be known as the Athenian Revolution. It was the very one that brought democracy to Athens. However, when the rebels won, it was not known as that. It was simply successful, and that was all that really mattered to the people of Athens.

Grantaire had been over thrilled at this. He had even picked up Eponine, hugging her as hard as possible before she had to hit him and say, "Put me down!"

Nevertheless, Grantaire was worried about what would happen after all this. Apollo's life span in his other lives was normally very short lived and he was afraid the same thing would happen here. And yet, there was no need to worry.

Apollo ended up living a full, long and successful life. Grantaire, when he could, would either watch him from afar or even go down to Earth to simply see him up close. He had pretended to be all sorts of government leaders and higher nobles simply to get near him.

However, when he passed on, after a week had gone by, it became clear that Apollo wasn't coming up. But why? What was it that his soul yearned for?

Saddened by this but not letting it get him down, Grantaire continued to watch him. However, a good many years passed before he actually went down and said hello to his Apollo again. It was during the Middle Ages and Apollo was a knight in France.

The name he now had was a new one. He was called Enjolras and Grantaire had to admit that it was his favorite so far. Enjolras, Grantaire thought to himself. It was the first name he had carried that Grantaire thought actually suited him.