Chapter 1- Discovering You

A/N: Hello All! This is my first fan fiction, but not my first book! I am currently working on a novel while attending high school, rock-climbing, being vegan, and reading fanfiction in my spare time! As you can probably tell by my previous punctuations, I really do love exclamation points! I am a stickler for grammar, so I really would love it if you told me if I messed up anything in the story! I do hope you like it; and don't forget to review! Love you all!

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P.S. That paragraph is really random! ;)

My day was perfectly fine until I spilled vegetable juice all over James Potter. It was a Saturday, and I really do consider Saturdays pretty much the best days of the week. I can sleep in, relax, possibly rock-climb, or waste half my day away by reading fan fiction discreetly on my phone in my room under the pretense of being asleep. There's no training the next day or athletics to prepare for; I can roll my eyes while thinking about my parents without them scolding me. I don't have to pretend. I can be myself. And for that, and many more things, Saturdays are great.

However, this particular Saturday can certainly be defined as the most life-changing. It was half-past noon, and the rain fell steadily as I opened the fridge to grab a grapefruit, one of the most wonderful foods on earth, because they are simultaneously delicious and a negative calorie fruit. In order to get to the grapefruit, I had to pull out the vegetable juice. My dad, you see, has this strange obsession with diets. First, he wanted the whole family – me, my mom, and himself – to go on a Mediterranean diet consisting mostly of "healthy fats" like olives. Ummmm, NO. Then, he became obsessed with veganism, something I really didn't mind at all. The third diet my dad fell in love with was juicing. Every week, he'll take the random vegetables left over in the refrigerator from our last grocery run and stick them in our high-powered, multi-speed juicer. The result looks as appetizing as cat sick, but he drinks it anyway.

While the green vegetable juice was in my hand, I hear the echoing of a snap and the dropping of boots on our tile floor. Needless to say, I am startled, but training kicks in. I turn quickly around, only to trip on a figure behind me and spill the wonderful, green juice down his front. Serves him right for scaring me like that.

"What the bloody hell is this?!" The boy shouts in an unmistakable British accent. He can't have been more than 16, with untamable, black hair, and bright, hazel eyes sheltered by glasses. I guess he was handsome, but I'm rather biased, always having been one for angled jaws.

I smirk. "Mostly radish and kale juice." Slowly and discretely, I reach for the gun we keep in the bottom of the kitchen draw. I sight inwardly in relief as I feel the handle and grab it, hiding it behind my back. I continue, "More importantly… What the hell are you doing in my kitchen?!"

"I really don't know." He looks around, eyes tracing the large windows and white cabinets. "Nice place, though. I'm James Potter, by the way." He is so concerted and nonchalant about the whole thing it makes me rather perplexed. If he was going to make a move, he would have done it by now.

"Does this happen to you often?" I ask coldly. What do you expect? There is a stranger in my kitchen, and he is not showing any signs of outward violence! I'm not even sure how he got past the alarms.

He answers with a small shake of his head and a smile. "And you are?" He asks.

I reply snarkily. "Wondering what the hell is going on. Did my parents put you up to this?"

He chuckles a little bit, grinning. "I meant your name," he says.

"Alexa Bell." I think for a moment, mentally hitting myself for telling him my real name. Where did those years of training go? Of all the names I could have told him, I tell him my real one! His name, however, reminds me of something. "Wait- you're James Potter, kind of like the character James Potter in the Harry Potter series?"

Potter stares at me blankly.

"You know," I prompt, "Best friends with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, utterly in love with Lily Evans…"

He grins widely now. "So I take it you've heard of me? I've never seen you at Hogwarts, though. Where do you attend school?"

I cock my head at him, my grip on the gun tightening. "Is this some kind of joke? Magic doesn't exist; it's just something J.K. Rowling made up."

"Well, my beautiful Alexa, of course it exists!" James pulled a long wooden stick from his belt, and I tense. He waives it dramatically. "Evansco!" The green cat-sick drink disappears from his shirt, leaving it especially clean.

My mouth drops open in shock, but before I can respond, the world is tugged out from under me, the gun wrenched from my hand by the force of the pull. I land with a pop on a different floor, in a kitchen not my own, really wishing I still had my gun.

However, the calendar is what really shocks me, for its heading says July 1976.

I have traveled back in time, into the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling.

Training never prepared my for this scenario.