A/N My sister and I were walking the mall today and went into Victoria Secret because of a sale they were having. As we were at the register an idea came to my head and I blurted it out loud. Thank God my sister was the only one to hear my obsessive Swan Queen fangirling. This is just a little fun Swan Queen one-shot. Hope you like it.

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Regina had been telling herself that she needed to get out more. Checking out the new mall that had just been built seemed like a fantastic excuse. Henry was off on a play date with Jefferson's daughter; therefore she had the entire day to herself.

She soon found herself in a crowd of people, shopping bags in their hand, pushing past her almost rudely. She may have still been the mayor, but the respect she once had was gone.

Well enough, I suppose, the brunette thought to herself, at least they leave me alone.

Her eyes wandered around the stores of the outside mall searching for one that fit her fancy. She had just come out of Game Stop not because she would ever actually find herself in such a store by her own wanting, but she thought it would be nice to pick up the latest Halo game that her son had been raving about.

I just don't understand the appeal, she thought as she eyes the black bag with the game inside, but if it makes him happy. She shrugged and carried on, pushing through a group of noisy teenagers.

Her eyes lit up when a particular store came into view. All of these years she had cursed herself for not adding one to the town when she had come to Storybrooke, but what did she know then?

She could feel her credit card burning inside of her black purse just begging to be used as she eyed the delicate lace and cotton underwear. She ran a hand across a piece when a woman wearing a black apron came up to her, the name Victoria Secret in pink.

"Can I help you find anything, ma'am?"

"Oh," the mayor looked over at her and smiled, "I'm just having a look at the moment. Thank you."

The lady nodded and smiled before walking away, leaving the older woman to bask in the expensive undergarments.

God, when was the last time I ever had someone to actually see stuff like this on me?

Honestly, the last time was with Graham. Such days seemed so long ago. If it wasn't for that pesky blonde interfering then maybe she would have still had her play toy. Alas, he was gone and unfortunately there hadn't been any other man in town that caught her eye.

Her hand dove into the assortment of underwear and pulled out a lacy blue pair.

This is nice, but the color isn't me. Just as she thought that, her eyes lit up spotting a deep candy apple red pair. oh! She reached down to grab it, but came in contact with a soft, pale hand.

"Oh, god I'm sorry!" the mayor gasped, her hand still remaining on the peculiarly soft flesh. She looked over to find the owner and her eyes nearly bulged out of her skull, her hand pulling back in shock.

"Fancy seeing you here, Madame Mayor," the blonde snickered before giving a cheesy smile.

"What are you doing here, sheriff?" scoffed the mayor as her authoritative mask slid back on.

"The same reason you're here, I assume?"

It really shouldn't have been a surprise to find Emma there. They both did live in the same town, shopped at the same stores. They had run into each other on several occasions around town, but Regina never would have though of actually running into her here.

"Uh…you can have those."

"I beg your pardon?" the older woman asked as she raised an eyebrow. The blonde pointed her finger back to the last pair of red underwear.

"They're the last pair. You can have em; I'll just find something else."

With that said the blonde scampered off.

Regina eyed the piece of fabric with contemplation. Knowing that the sheriff had an eye on them as well made her take a second thought. She surely didn't want to be wearing something that the sheriff would wear. That would just be preposterous!

The mayor made good attempt at keeping her distance from the younger woman as she shopped around the store. For whatever reason it was just uncomfortable to think that the blonde now knew the kind of undergarments she wore.

That's none of her business.

But it wasn't her fault that the two just so happened to be shopping at the same exact time. There was a fabulous sale going on right now.

She passed a picture of a model wearing their monthly exclusive bra and walked over to where they were. After picking up the delicate black bra she thought to herself if she would look good in it. She looked back over at the picture only to find her gaze falling upon the blonde across the room.

Regina had never paid much mind to another woman in undergarments; the only thing she ever worried about was if she, herself, looked good in them, but as the blonde walked by, a few scandalous items in her hand, her mind began to wander to far off places.

An image of the blonde dressed only in the most enticing, expensive lingerie flashed across her mind. She found herself lost in such a thought, an unexpected warmth arising between her legs until reality rushed back in. Shaking her head she mentally gagged.

In attempt to clear her mind, she swiftly picked up a selected bra and walked towards the fitting rooms.

As she tried the bra on a commotion started on the outside.

"Miss?" called out a saleswoman to one of the customers, "if you want me to help you find the right bra then you have to let me see."

"You're kidding me right?" laughed an all too familiar voice of the blonde's that was more of a nervous reaction.

The sheriff is squeamish? Who knew.

Not even thinking about it, the mayor cracked open the door to her fitting room and peaked out across the room. The door across from her was opened enough so that she could see the blonde fidgeting awkwardly, in only a bra and jeans, as the woman checked out how it fitted her.

"Does it feel too tight?" the saleswoman asked her.

"No…I'm just…not really used to the lace I guess."

The mayor nearly rolled her eyes. Really, dear?

Before she had time to realize she was gawking at the young woman, their eyes met, Regina's head poking out of her own room. Regina had been caught red handed as her breath caught in her throat. She cleared it and spoke in a mocking tone.

"My, my, aren't we picky, sheriff?"

Emma, out of nervous habit, took her bottom lip between her teeth and crossed her arms in attempt to cover up. The saleswoman looked between the two unsure of what to do.

"I don't suppose you could help me out?" the younger woman replied. Instantaneously her cheeks reddened at the realization of the flirtatious comment that slipped from her tongue.

"Dear, if I even tried to help you out more than half of your attire would be burned."

Emma let out an aggravated huff and blew away a strand of golden hair from her face.

"Not only that," the mayor continued, "but you wouldn't even be afford what I'd have to offer. I'm all the more surprised to find you here in the first place."

"Just because my taste is different from yours doesn't mean I don't have a few extra bucks to spend after my paycheck."

After the mocking settled down, the brunette returned to her own garments and resumed trying them on. A knock sounded on her door alerting her that one of the saleswomen was back with another size for her to try.

"Thank you, dear."

Just as she was about to close the door, the sound of hard boots hitting the floor echoed through the room. With a noise of complaint from the saleswoman, the blonde pushed passed her and slid into mayor's dressing room.

"Miss Swan!" the mayor called out, appalled, as Emma pulled the door shut, "What in God's name is the meaning of this?"

"Mary Margaret…Snow…here," replied the younger woman between pants and leaned against the door.

"Excuse me?"

Instead of crossing her arms to cover up her chest, Regina laid a hand of her hip. Her body was flawless and that she knew, so why cover up? What blew her mind was that the sheriff had the audacity to come running into her fitting room for absolutely no reason, or at least a stupid one.

"I'm sorry," Emma said and finally looked up at the other woman, "I just saw Snow out there looking for me and when I turned around your door was the first one I saw open."

"Why on Earth would you be running from your mother?" she asked indifferently, but began to feel uneasy with the proximity of the blonde. She could have easily pushed her out, but she found that she couldn't get herself to do it.

"We had this mother-daughter shopping date, but she was getting on my nerves."

"That doesn't surprise me, but it still doesn't explain why you're here."

"I didn't think Snow would actually look to find me in here. I was having such a great time by myself, but then…well I was walking out of the fitting rooms when I saw her."

"So you're hiding from your mother?"

The blonde nodded as her eyes became distracted by the flawless body before her.

"I…I don't," the stumbled over her words, her gaze trying to focus on anything, but the mayor, "feel comfortable with her knowing I'm shopping here. I mean, I know it's normal, but she's my mother. Ya' know?"

"Miss Swan, does it really look like I care?"

The brunette had taken notice of the other's wandering eyes and tried to keep herself indifferent about it. As much as she tried to pretend she didn't care, she was actually becoming hot with the fact that the blonde was checking her out.

"Uh…I…yea I'm sorry." Green eyes continued to dart across the small room, but kept ending up back in the same place. Regina's chest.

"See something you like, dear?" Regina finally questioned and, without thought, took a step closer. The image of the blonde in only a bra and tight jeans raced across her mind.


Blonde curls bounced up and down as she laughed nervously once again, the pink of her tongue sticking out between white pearls. The brunette had edged closer up to the blonde; she could smell the scent of vanilla honey hitting her nostrils.

"Think I could stay in here a moment longer?" Emma questioned which both brought them out of their weird trance.


Regina shook her head as if trying to rid her mind.

"Just to be safe? From my mom?"

The older woman sighed out an irritated breath and shrugged.

"You're already here, so what does it matter?"

A long silence protruded the room. Regina tapped her foot impatiently as mere seconds felt like eons. She looked down at the bra she was wearing and then to the one that the lady had handed her.

"I can turn around if you don't want to wait." The brunette raised a finely trimmed eyebrow at the other woman, questioning her to elaborate. "If you wanna try it on I mean."

"Don't be ridiculous. I am not trying this on with you in the room."

"Whatever," she sheriff shrugged, "by the way you have nice taste."

A rare laugh escaped from the mayor's lips and she locked eyes with green.

"Of course I do."

Another minute passed until Emma deemed it safe to go out.

"Thanks for uh, letting me hide."

The brunette waved her hand in dismissal, waiting impatiently for the other to leave.

"Just get out, Miss Swan."

A pale hand reached out and twisted the doorknob. Just before walking out she turned to speak one last time.

"If you really wanted to see me in my bra and underwear all you had to do was ask," the mayor's eyes widened, "Oh don't look so shocked, Madame Mayor. You may try and keep composure, but your eyes are like an open book."

The blonde gave her a wink before walking away leaving the mayor in shock.

Well, fuck…