Okay the turtles in this story start out as 15-16 yrs of age

Kira- 11


It was raining, the droplettes pouring down from the sky like tears.

Mixing with the tears falling from her eyes as she half walked/half staggered down the street with her favorite toy in her arms. The gnash in her leg was dripping blood onto the sidewalk, causing every anonymous passerbuy walking past her to either look down at her in horror or disgust.

She cried harder when a man in a buisness suit ran into her, knocking her down then demanded an apology when she was too numb to bother giving one. Her mom and dad were in trouble, and she couldn't find anyone to help them.


Why wouldn't anyone believe her when she said that her parents were in trouble? Did she look like she was joking with her clothes torn and her toy bunny and leg all bloody? And what about the bruise on her face from where she had been hit earlier before her parents had helped her escape?

Ducking her head she wiped at her eyes with one hand, clearing them as her dark hair fell into her face. Hiding her forest green/teal eyes from view. Up ahead was an alley that she could duck into, perhaps take a moment or so to breathe before trying to find help again.

Walking up to the enterance of the alley, she hesitated for a moment when she heard voices from inside the inky darkness. But having grown up in the city, she figured that the voices were from some homeless people trying to stay warm. Stepping into the alley she was unaware of the attention she was getting from the four pairs of eyes from the rooftop of one of the buildings overhead.


It was a typical night for them.

Go for a run, beat up some Dragons or Foot nins, then go home and get some sleep. And that would have been a typical night for them- if Don hadn't suggested several weeks ago after a confrontation with the Dragons whom were apparently peddling something new on the streets- to check several different Dragon gangs for weapons or drug activity.

It had taken Leo a bit of weighing the pros and cons before relenting. Which was why they were currently out in the pouring rain, wearing the water proof parka's that Don had made specially for them along with some other cool new stuff to help keep them warm on nights when it rained and the temperature dropped.

Leo had been pacing for the better part of an hour while Don and Mikey did serveilance. Raph was doing kata's a few feet away when Don suddenly shifted from his spot on his stomach and tapped Mikey on the shoulder.

Mikey zeroed in on what Don took a moment to point at and let out a low angry hiss.

Curious to know what their brother's saw, Leo and Raph walked over to where they were just in time to see a kid- maybe twelve or so... A civilian. A female- duck into the alley carrying a little stuffed bunny rabbit tightly clutched in one small hand. Her dark hair falling to the middle of her back.

Her clothing was nothing fancy from the looks of it. It was just a nice lavender dress with lace on it, hardly what a child would wear out in this weather. Come to think of it, what was a child as young as this one doing out in this weather dressed as she was? Shouldn't she be at home? All snuggly in her bed?

And where were her parents? Did she get seperated from them? Leo wondered when Don suddenly said, "Uh-oh." And quickly shot to his feet, his hand going for the bo attached to his shell as Mikey jumped up with a muttered oath. Leo looked at the two like they had lost their minds just a moment before Raph stepped off of the building and let himself free fall down to the pavement below.

Mikey soon followed suit as Leo peered over the edge and saw what had gotten his brothers so riled. His dark eyes flashed gold for a moment in anger and he gnashed his teeth at the site.

The little girl had been noticed by the Dragons and was surrounded ten to one. Goddammit! He thought as Don disappeared, leaving only him to join in as he heard the distinctive sounds of battle from below and threw himself off of the building knowing that his brothers were going to need his help.


She didn't think she had ever been so scared before in her life as she had been when the mean looking men had surrounded her. Though this was definitly a close second to earlier with her parents. Still the fact that she had to hunch in on herself and back away from one of the men when he pulled out a knife did frighten her quite a bit.

So much so that she didn't notice the other guy to her left until he grabbed her by a tufft of hair, causing her to scream and jerk as she slapped his hand hard enough to make him release her that she had realized that that had been what the men had been waiting for. The guy with the knife grinned at her and reared back his hand- the glint of metal caught in the faint street light- and she felt all of the blood leave her face.

She was going to die here. In this dirty alley, among the garbage and rats without finding anyone to help her parents.

The hand started to come down and she opened her mouth to scream, her numb mind trying to get her to duck, dodge, move dammit! Move! But she was too afraid to do more than double over with her bunny held to her chest and whimper.

It took her more than a moment or so to realize that she could hear the sounds of metal clanging and men screaming in fear a second before she was grabbed up by a strong arm and suddenly thrust into someone's waiting grip.

She opened her mouth to scream again, suddenly fearing that there was a fate worse than death awaiting her when she heard a soft voice 'shush' her and felt something warm cover her shaking body and heard that soft voice say, "You have to be quiet or they'll find us." As a large hand rubbed her back through the material that had been thrown over her as the noise finally quieted down before she heard,

"Don you can come out now. The Purple dragons are gone."

"Don" stepped out of the shadows he had been blending in with and scanned the faces of his brothers. "Was anyone hurt?" He asked. There was a quick series of no's from the three before they turned their attention to the girl as Don put her down.


The first thing she noticed when she looked up at the one whom had been holding her, was that he had olive green skin.

Or at least that was part of what she could make out in the dark- it was a little hard to see. But the second thing she noticed was warm dark brown eyes peering down at her. "Hey... Are you okay?" 'Don' asked as he put his hand on top of her head as if to ruffle her hair.

She sniffled and lifted her head a little more to look him square in the eye like her mom had taught her too and shook her head, unable yet to speak when she heard him say, "Hey, you're hurt-" His tone almost sounding like an accusation to her as he gently grasped her arm and lifted it so that he could see the wound.

The second his large hand made contact with her skin she gasped causing him to jerk his hand back. The two of them were silent for a moment before he questioned tentatively, "You noticed?"

She nodded her head wondering if she had just gone from the frying pan to the fire. But he just nervously stuttered, "If you want I can treat your wound." Reaching out she grasped his hand in both of hers and tried to pull him back the way she had come. Figuring that if he and his friends had helped her then maybe they could help her parents too.

"What? What is it?" One of the others asked as she continued to try and pull 'Don' towards the exit of the alley.

"Momma! Daddy!" She said in an urgent tone when she finally managed to find her voice. One of the others walked over to her and knelt down as he placed his large hands on her shoulders and asked,

"Where are your mom and dad? Did you get seperated from them?"

"Docks! Men with guns! They said to run." She said, her eyes tearing up again as she saw the unknown person narrow his sapphire eyes slightly before shushing her in the same gentle tone that 'Don' had used.

"Can you show us where?" The unknown guy asked as she nodded her head and he stood up slowly and seemed to exchange a look with the others. "Alright. Let us get our gear from the rooftop and we'll go.