Right Here Waiting

She didn't want to shoot him, but she had no other choice. As pissed as she still was at him, the only reason she shot him was to protect him. Because despite everything she knew about him and his new girl, she still and would always love him. She knew there was no point in admitting it anymore, but he did save her life just several hours ago and she knew he would want answers. Could she trust him though? It was too dangerous for them to be together, but it wasn't too dangerous for the cop? As she battled internally with herself, the dark haired beauty hadn't noticed her ex-lover drive up, nor had she heard the car doors slam shut. What she definitely hadn't noticed was her once sister, by everything but blood, launch her petite frame to her, holding on for dear life. People forget Dom wasn't the only Toretto that lost Letty. When she finally realized what was happening, she couldn't help but instantaneously lurch away as if she had been burned. She had been through too much in the last two years to not have it affect her. Despite the tough and now cold exterior, she was broken. She hadn't been this broken since before she and Dom got together. Not since her father walked out on her and her mother when she was nine. Not since her mother over dosed on heroin when she was fourteen. Not since her older half-brother was killed in combat when she was fifteen. Especially, not since Mr. Toretto had crashed his car in his final race. Not only did she lose Mr. T, her only real father figure, but she lost Dom when he was arrested for nearly beating Kenny Linder to a pulp. She was definitely broken.

He watched her. He watched as the woman, he thought to be dead, pull away from his sister. She looked like the woman he would spend endless hours thinking about, especially after death. She looked like the woman he would make love to until early hours of the morning. She looked like the woman he would watch sleep, having memorized every curve, beauty mark, and even scars. She looked just like the woman he fell deeply in love with even when he didn't want to, but she wasn't the same Letty he once knew in another life. Her eyes are what fazed him. They used to be the kind of eyes that could see right through the bullshit to the good in someone. They used to be the kind of eyes that could see right through the façade he put up, to the goodness in his soul. They were the kind of eyes that captivated him. They were the kind of eyes that led him to believe there was still hope even in his darkest days. They were the kind of eyes that still said "I believe in you" even when he was being put in the back of a police car. When he looked into those warm chocolate orbs somehow he knew everything would be ok. But now they were different. She was different. She was broken.

"Mia, give us a few minutes." Dom said, his eyes never leaving the Latina standing before him.

Reluctantly Mia made her way back to Dom's car. She might as well call in to check on her daughter. Her newfound motherhood made her more protective, if it were possible. The minute she held her for the first time, Mia vowed to never let anyone hurt her baby. She would not fail her like she felt she failed her best friend, her sister. People forget Dom wasn't the only Toretto that loved Letty.

Letty leaned against her car, hands on the hood. In a life she once knew, it would be for the sole purpose of showing skanks and egotistical racers who the Queen of the Streets was and why. A smirk would adorn her face with a mischievous glint in her eyes. A look that challenged anyone watching her saying, "Try me, Bitch!" In this life, it kept her from breaking down from the exhausting, day to day struggle she couldn't escape. It kept her from giving up and showing her weakness to the man she loves, the man who broke her the most. She would not willingly let him see her vulnerable again, especially after that night in the DR when she broke down her walls one final time for her man. The only person she ever did. When they made love that night, she cried. She cried because despite that feeling of knowing he was going to leave, she felt so much love. She actually thought for a moment there they would stick together because they've been through far too much for him to just up and leave. She felt her heart swell as he continuously told her how much he loved her. They never said it often because to them actions spoke louder than words. In the rare moments, when they did say it to one another, it meant that much more, so when he kept repeating it she couldn't help but cry. Thinking about that night just fueled her anger. Anger. It was safer to feel that right now. She had to push him away or he'd get even more hurt then what that stupid, little bullet caused.

"Why are you here?"

"You should know why."

"Obviously not or I wouldn't be asking. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't give me some bullshit excuse about how much you love me and can't live without me like you did that night."

"But I do love you. You're family. You've always been family. You don't turn your back on family… even when they do." Dom couldn't help but mutter that last part with bitterness in his tone.

Letty felt like she had been slapped across her face. "I turned my back on you?! Did you forget you were the one to walk out on me in the early hours of the morning like some coward? Yeah, I loved seeing your back as you walked out the door." Dom couldn't help but look shocked. She saw him leaving and didn't say anything. "Surprised are we? Yeah well so was I! I was stupid enough to believe you when you promised you'd stay."

"Let, you know I did that to protect you! What was I supposed to do if you got caught being with me? I was a walking target! You would have ended up in prison just like me! It wasn't safe!"

Letty couldn't help the bitter laugh that escaped her cracked lips, arms crossed over her chest. "You know, you're right. Stealing millions from a drug kingpin and being on the FBI's Most Wanted list makes it pretty dangerous for anyone to be around you." At this point Letty's leaning in to whisper in Dom's ear. "So how's your cop? Still fucking her?" Letty never failed to surprise Dom. He never underestimated her. He found out early in life she could do almost anything she put her mind to, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she knows all this, but it was. Letty leaned back, away from him. "Funny how it was too dangerous to be with me, but it's not dangerous to be with that skank every chance you get….. I don't understand! What is it with you Torettos and cops?! I mean I guess I can understand why Mia is with O'Conner. He was never cop material, letting your ass go and getting on the FBI's Most Wanted list with you. You gotta have respect for him though. He never gave me bullshit lies to believe. So what is it about her Dom? What makes her so damn special? She that good at going down on you?"

Dom was trying with everything in him to not let his anger get the best of him. He knew he was leading Elena on. He could never love her like he loved Letty, but their relationship was more than sex. "Don't talk about her like that. How do you even know about her?" Letty didn't like the way said her. It held too much affection for her liking.

Letty leaned against her car again glaring at Dom, arms crossed. "First, don't ever tell me what to do. You can go fuck yourself…. Oh wait that's her job! Second, you being wanted is not news to me. Your damn heist was worldwide news. Third, I know a lot of things, Dom. However, how I know them is none of your business."

"You can't be mad about Elena. I thought you were dead. We all did. You should have told me you were alive! Do you realize how much pain and suffering our family went through thinking you were gone and never coming back?!"

"Oh yeah! I can see that!" Every word she says dripping with sarcasm. "How long after my death did it take you to move on because it sure as hell didn't take long after V's!" Dom was shocked again. He never once thought about how Letty would feel when it came to Vince, her big brother, being killed. The thought never crossed his mind, let alone the thought that she knew about it.

Dom felt his anger melt away as he thought about how his relationship with Elena might look to her knowing about V's death."Letty, every day I suffer with the guilt of Vince's death. He was my brother too. I will never move on from it like I never managed to move on from yours. The difference now is that I know you are alive. I never saw you die like I saw my dad, Jesse, and V die. I don't know why I never thought to make sure." Dom seemed to be saying that last part more to himself. " It doesn't matter how long we've been separated, I know you. As mad as we are at each other right now, you still love me like I still love you."

Letty rolled her eyes at that. "You don't know anything about me anymore. A lot has changed. I didn't get to say goodbye to any of them! You don't know what I've been through. I'm not the same person you used to know." Whispering the last part quietly, Letty thought about all the shit she's been through since being 'dead'

Taking a few steps closer, Dom fights the urge to grab Letty's hands. "Then explain it to me. What happened to you? What has Owen done to you?" Dom reaches to stick a fallen piece of hair behind Letty's ear. He's surprised when she lets him. Eyes downcast, Letty revels in his touch but doesn't show it. She sighs feeling the toll of her tiring life, placing her hands on her hood again for support.

"I can't tell you. It's not safe. You shouldn't be here, Dom. I can't let him hurt you." Letty looks Dom in his eyes, showing him the sincerity in her words. She thought back to Owen's words that shook her to the core: 'This code you live by makes you predictable. In our line of work predictable means vulnerable and I can reach out and break you whenever I want,' She knew what he was capable of. "Despite what you might think, he is ruthless. Fenix, Braga, hell I even know about Reyes and the power he held. They were nothing compared to this guy. Owen makes them look like Sunday choir boys. I won't let my problem hurt you or Mia or even O'Conner. I especially won't let him hurt that beautiful baby you call your niece." This time Dom wasn't surprised about Letty knowing of Mia and Brian's daughter. If she knew about Elena and V he was sure she knew about his niece. Their niece.

"Letty we can help you. The one time I ever underestimated you was when I underestimated the lengths you would go to, to get me to come home. I was wrong to do that, so don't underestimate me and the lengths I would go to, to do the same for you." Letty wanted so badly to jump in Dom's arms and let him hold her the way he had, not even 12 hours ago. But she couldn't. She wanted so badly to let him take care of it. But she wouldn't. She wouldn't let Owen touch this part of her life. This part needed to stay clean and pure to her. Shaking her head she got up getting ready to leave.

"I'm sorry. I can't. This is something I have to do. I promised him I would protect him always and I failed. I failed him, Dom! I won't break that promise to you. I have to go." Letty opened her car door and got in.

Dom was beyond confused. "Let, babe, what are you talking about? Who's 'him'? What does Owen have over you? Let, please. Just let me help you." Dom could see the hesitance in Letty. "Ok. I understand this is something you feel you need to do on your own but baby please remember: Wherever you go, whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you….. to come to me for help. Every day at 8:00 I will be right here waiting." With that proclamation, Letty felt a sudden reassurance of hope. She started her engine and drove off. She knew he meant that.

After watching Letty's car disappear in the direction she took off in, Dom walked back to his car. Once inside, Dom looked straight ahead not sparing a single glance at his baby sister. He could feel Mia's urge to ask questions. Mia however, knew she should wait for him to talk. She noticed his hands clenching tightly around the steering wheel, knuckles turning white. When she looked at his face she could see the gears turning in his head, obviously deep in thought as he contemplated his next move. Without breaking his gaze, he told Mia all she needed to know. "Call Brian and tell him to get the team ready."