Chapter 4- Judging You

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Alexa's POV still…

"And that," Jamie tells me, "is the Fat Lady. She guards the entrance to our Gryffindor common room. Gallivanting." He gives her the password, and her portrait swings open to reveal the great cylindrical room I have always dreamed about. It is certainly large, and very homely, with worn armchairs and couches sitting around the large fireplace and great rugs covering the cold, stone floor. There are various students talking to one another about their summers and greeting their friends with hugs. I am suddenly homesick for my own family, and the curious habits I miss so much.

It is strange being in England, all alone in a different time period and world. I am used to "normal" strangeness, with the family's occupation and all, but this is something entirely different. Destiny has decided to throw me for a loop and into the past, but only after giving me magical powers and a wand, which I coincidentally found in the front pocket of my jeans after arriving in James's house. I think Destiny hates my guts, according to the interesting luck I've had so far.

Today is September 1st, and I'm not even going to bother with the year. In my own time and world, I would be at training right now, just getting into the swing of things after having been on vacation for two weeks. I would be at home, eating dinner with my mom and dad, discussing our next mission, and how soon we would have to move this time. Life would still be utterly, completely, and desirably "normal". Well, normal for me at least.

"Alexa," James calls slowly. "Belly, dear, do you want to see you dorm and get settled in?"

I turn to him, smiling bitterly. "Of course, James. Thanks for the tour. You can show me around more tomorrow." I pick up my trunk and turn to the three Marauders standing beside me. "'Night, boys," I call to them, following some girls up the staircase and into the dorm marked "Sixth Years".

Sirius's POV

Why does she have to be so bloody pretty? I think to myself, watching Bell climb the staircase up to the girls' dorm. Her dark hair is up in a ponytail and its swings mesmerizingly as she walks away from me, Prongs, and Moony. It's like she doesn't even notice how attractive she is, or how all the guys in the Great Hall couldn't stop staring at her while she was being sorted. Even the Slytherins had taken interest in her, despite her being Muggleborn and "beneath" them.

Prongs adores her like an older brother should, and he too watches her as she retreats up the stairs. Turning to us with excitement, he whispers, "So what prank are we playing on the Slytherins tomorrow?"

It is good to know he hasn't lost his mischievousness. Me, Moony, and Prongs settle into some armchairs and begin discussing tomorrow's Slytherin joke.

"We could make them sing after they eat the creams," Moony suggests.

I shrug the idea off. "Nah, we did that last year before winter exams."

Moony shakes his head at me. "Padfoot, if you paid as much attention to your schoolwork as you did your pranks, you'd had first standing in the class."

"Why would I want that?" I look inquisitively over at Moony.

Prongs rolls his eyes at us. "Let's just figure out this prank, and then we can head to bed to get up early and set it up in the morning."
And so we get to work.

Alexa's POV

There are already three girls sitting on their beds, talking, as I enter the dorm, and I immediately feel out of place. Here are these friends who've known each other for five years, and I'm only meeting everybody now.

The girl on the right turns towards me and scoffs. "Aren't you the girl who's sleeping with James Potter?" She asks.

Wow, I think, Word really travels around Hogwarts fast.

"No," I respond, "We're really just friends. He's like my brother."

"I'm Alexa Bell." I add.

The girl in the middle, with the blonde hair, raises her eyebrows at me, and her black-haired friend next to her just snottily says, "Whatever."

So much for friends, I think.

It's not like I had friends before, in my time. We moved too much and were far too secretive for me to develop friends. I was naïve to assume that I'd have a chance to meet people and talk with them and befriend them in this time. We are far too different, in every single way possible.

I heave my trunk over to the last bed on the right, by the window. There is an empty bed between me and the three gossiping girls, and I am thankful for that. Sighing, I flop onto the high bed, closing my eyes. I vaguely hear a door shut, not worrying about potential dangers because I don't need to anymore.


I blink my eyes open. A pretty girl with rich, red hair and large emerald eyes is smiling at me, having just walked out of the bathroom.
"I'm Lily Evans," she says. "You must be the new student, Alexa. It's nice to meet you."

I smile in return. Harry's mom is such a nice person. "It's nice to meet you too, Lily."
She sits cross-legged on my bed with me. "Sorry about Mary, Alice, and Marlene. They're kind of horrible people," she confesses. "I usually avoid them."

I laugh. "I would too."

We talk some more about classes and teachers and, of course, the cutest guys in school. Lily told me she had a boyfriend last year, Amos Diggory, but they broke up before the summer because she caught him cheating. I wonder if Jamie knew about that.

Somehow The Marauders came up in conversation, a subject she knew in depth.

"They're just so immature!" Lily exclaims exasperatedly. "They're always playing pranks on the Slytherins, and they completely disrespect the professors! Pettigrew and Remus are okay; Remus is rather nice actually, except for the fact that he doesn't try to stop his friends at all! It's his duty as a prefect! And Pettigrew is king of creepy; he just sort of follows Black and Potter around, and his eyes dart everywhere, like they can't stay in one place for more than a second. Don't even get me started on Black! He's such a womanizer! He dates around so much, only picking girls because of their looks! You would not believe how many broom closets I've caught him in with his bimbo of the week! He has no respect for the teachers or anybody in authority. And, on top of it all, he thinks he's god's gift to all women! And Potter!" Lily takes a deep breath, preparing to rant again. "Potter is vile. He never stops asking me out, he's horribly arrogant, and I just wish he would just GROW UP! He thinks he's some great Quidditch hero, always ruffling his hair like he just got off a broomstick, but I'm not even sure how his broom can get off the ground with his fat head! He picks on people for fun, him and Black, and everybody thinks they're sooooo funny, but they're not. People only think they're funny because they're popular! They need to be taught a lesson, that the world doesn't revolve around them and their group of gits."

I smile meekly at Lily. "Are they really that bad? I met Black earlier, and he was horrible, but is 'Potter' really that terrible?"

Lily stares solemnly at me. "Worse," she states.

The conversation ends there and we lie silently on my bed. Lily is the first to break the comfortable silence.

"You know," she starts, " I've never really had a close friend, whose a girl, but it's really nice." She gives me a hug. "Thanks for talking with me, Alexa. You want to go down to breakfast together in the morning?"

I grin at Lily. "That sounds great. You're my first real friend at Hogwarts, you know."

Lily laughs. "I'm sure you'll have many, many more. Goodnight!"

"Night, Lily." I reply.

Lily shuts her curtains around her bed. Mary, Marlene, and Alice have all already gone to sleep, but I lie awake, thinking about the day. Lily is my first friend. Ever. I only hope she isn't too suspicious about how I came here. I still have to be secretive, even in an entirely different time period. It's not fair to me, and not fair to Lily.

I sigh. How could Lily and James end up marrying and falling in love if Lily hates James so much? Are the Marauders really as bad a Lily says they are? James seems so sweet at home, but is he a different person at school? And if so, should I try to do something about it or just stop being his friend if I don't like the way he acts?

I decide it's a lot more complicated than that, because I live at James's house occasionally, and him and his parents wanted to take me in despite me not having anything to offer them in return.

Shit! I forgot to tell Lily I live with James, and he's like my brother! Well, I think, it's going to be interesting when she finds out in the morning.

And I fall asleep with a smile on my face.