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Third Person P.o.V

Driving in the streets of New York can be a pain in more than your butt, but it's especially painful when you're driving during after school hours. Students are driving from school to apartments, libraries, restaurants, shopping malls, Starbucks and every other place students go to after school.

For one young demigod couple, their only destination is home. After a tiring day of stressing math and history teachers, hectic project due dates, dramatic lunches, swimming practice and book clubs, the only destination in mind is the soft, overused blue sofa in the Jackson-Blofis apartment residence.

Unfortunately, that dream destination is still a long distance away and with the usual New York traffic, they aren't going to get anywhere anytime soon. So, stuck in traffic, the young couple wait in silence, the slight tapping of fingers on the steering wheel is the only sound that can be heard inside the otherwise silent car.

Percy can't help but fidget around while he waits for the traffic to move, his ADHD kicking in just a few moments ago. He taps his fingers on the leather steering wheel while licking his chapped lips. He never really liked New York traffic, but who does? The slow movement of the cars and the silence that fills the car only increases his hyper activeness. He wants to put up some music or bring up conversation but when he glances at Annabeth beside him, engrossed in her fourth novel of the week, he is hesitant, not wanting to disturb her. So, to his dismay, he has to go through traffic in eerie silence.

About an hour into traffic, or 15 minutes, Percy knows no difference, the cars start to move. Percy lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank the gods." Annbeth mutters beside him, and he is slightly startled to hear her voice after such a long moment of silence. "I could've finished this book if we hadn't moved."

He nods "I think I would've honestly jumped out of the car if it didn't move." he chuckles as he takes a turn. "Gods, I hate New York traffic."

A few minutes later, Percy is backing up on his parking space in the underground parking lot of their apartment building. Satisfied with his handy work, he stops the engine and they both head out towards the elevator. Annabeth presses the round 7 button as the elevator door closes. The elevator ascends to their floor while the soft and mellow elevator music surrounds them. But, neither pays attention to quiet music for the only thing in both demigods minds are the soft surfaces that they will crash on and the long hours that they will waste with sleep.

The elevator dings and the doors slide open. They make their way over to the beige door and Percy searches for his keys in his pockets. He grabs his car key, along with every other key in his possession and searches for his house key.

After searching multiple times, he doesn't find his apartment key, but tries all of them anyway, desperate. After multiple tries, he grunts and slams his fist on the door. "I lost my key to the house!" he exclaims, irritated at himself. "To make it worse, mom is out grocery shopping." he adds.

"Don't you have a spare key hidden somewhere?" Annbeth asks him

"We used to, but when someone in the building got broken into using their hidden key, mom and Paul don't want to take chances." he replies.

Annabeth sighs. "I guess we'll have to wait for Paul or Sally to come back then." she drops her back by the door and lean against the wall.

Percy sighs and drops his bag next to hers, sliding against the wall until he is sitting on the cold concrete floor. "So much for sleeping until dinner." Annabeth grunts in agreement.

And so, for the next half an hour, they do nothing but wait by the apartment door, doing random stuff to ease the boredom and impatience. Annabeth continues her novel while Percy walks around, eats his blue gummy bears, twirls Annabeth's hair, sleeps on her shoulder, groans and complains and a series of other stuff.

"What is taking mom so long? It's just food!" he groans for the hundredth time, hovering above her.

"I don't know. Register line? Traffic?" Annabeth murmurs distractedly. She's switched from reading to sketching more buildings for Olympus.

Percy groans again and slides down onto the floor next to her. He leans his head onto her shoulder, and with a slight pout says; "I just want to lay down and take a nap."

Annabeth glances at him and can't help but smile at his cute little pout. She giggles and he turns to look at her, slightly surprised. He raises an eyebrow in a silent question. She shrugs "You look cute when you pout." His smile widens. He leans in and kisses her on her cheek which makes her giggle more. He assaults her face with more kisses while wrapping his arms around her waist. After a while of his endless assault, she laughs and gently pushes him off. "Since you put it that way, I'll let you rest your pouty little head of yours on my legs. But, I might have to use your head as a table." she laughs as she stretches her legs in front of her and raising her sketchbook off of her lap. She pats her lap and motion for him to lie down.

"Your lap is always so tempting to lie down on, but I think I'll pass for now." Percy tells her and she raises an eyebrow in response. Percy continues "Because right now, I can think of something else I want to do, something more tempting." he smirks. Her eyes shine with amusement and she returns his smirk. "Oh?" He nods.

He tightens his arms around her waist and pull her against him, closing in the small distance in between. He nuzzles into her neck and breathes in her lemony scent. He plants a soft kiss on her neck and she puts her sketchbook and pencil on the ground next to her. She turns her body to face him, no longer against the wall and places her palm on his cheek, and places a soft kiss on the tip of his nose.

Percy kisses his way up from her neck, to her jaw, to her cheek until he makes his way onto her lips. The feeling of each other's soft lips against theirs instantly makes the stress and fatigue of earlier events vanish. Annabeth wraps her arms around his neck, and getting tired of their position next to each other, shifts, throwing her leg over Percy's outstretched ones, kneeling with each knee on either side of him, straddling him.

They continue to kiss, lost in each other's lips, savouring the moment of fantasy before they have to go back to reality. Percy leans up to her as he deepens the kiss, tightening his hold on her while Annabeth's fingers tangle themselves in his messy black hair.

In the distance, they hear the sound of a door slamming shut, echoing throughout the empty apartment hall, the signal of someone elses presence, but they pay no attention, not wanting to waste precious time on a stranger they probably won't ever see again.

In the midst of it all, Annabeth leans back a little, just barely, and whispers against his lips. "We should've done this from the beginning." she gives him a long kiss "My novel was getting pretty boring." and she continues. Percy, however, only grunts in response. She smirks.

Moments later, their kisses slow down, until they are left panting in front of each other, foreheads touching, eyes closed. Percy gives her small pecks every few seconds as they try to collect their breaths. When their breathing have calmed they stay the way they are, facing each other, wrapped around the other, savoring their moment together. The moment was perfect for the two of them, just being alone and together. The past few weeks have been exhausting and they barely got time alone together. Who would've thought that the cold concrete floor next to their apartment door would be the most romantic place they would end up in?

"Ahem!" the quiet cough of someone overhead causes both pair of seagreen and grey to snap open. Both heads turn abruptly to the person overhead and their faces heat up as they feel the rush of blood rising to their cheeks.

"Hi mom."Percy squeaks out as they stare up at Sally Jackson, raised eyebrows and all. "I lost my key. We were waiting for you to get home." he felt like he needed to defend themselves.
"So I see." she smirks down at them. She walks around them and rummage through her purse for her keys. Percy and Annabeth quickly untangle themselves and grab their bags. Sally pushes open the door with both teenagers following close behind, still red in the face. Sally places the grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

"Don't worry about it Sally, Percy and I will take care of it." Annabeth smiles up at her.

She smiles back "Alright then."

"Yeah mom, we'll be down right away, we just need to go up to my room real quick to gra-"

"Um," Sally interrupts him mid-sentence. " I don't think I want the both of you alone in a room together for a little while." Both demigods blush again. "I mean, if you can do that in the hallway of an apartment building, I don't think it'd be smart for you two to be alone in a room together." the blush brightens "I mean, of course, it's only for a little while. I just think you guys are too young for this and-"

"Yes, of course mom." Percy sputters out "We were just gonna drop our bags in my room."

"Right, of course. Go ahead."

They both nod and head upstairs, both still blushing. They climb up the stairs in silence, too embarrassed to even laugh about the situation. Once inside the room, they pause, look at each other and burst out laughing. After regaining their breaths and calming their breathy laughs, Percy speaks up.

"I am so confused." he laughs

"When are you not?" Annabeth teases.

"Funny. But seriously though, everyone keeps on telling us to get a room but now they don't want us to get a room! People are so confusing!" Percy exclaims with a laugh.

Annabeth walks over to him and wraps her arms around his neck. She gives him a soft and sweet kiss. She smiles softly at him. "Let's just do it where we can then."

"And where is that?" he asks, wrapping his arms around her waist.

She smirks up at him "Everywhere." she captures his lips in hers.

And from then on, they didn't care where they kissed and who saw. As long as they get to kiss and be with each other, it barely matters where they are, whether they are in Camp Half-Blood, up on Olympus, in school, at home, in the mall, in the park, or in the streets of New York City, as long as they're holding each other, it doesn't matter whether they do get a room or not.

Think the ending was suckish, but it's good enough for me. Until my next story!
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