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Chapter 1: Destinys altered

Theresa of the Spire stood upon her Tattered Spire overlooking the multiverse using the power from energy stored in the very tower she stood on.

I may be blind, but I can see worlds beyond this one, some time ago I was only been able glimpse whispers of branching possibilities and of other worlds, I could predict future yes, but the future is never set in stone, every decision has its consequence and it is the people who controls their own fate. But here on this Spire I can see all world every possibilities that could be made in perfect clarity.

Years ago a I met a man known as Lucian Fairfax griefed from the loss of his wife and daughter. I took pity on him and perhaps a twinge of sympathy, I presented him with the knowledge of the Spire and revealed to him that he may resurrect his family using the Spire's powers should he be able to rebuild it. He seemed to be a good man at first however he soon became madly obsessed by Spire, soon he began enslaved innocent people and force them to rebuild the spire.

In Albion's time of need, a Hero rose to challenge Lucien's madness, a Hero that embodied the three hero disciplines of Strength, Skill and Will. He recruited the aid of three other heroes: Hannah "Hammer" the Hero of Strength, Garth the Hero of Will and Reaver the Hero of Skill. Together they defeated the madman before he could fulfill his goals, or so we thought.

As Lucien took his final breaths he made a wish vengeful wish using the spire's energy sending him to a different realm known as the Dragon Realm. He struck a deal with a malevolent dragon known as Malefor the Dark Master, Malefor granted Lucien power in exchange for his knowledge of the Tattered Spire. A partnership was formed drastically altering the Dragon Realms destiny.

In the Year of the Dragon many awaited the birth of a dragon foretold by prophecies, unfortunately, Malefor caught wind of the prophecy and lashed out sending swarms of armies attempting to defy fate by destroying every dragon eggs.

Legions of the Dragon defenders were slaughtered and enslaved and nearly all eggs were destroyed except two. In desperate attempt to save the eggs, one of the elder dragons, the Fire Guardian Ignitus casted the egg into the river in hopes it would avoid Malefor's detection.

A swirl of Will* enveloped Theresa and just like that she was gone from the Spire. Theresa reappeared near a river in the 'Dragon Realm,' spotting the purple dragon egg floating down the river alone the eggs must have gotten separated. Scooping the egg in its large mushroom cap basket out of the river, she smirked with her all knowing smile and disappeared along with egg, leaving no trace of her presence.

"Rahh!" a war cry rang out as Sparrow slashed a bandit in two straight down the middle with Judge's Steel before ramming it into another bandit as they attempt to flank behind him.

Bullets fired from a gunner panged offed his Golden Knothole Knight Armor, quickly charging will energy through his hands Sparrow blasted the enemy with a devastating lightning blast.

Within his peripheral vision he spotted a bandit mage charging up its own spell, Sparrow brought out his heavy crossbow the Rammer and shot a bolt right between the mage's eyes.

Waves of bandits and mercenary surrounded him trying to use their superior numbers against him drawing in a deep breath he condensed his will energy, he unleashed a wave of inferno blasting the the bandits back charred black and dead.

Sparrow smirked looking at his handy work dealing with criminal scum that plagued society before beginning to head back to Bowerstone. He had begun to noticed that more and more bandits have been appearing lately. Sparrow wasn't worry though, he was a renowned hero, the richest man in Albion and its unofficial King, as he owned every piece of property in Albion. He had fame, fortune, more land than cared to remember, and his most cherished possession his family.

His family was killed by Lucien in order to spite him, he had watched that man kill his sister and then his family

He was allowed one wish at the Spire when he avenged his family by kill Lucien, a wish of Sacrifice, Love or Wealth. Wealth was immediately spurned he had cared little for material wealth and he was already the wealthy enough as it was; his hardest choice was between either choosing Love or Sacrifice.

He could bring back his family to life but sacrifice the countless thousands of innocent souls used to make the tower or he could revive those who died making the Spire but his family forever out of his grasps. For first time in his life he was selfish he knew that the needs of many outweighed the needs of few, but he refused to allow Lucien take away the one thing that mattered more to him than anything in the world. He used his wish to bring back his family.

It has been a several years now since that wish and it has been many years since those lives weighed heavily upon his conscience. Sparrow had long contemplated death by his own hand a means of retribution perhaps, but he could not bring himself to do it. Every time he attempted to his will to pull the trigger left him. Now Sparrow spends his days throwing himself into nearly endless battle dedicating himself to eliminate crime and evil that threatened Albion. Sparrow trudged through Bowerstone to report to the guards that the bandits have been dealt with.

"Here you go Mr. Lionheart, your reward for making Albion that much safer you've done so much Albion already, you even dealt all of the bounties already" Derek the Bowerstone sheriff laughed handing over the reward money.

"All in a day's work Derek." Sparrow said smiling giving himself a mental pat on the back "If anything pops up feel free to call me."

"Very well then Mr. Lionheart, but before you go a man named Murgo was looking for you something about a new shipment." Derek informed.

Sparrow bid Derek farewell and began to head towards the Dock to look for Murgo's caravan. Whenever Murgo had a new shipment of products it usually meant a new cursed item for him to cleanse, his two previous cursed items nearly lead him to his death, although it did feel good to set free the tormented spirits of cursed snowglobe and vanquishing the evil necromancer from the curse skull.

"Hey there Sparrow" Murgo greeted with a chuckle "You're here about the shipment right? Well my source has finally come through!" Murgo pulls out a package from his caravan "I have in my hands the item that offers visions of the future and it's – well, not quite what I was expecting. I was hoping for a nice crystal ball or some pretty cards, even a bucket of entrails would have been better than this. Here you can have it. I'll never be able to sell it to anyone else, and to tell you the truth it gives me the willies. And not the good kind." Murgo said handing Sparrow the package.

Murgo and Sparrow said their farewells and Sparrow retreated to office in Castle Fairfax. Opening the package wonder what cursed item it is this time. What was in the package made his blood run cold inside was a Model the Spire. He had spent ten year trapped in the Spire he had seen good men die and innocents tortured and he had missed watching Logan grow up, he had never been able to be a part of the first ten years of his son's life. Sparrow closed his eyes and focused his will energy as he reluctantly activated the model. Feeling the familiar tug of teleportation Sparrow opened his eyes to come face to face his old mentor Theresa standing there in the center where he and Lucien once stood.

Then Theresa spoke, Here you are again. You knew you'd returned here one day, did you not? Regrettably he had known, he had always known, almost everything he did it revolved around the Tattered Spire. What he wanted to know was why she was here of all places, did have something to do with the spire?

Apparently Theresa could read him like an open book she always had, I know what your question is. Yes, the Spire had a gift for me too. The future has always whispered to me, and I have followed its sound blindly. But now I can see all possible futures. There are many threads - too many to count. Yet there are moments when they all converge, events that cannot be avoided. Futures which must be for fulfilled. It is time I showed you one such future. Theresa then held out her hand, Take my hand, one last time.

The future and unavoidable one, he was rather reluctant to take her hand, what future could it possibly be? One of destruction or a one of peace. Hesitantly he grasps her hand and visions began to flood his mind.

A vision show himself only older, dressed in fine gold embroidered red robes and golden crown circling his head. It is many years from now. A king feels age weighing him down. And the responsibility of an entire Kingdom.

Soon another vision a vision of soldiers saluting him as he marched by them. These are his men. Loyal soldier who would die for him. Many already have on battlefields at home and in faraway lands. They would follow him wherever he leads.

Another vision showed him a crowd of adoring people unlike the hero worship he saw everyday in his rabid fanbase ever since he became a renowned hero, he save something more akin of respect and loyalty in their eyes. These are his people. Subjects who worship him. Who trust him to guide them, protect them and govern them.

A final vision showed a decorated throne similar to the throne in Castle Fairfax, he could see Albion's emblem stitched in gold into the leather. And this is his throne, Albion's seat of power, where he made countless decisions, delivered justice and led a nation.

Sparrow tried to absorb the new revelation that was flooding his mind. A king? This was his destiny? He was destined to be a king out of all the things possible? He knew some people called him a king because of the properties in his possession but to be a true king? His thoughts were interrupted by Theresa.

Yet none of this is the least important. The vision faded away bring him back to reality, he surveyed his surroundings, no longer was he at the Tattered Spire. He was back in castle Fairfax with Theresa cradling a sleeping infant in her arms.

This is the real future Theresa said indicating to the child. This child borned destined for greatness. A child whom the fate of not only Albion but the Dragon Realms as well. Sparrow raised an eyebrow at the mention of the Dragon realm.

"The Dragon Realms?" Sparrow asked quizzingly

The Dragon Realms is a world beyond this one, a world without humans. It is a world where dragon roam as the dominant species. It is also the world where this youngling was born in. Theresa explained indicating the obviously human babe in her arms.

Sparrow was about to question it before Theresa answered without him even wording the question. Do not let appearances fool you little Sparrow. Theresa waved her hand over the infant sending pulses of will energy causing the child to take on a more draconic appearance.

The young hatching had purple scales and a golden yellow underbelly. Looking closely he could see small golden stubs which he could only assume to be horns and tiny yellow wing flaps on it's back. Sparrow stroke the small dragon gently feeling the scales as he brushed it.

Theresa waved her hands over the dragonling before it reverted to a human infant once more the infant's skin now silky smooth. When you've been living as long as I have you'd pick up a thing two, I can cast illusions that affect even the physical plane of existence. Theresa explained.

I once took you in, trained and guided you to fulfill your destiny, now it is your turn to do the same. Guide him to his destiny. Theresa said shifting the sleeping infant into Sparrows arms.

Feeling the shift, the babe's eyes fluttered open slowly adjusting to bright room, revealing a pair of bright amethyst eyes. Upon seeing his carrier he squealed and gurgled happily reaching out to sparrow pulling on his bearded face. "Ow wow wow wow! Hey stop that!" Sparrow cried out half heartedly. "Feisty little feller aren't you?"

Farewell Sparrow, it time I took my leave. Theresa said

"Will I ever see you again Theresa?" Sparrow asked

I will return when boy is ready to fulfill his destiny but for meantime you must live your life, and prepare for what is to come. And remember Sparrow time is always repeating always in a spiral. And with that Theresa disappeared without a trace.

"A Spiral..." Sparrow muttered meditating over Theresa's words then look down to tired infant slowly drifting to sleep again. "Sleep well Spyro... my son."

He then called Jasper his current butler over to him. "Is there anything you need sir, and forgive my asking but are holding baby?" Jasper asked

"Yes", Sparrowed replied, "I need you to call Alex and Logan, I'll explain later"

When his wife and son entered the room he revealed Spyro to them. "Logan, I want you to meet your new little brother Spyro. Do you want to hold him?" Sparrow asked. Logan nodded dumbly shocked at the revelation that he had brother.

"What is this all about Sparrow?" Alex questioned worried that her husband was having an affair.

Caressing his wife's hand he led her into a small corner into the room and whispered to her, "My love do you believe in fate..." and whatever happened from that point onwards they would face the future head on a family all four of them.