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Author's Note:

In Superman 16 and Young Romance: Valentine's Special, Wonder Woman and Superman were referred to as "lovers." Okay, I'm sure I wasn't the only one surprised by that monumental leap in a barely-there relationship. So, yeah, clearly a lot happened off-panel, many unanswered, un-shown relationship stuff for fans who would really like to know, to see the relationship progress, not jump by leaps and bounds off-panel. Thus, the reason for this fic, one of many possibilities to explain how Wonder Woman and Superman came to be "lovers."

Leaps and Bounds

Chapter 1: London is for Lovers

Wonder Woman readied her sword as she cautiously flew toward the intruder. Five minutes ago a distinctive series of beeps had alerted her that someone had tripped the silent alarm. She'd just undressed and was about to slip into bed when she'd heard it.

Batman had installed the security for her, top of the line, high tech stuff that could only come from a mind such as his. He'd placed the control panel and surveillance feeds in her bedroom, a discreet slide-away panel at the back of her closet. Batman, being Batman, had never asked. He'd simply made it happen, telling her "No one will get within twenty yards of your home without you knowing."

Wonder Woman had never felt the need for such elaborate security, not until she'd placed Zola and her unborn under her charge. She couldn't be with her all the time. And while Lennox had turned out to be a surprising brother and ally, Diana wished no harm to come to him either. No, Zola, Lennox, even Hera, were hers to protect.

Wonder Woman spotted the intruder, tall and broad of shoulder. He was standing behind a tree in the backyard, facing the house. A baseball cap and trench coat prevented Wonder Woman from making him out completely. But it didn't matter. It was two in the morning and the man was uninvited and lurking around in her backyard. She would send him on his way, by sword point if need be.

Wonder Woman drew closer, sure hand gripping her sword, eyes narrowed, heart racing, ready for the battle to come. She raised the sword to the intruder's throat just as he said, "If it weren't for your runaway heartbeat and the myrrh you like to use in your hair, you would've gotten the drop on me. I've always marveled at your stealth skills."

She didn't drop her sword. No, her grip only tightened. "Perhaps," Wonder Woman said, making sure the tip of her blade grazed his chin, "you should change before setting out on stalker business. Even in the dark, your red boots are a dead giveaway." She chucked his chin with the side of her blade.

"Do you intend on using that thing?"

"I might." She moved closer, close enough to touch, but she did not. "It's typical to wait for an invitation before coming to a woman's home. I'm sure your parents raised you better than this."

"They did." He snorted. "And when did you intend on extending that invitation, Diana?"

She withdrew her sword.

"Thank you. I'm quite fond of my neck." He turned to face her, his trench coat open, revealing the large "S" on his muscular chest.

She met his blue eyes and almost felt ashamed of her actions. Almost. He shouldn't be here. They didn't do London or her home. Smallville. Metropolis. The Watchtower. Hell, anywhere else in the world but London, he knew that.

"You shouldn't be here, Clark."

"I just wanted to see where you lived." He glanced around the backyard, shook his head, then gave her a rueful smile. "I see our caped friend has been here. I didn't notice the underground sensors before. No wonder you knew I was out here." Clark stepped closer, eyes unreadable in the darkness of the night. "I must say, Diana, that it kinda hurts to know that you've had Batman to your home but pull a blade on me when—"

"It's not like that. Having Bruce in my home was a necessity I will not apologize for."

"And what of me, Diana? So you can come to my home, both invited and not, but I can't come to yours? That doesn't seem exactly fair."

No, it wasn't, but Clark didn't understand. She wasn't ready to blend the two pieces of her life. When she was with him she could forget that there was a childless mother in her home who cried herself to sleep every night. A fallen goddess whose arrogance knew no bounds, but whose heart and fidelity was betrayed time and again by a husband who lived only for his own lascivious needs. It was a toxic emotional mix that saddened and angered Diana.

She wanted none of it. But her decisions belied that truth. She was mired in ugly family machinations she had been ill prepared for. Even after so many months of battling cousins and uncles and siblings, Diana was still amazed that out of the ruins of her old life came a family straight from Hell. And she'd been to that most ignoble of places, and had no intentions of going back.

Diana looked past Clark and to the dark, silent house. Everyone inside were asleep. They need not know. Reaching out her hand to him, Diana said, "Clark Kent, will you do me the honor of gracing my home with your presence?"

He grabbed her hand, his large and warm. "Since you asked so nicely, how could I refuse?"

They walked across the grounds, entered the back door, and floated quietly up the stairs and into Diana's bedroom.

The covers were still pulled back, waiting for her return.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Trusting me. I just . . ." He shrugged.

"It was never about trust, Clark. If I lived here alone, as I once did, I would've gladly spent time with you here. But my life is infinitely more complicated than it was several months ago."

"You wanna tell me about it?"

Diana inwardly sighed. She didn't know how to do this. Didn't know how to take instead of give. Didn't know how to be the one being held and not doing the holding.

Clark brushed a lock of hair out of her eye, hand lingering on her cheek. "I'm here for you, Diana, whether you confide in me or not. I'm not going anywhere. When will you begin to believe that?" The hand caressing her cheek slid to the nape of her neck, gripping and pulling her to him. His lips grazed hers, a sweet barely-there kiss following. "Trust me, Diana. Really trust me."

Sincerity and affection coated every word. Diana didn't' need her lasso to know Clark spoke the truth and from his heart. Yet no one on the League knew the full truth. Perhaps it was time to change that. Maybe her wound wouldn't bleed as much as she feared. Or maybe it would and Clark would be there to re-bandage it.

"Diana, before there was you . . . there was a man. No there was more than a man. There was a God. The God. There was Zeus. We sang only to each other. Our passion left me pregnant, and to guard that secret, I left him. He did not follow. Quickly I learned possessing a God has scant to do with keeping him."

"I wasn't made of clay."

"I had to protect you from Hera! She's—

"If my life is a lie, can it be worse than death?"

"We hatched a plan, Princess, and it kept you safe."

"We? This was a conspiracy? Mother? Why . . .?"

"Because if Hera learned you were her husband's daughter, she would have murdered you in your crib. Because I had to protect my daughter. Because I love you."

"You . . . When I left Paradise Island, do you know why? I ask because you never did."

"There are children who need to go away . . . to find their way home."

"Mother . . . Ha . . . For the first time I can call you that knowing your blood is in me . . . You're so wrong. I'm a lie. You're a fool. And you made one out of me."

"Those were the last words I spoke to my mother. They were words of pain and a daughter's sense of betrayal. I left that night not knowing who or what I was, never intending to ever go back."

They were laying in her bed now, boots off, sheets crumpled under them. How they'd gotten there, Diana did not know, but it felt strangely right to have Clark next to her, sharing her bed.

"Hera came when I was away." Tears threatened, as they always did when she thought of her mother's and sisters' fate at the hands of the jealous, vengeful former goddess.

Thinking of the feelings she was developing for Clark Kent, Diana could well imagine the depth of pain a mate could bring to the heart of a woman, perhaps fueling her to act outside of herself. To even seek vengeance against the innocent, but Queen Hippolyta had been no innocent. But did that mean she deserved her fate . . .?

"My sisters are now hissing, mindless snakes."

"And what of your mother?"

Diana turned her head to face him. And when he raised his hand to her cheek, she knew she was crying. She couldn't help it. She should've been there to protect her. No matter what she'd done, Hippolyta was her mother, worthy of forgiveness if not understanding.

"Hera turned her to stone." After discovering all that Hera had wrought, Diana had carried her mother's immobile, lifeless form into the Great Hall. She would allow no elements to touch her queen. Taking one last forlorn look at her former home, Diana had vaulted into the air, promising her family she wouldn't place one foot on Paradise Island again until she could break the spell. And by all that was mighty, she would break the damn spell.

"I'm sorry." Clark wiped tears from her cheeks. "Thank you, Diana. I guess we all have our secrets. There's no shame in that."

She smiled at him. He always had a way of making her feel better. And it had started with one kiss on the Lincoln Memorial. But they weren't on that historic landmark now. They were in her bed, only inches from each other.

"Come here, Clark."

He came.

They kissed.

He tasted divine, minty with a hint of chocolate. Diana wanted more. Opening her mouth fully, she invited him in, an invitation he eagerly accepted.

Diana felt herself spiraling in a way she'd never before, his hands and mouth doing that to her. His body was doing far worse to her self-control, her own responding with primal lust, probably the kind of lust that had overtaken her mother when she'd lain with Zeus. Diana didn't understand it then, she did now. Lust and need and want were a heady mix that had her groaning for more.

Within minutes, they had divested each other of their uniforms, red and blue sprinkling the hardwood floor.

"Oh, Diana. You're so damn sexy. So damn gorgeous." Finding a breast and sucking, Clark said nothing more, just worshipped her bounty. And she let him, marveling at the heat and wetness quickly forming between her legs. She gasped when he drew the nipple deep into his mouth, sucking and biting with a roughness that was pure pleasure.

"Gods, Clark." That was all she could say. All her mind was capable of forming. Because, by the Gods, the man's tongue and mouth were masterful. His hands and fingers just as competent, caressing and kneading, driving her mad with desire.

"Are you sure you want this, Diana? Want me?"

It was a fine time to pose such a question. They were naked in her bed, Clark between her willing thighs, his steel erection on her stomach. If she were any more sure, he would already be inside her, bringing her to a heart stopping orgasm.

"I'm sure."

"Thank Rao." He leaned up on his elbows, positioned himself at her entrance, then stopped. "I assume you're on something? The pill?"

She frowned. "On something? The pill?"

He frowned back at her. "Birth control pills, Diana, or some other preventative."

Why in the world would she . . .? "I'm taking no medication, Clark."

His frown deepened. "I know I'm from another planet and you're a demigoddess, Diana, but I don't think we should take any chances that I could get you pregnant."

Pregnant? Gods, her body had truly taken over her mind. She hadn't even thought once about getting with child. Maybe she wasn't so different from her mother after all.

"My brother has prophylactics he thinks no one knows about. He keeps them in—"

Clark kissed her before rolling off and to the side. "Superman, remember?" he said by way of explanation.

Of course.

"I just assumed," he began, giving her body a long, regretful perusal, "that you were on the pill. I guess Trevor used a condom while you were together."

Diana swore. Why did everyone . . .? "I'll say this only once, Clark, Steve and I were never lovers."

His eyes registered surprise but he didn't question her. Clark only stared at her, his mouth slightly agape. "I know you would never lie about such a thing but I can't believe Trevor never tried . . . that he never wanted . . ."

"Of course he wanted to, Clark." And he had tried, very hard, to convince her. And while they hadn't engaged in sexual congress, they were intimate in other ways. In certain respects, Diana was quite experienced, but in the one that mattered most . . .

"As much as I cared for Steve, there was something missing between us. Something I couldn't quite place but it kept me from giving myself fully to him."


She rolled her eyes at his selective hearing. "And you, Clark Kent, Superman, do you come to this union wearing virginal white?" He briefly looked down. "I didn't think so."

"Does it bother you?"

"Does it bother you that I'm a virgin but not untouched?"

He laughed, actually laughed, then pulled her into a fierce embrace. "It's the best news I've ever heard. What man in his right mind would mind such a thing?"

She returned his embrace, aware of his hard, muscular form, tantalizing and too damn tempting. But she had to tell him one other thing, news she was sure wouldn't be as happily received.

"Clark, there's only one sure birth control that I know of that will be effective with my unique physiology."

"Are you saying that birth control pills or other contraceptives that human women use won't work on you?"

Diana didn't know for sure, but she highly doubted it. "I don't think so, Clark." But that wasn't the bad news. "There is a herb I can take that will prevent conception."

"Good, if you tell me where it grows, I'll—"

She shook her head. "It only grows on Paradise Island. Without me, you'll never make it past the magic that keeps outsiders on the other side of the protective barrier. And," she said with frustrated resolution, "I won't go back there until I have a cure for my family. I gave my word." He looked dejected, deflated even. Diana couldn't fault him, her feelings no different. "I'm sorry, Clark."

"Yeah, yeah, so am I."

They both lay there naked and aroused but unable to do a thing about it. They could play around the way she did with Steve, but she wanted so much more from her relationship with Clark. She wanted all of him, his body as well as his heart.

Surprising her, Clark rolled back on top of Diana, settling firmly between her thighs. "We can still give each other pleasure, Diana." He moved against her, rubbing himself against her but not entering.

Okay, maybe she wasn't so opposed to fooling around with Superman.