Title: Unequivocal Blue Eyes

Setting: Post Catching Fire. Mockingjay is intangible (kind of).

Summary: What if after the Quarter Quell Katniss was so hurt she had to undergo surgery and replace her heart? The thing is; no one wants to give up their heart. Except, well, the baker's boy.

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Previously: I wake up, sitting up, screaming, "Peeta!" The sweat is beginning to form in my scalp and I am breathing heavily. I have woken up days, possibly weeks after my surgery was scheduled and begin to cry.

Dr. Aurelius walks in, "Good morning Katniss," His voice is light and soft. "Sleep well?"

I shake my head. "Dreamt of Peeta," I run my fingers through my hair and I can feel sweat locking onto my hands.

Dr. Aurelius takes a sip of a drink in his mug. "Katniss, I've got good news and bad news,"

I scoff, "What could the good news be? Peeta's gone." Tears are flooding my face as I scream, "How can there possibly be good news if Peeta's gone? I… I… I loved him," I cover my tears with my hands. "So worthless. I haven't found a point so I can live. Why did I let this happen?" I shake my head whispering 'no… no….' to myself. The boy with the bread has slipped away. And there's no fixing what permanent damage has been done. At least, I'll always have Peeta's heart with me. Literally.

He says, "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you hear this," He smiles deviously, like something might happen.

"What did you do to Peeta?" I ask curiously.

"Oh nothing. Absolutely nothing," He grins.

I'm confused at first, but then realize that they didn't do a surgery on Peeta. "Then how am I physically here?"

"Well, you see, we were about to give the operation on Peeta, but Beetee stops us. He tells Varcili and me that he made a heart. An artificial one and he said it's worth a shot to try and risk it before taking a boy's life away," He explains.

"So you experimented on me?" I raise my eyebrows.

"Not exactly. We ran tests on the heart to see if it was safe or not. There's a five percent chance that you may experience blackouts frequently, but no Volciac attacks. If you feel any chest pain, that's completely normal because your chest should be sore. The pain should subside in about a week. You cannot run for a long period of time and you must watch your sugar intake," He recalls. "You'll be kept here being supervised for a week and then you'll be let go. Sound great?"

I nod. "Can I still hunt?" I wipe any excess tears on my cheeks.

"Eventually." Dr. Aurelius begins to walk out the room but my voice pulls him back.

"How long is eventually?"

"Couple months until you get used to the artificial heart,"

What? A couple months without using my bow and arrow?

"So where's Peeta?" I ask.

"He's with Prim eating breakfast. Would you like me to get him?"

I nod. I lie back down and it hits me. My love is still alive. He's breathing. Dr. Aurelius leaves the room and it seems as if right on cue, Beetee walks in. I get out of bed and struggle to hug Beetee, but manage to pull through. I whisper, "Thank you so much. You didn't have to do this,"

"I couldn't stand you two being so hurt. I know how it feels. Like when I lost Wiress. I didn't want to see you go through the pain," He's holding back the tears.

And so am I. I am so grateful that Beetee didn't die in the Quarter Quell. If he had died, Peeta would be dead. It's almost like a chain reaction. I loosen my grasp and hear footsteps in the hallway. Beetee chuckles, "I can get the hint," And he walks out laughing.

I sit back down on the bed and wait for Peeta. He comes storming in the room, as the tears pour through my face again. "Peeta," I say quietly, as my arms are wrapped around his neck. I don't ever want to let go. "I had this dream. A really sketchy dream. It felt like a blink of an eye but I didn't know it lasted for possible weeks,"

Peeta asks quietly, "What happened?"

"It was you and me and there were times when you just disappeared and I didn't want that to happen," I cry out.

Peeta shushes me, stroking my hair and comforting me in the best way possible. "Shh, shh. You're okay now. You're here. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere,"

"Good," I say to him. He relaxes his muscles but I just squeeze him tighter. "Don't let go, please," I'm still traumatized by my dreams and shocked by the news Dr. Aurelius gave me.

"Okay, I'm here. I'm not letting go. I won't let go," Peeta says. He kisses my cheek then returns his head to its rightful place; his chin on my shoulder and our bodies are smushed together. "Katniss, I stayed in here all this time. Holding your hand. Every day,"

I refer back to my dream. "Did you say anything?"

"Yes," He simply states. "I said that you were going to be okay,"

I nod. "I heard you say it. In my dream I heard you." I pause. "I heard you say that-"

I'm interrupted by Peeta's sultry voice. "That I love you?"

"Yes," is all I say. I smile and stay in Peeta's warm embrace. I feel safe when I'm with him.

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