Okay in this chapter you all are going to get a bit more detail about Kira and how she was born and lived. I skimmed a bunch of stuff in the previous chap because I planned to put the detail in this chap. So hope that you'll forgive me for that. Also in upcoming chapters we'll learn a lot more about Kira, like what she is and so on.


An hour later-

Splinter sat in the dojo with his son's most of whom were sitting respectfully across from him while his eyes followed Donatello who was on his feet pacing. He had come away from his earlier experience with Kira shaken in ways that worried the elderly rat as he asked again, "What exactly happened when you went to take blood from Kira, my son?" Only to get the same reply from Donatello.

"You guys were there- except you Mikey, so you sort of know what happened."

"You said that Kira-chan spoke to you in your mind?"

"Yeah," Don said as he took a shakey breath and rubbed his hands on his upper legs in a human guesture for sweaty palms. Something that he had picked up from Casey Jones no doubt since the man was almost constantly making the motion when he was troubled by something. "Right after her eyes changed."

"Changed?" Leo echoed, to be honest he'd noticed a slight change in Kira's eyes. The color and pupil had altered. Just for a split second, which was long enough to draw his attention to her, but the change had been gone again almost as fast as it happened making him wonder if he had perhaps imagined it due to lack of rest. But if Don had seen it too- then there was something certainly abnormal about his new baby sister. "You mean the crimson hue that they took on along with the slitted pupils?"

Everyone looked at him, causing him to shift almost uncomfortably under their gazes as Don asked in almost a relieved tone, "You saw it too?"

Leo nodded his head slowly in confirmation as Splinter then asked him, "And that was what you saw Leonardo? Crimson eyes with slitted pupils?"

"Yeah. The change was so fast that I thought for a moment that I had imagined it. But Kira's eyes definitely didn't look human for a split second."

"That's because I don't think Kira herself is totally human-" Donatello said after a moment or so of silence as everyone turned their eyes onto him. "Maybe she's more like us than we think. I mean if she was a mutant and someone found out about her then it's reasonable to assume that everything that's happened up to this point, like her parent's murders, meeting us and asking us for help, having us take her in and adopt her- Maybe she somehow managed to single us out using the ability that helped her speak to me in my head earlier. After all if she's a mutant too, then who else would she trust with her life but other's like herself?"

"That's a little presumptuous, Don. Especially of a little kid." Raph said, trying not to believe that his baby sister would single them out in a city of millions simply for protection. Cause that was just a bit depressing to think about. And he liked to think that Kira wasn't that cold blooded.

"Yes, normally that would be true. But you heard me ask her earlier what she was. And you heard her reply with you're own ears. Why is it so hard to imagine that maybe I'm right?"

"No one is saying you're wrong Donatello, but we must all keep an open mind about this." Splinter said gently before asking Don to sit down and tell them what Kira had shown him that had frightened him so. Donatello took his spot on the floor in between Raph and Mikey, noting that it was nice of them to keep his space open and upon settling down took several calming breaths and started to speak.

"She showed me her earliest memories. Bit's and pieces of her birth. She was born in a cavern deep under ground in a place with crystals littering the floors and walls that sparkled silvery white. She was laying in a massive chair- almost like a throne you would see in one of Mikey's video games. And she was in such pain. Agonizing, crippling pain. She couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't cry out for help- I got the impression that it hurt so much that she wished she would stop breathing. Her bones were breaking, healing and re-breaking themselves. Forcing her infant body to contort and grow much faster than it should have."

"She counted the days it lasted at first, but after a thousand she lost count. She couldn't eat, and she was so cold and weak that when the pain stopped she felt just so much relief. Her first steps were taken several hours after her body had stopped growing. She was wandering around the cavern looking for food but there was nothing but the crystals and ancient bones that she found wrapped around the chair she had been resting on. So she ripped some of the bones from their resting place and grabbed a few of the smaller crystals and smashed them both in a stone bowl that she found then she ground them together to a fine powder and ate them."

"It was all that she could find and her body needed the calcium in both the bones and crystals to keep her alive. Shortly after that she found a tattered old piece of cloth and she ripped it in half, she used part of it to make herself clothing and the other half to make a sack and then she went around and gathered as many crystals as she could and then she found a passage way with stairs- it had been hidden behind what looked like a grave. It was massive. Ten times larger than the chair she had been born on and she could smell the blood of her people mixed with the earth and it scared her. So she ran."

"It took her weeks to get out of the cavern and when she first saw the sky, it was raining. It was freezing outside and she was already so cold that she could feel herself starting to die. She needed to find someplace warm, someplace that she could call her home. Several days later she was found lying in an alley, barley alive by a woman... I didn't see anymore than that. Sorry." Don said as he reached up to rub his aching temples, suddenly feeling a headache coming on.

Splinter and the others were silent as they thought about what he had just told them. Their minds reeling. Could it be true? Could Kira really be a mutant like they were? Because from the sound of things she was something else entirely.

Something that was entirely out of their league.