OK First off I would like to apologize to my readers who thought this was a new chapter. I had planned to update this weekend but I wanted to address a few things.

I received some interesting reviews on this story by someone and it made me realize how my story might be confusing.

Alright so I started writing this story before Fast and Furious Six came out so nothing will be the same. Everything I planned was completely my own. This was inspired by two pictures that Vin posted on his Facebook. Which is its cover picture for the story. At that time no one knew about the tank scene. Never did I say that that's what happened. We just know he saved her somehow. This is 100% my story.

Letty does have memory loss. She only remembers everything that happened before the Fenix accident including the accident and therefore being pregnant. Everything in between is just flashbacks that the readers need to know happened, but the character doesn't remember. Had I been able to get to that part of the story, where she finishes telling him what she remembers, you would all know that what she tells him happened after the drug cartel is not what you, as a reader, know.

I completely agree 100% about Letty not taking Dom back right away. However, there is another part of her life that hasn't been uncovered yet. This is what has made her cold as stone (as you saw in the first chapter). I just haven't gotten to it. Essentially, Letty thought she could trust Owen (you'll find out why later) so when she overheard the whole conversation he had with Jah, she realizes that she can't trust him. She needs to get out of Owen's crew. Therefore she is willing to ask Dom for help. She may not trust him as much but she knows for a fact that if she has to choose, her best choice is Dom. He can be trusted over Owen. Think about it, she loved this man for how many years? Just because they have issues doesn't mean she stopped loving him. She is hurt and they have a long way to go until they're in a good place, but the Torettos and the rest of the crew will always remain her family. Letty is very conflicted right now. Just because she hugged him doesn't mean she took him back. He saved her life remember?

When it comes to Dom, yeah he is angry. Since she hasn't lost her memory (he didn't know anything that has happened since being dead, obviously, so of course he doesn't know the gaps in her memory) he doesn't understand how Letty could go on living life while her family believes she's dead. He thought he was protecting her. It is implied he left her before in Mexico (according to Los Bandoleros) so he didn't have a reason to believe this was going to hurt her as much as it actually did. In fact, because he knows about Letty's past this gave him an even bigger reason to leave because he thought he was no good for her being a walking target. He loves her too much than to have her suffer in prison for his actions. He knows everything was his fault. He wants her to live her life without worrying about getting caught. In Letty's mind, a lot of it has to do with the fact she was pregnant. Not only did he leave her but he left their child. But he was also devastated because of leaving her. She wasn't the only one that was hurt. As the story progresses we will see how they both have changed and grown. There are too many emotions right now for them to work through. Seeing each other after so long, their first reaction is going to be anger because what they're feeling is betrayal. They're both conflicted.

As for all the hate on Dom, they both did things that were wrong. Don't hate on Dom and think Letty was 100% right with her choices. They both made mistakes. They both are headstrong people that can let pride get in the way. Which is something they have to work on if they're going to work as a couple in the end. We will see more of how Dom feels but it's gonna take time to actually get into that meat of the story. Before they can even think about mending their relationship, they need to get out of the whole Owen Shaw situation.

I'm sorry if I have potentially spoiled anything for the readers that are fine with how this is going, but I felt this needed to be said for other's to understand. However, if you don't like my story simply don't read it. I'm not forcing you to.

Leave me your thoughts.