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Annabeth P.o.V:

Clang! Bronze to bronze, our swords clash against each other and our deep breaths echoing the others. Sweat trickles down his brow as well as my neck. We stare in each other's eyes, eyebrows knit together in concentration, never wavering. I swing my sword to his left, he blocks. He slashes at me diagonally, I parry. I hear nothing but our swords clash against each other and on our armour in the empty arena.

Our deep breaths are matched as we separate, eyeing each other. His stare is focused, determined. I'm not going to blink first. I raise my blade and slash at him, only to be blocked. I twist and bend my knees, using the hilt of my sword to his right thigh. He doesn't even flinch. I curse. He swings at me and I roll out the way. I spring to my feet, waiting for his next blow. It comes from my left. I block it yet again, and our deadly dance begins again.

The exhaustion is slowly creeping at me. We've been fighting for probably nearly an hour, and even if I have fought in battles longer, that doesn't mean I don't get tired. My blade feels numb in my overused hands and I am soaked in sweat. My energy is draining every time I take and give a blow, yet I know he can do this for hours more. I curse, yet again, at his invincibility.

As though he senses my fatigue, his attacks sharpen, bringing more force. By now, I can only block his attacks. I groan inwardly. Think of a plan. You can't let him beat you. I gather my thoughts whilst hindering his blows. I try my best options.

Out strengthening him is surely out of my options, seeing as his attacks are getting stronger, while I only block. Speed and agility might work, but I can't keep rolling and sliding from one side to the other to avoid him, and it will also drain more of my energy. I sigh. I can outwit him into doing something, but what? I can also distract him. A thought comes to mind. As I keep fighting him off, a smirk appears on my face. His determined eyes see my smirk and he raises an eyebrow, while still throwing slashes and jabs.

My plan is set; all I need to do is start it. After I block a cut going to my left shoulder, I crouch down and slash at his legs. As expected, he jumps up, and in that moment, I sidestep him, turning and landing behind him. He turns quickly as I spring to my feet. He raises his arm for yet another attack. I block it and grab the collar of his shirt. He is taken aback as I pull him towards me, almost stumbling from the unexpected step he has now taken, and smash my lips to his.

I see his eyes close before I close mine. I hear the clang of his sword as it hits the ground. A satisfied smile forms on my lips, against his. I feel his arm encircle my waist, as I wrap one arm around his neck, my other hand resting on his arm, still holding my sword.

He pulls away and grins at me, sea-green eyes twinkling. "Not fair, you played dirty."

I smirk at him "It's called a distraction." I tell him. I twist and escape from his arms, pointing the tip of my sword to his throat. "And no one said anything about playing fair."

He smirks and pushes away the blade with a fingertip. I smile at him as he pulls me into another kiss. This time I also let go of my sword and let it drop to the ground, wrapping both arms around his neck. His arms resume their previous position around my waist.

"Ugh!" We jump apart as we hear the groan.

We turn to our left and see Clarisse frowning at us with a disgusted look on her face. Behind her, a group of new campers – which consist of 12 to 14 year olds – stand behind her, giggling and blushing. Percy and I both blush.

Clarisse rolls her eyes "Seriously, stop making out in the middle of the arena and get a room. I need to train these newbies." She grunts as stalk past us.

Percy and I look at each other as the kids walk past us, barely containing our laughs.

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