Bellatrix Black was a jealous creature.


When her parents brought Andromeda and Narcissa home from Saint Mungo's, she hated them.

She loved them because they were her sisters, but she hated them all the same.

Her family's attention was supposed to be on her! Her, not some bratty little babies who thought they could steal all her attention by crying and wailing and not being able to anything else at all!

But no one else saw it that way. Before, she had been cooed over like the most important person in the world. Now, she was ignored in favour of those screaming bundles.

She couldn't turn herself back into a baby once again, but she wouldn't let her sisters win. If she couldn't remain the baby of her family, she would become the son her father longed for and would never have.

She picked up her first Dark Arts books the next day.


It wasn't fair!

Bellatrix was the eldest, the most beautiful, the one most talented in the Dark Arts! And yet, Narcissa was the one getting marriage offers, not her!

It should be her getting married first! It was her right as the eldest child!

But no, no Pureblood family had approached her with a marriage offer. There were no Pureblood heirs lining up at her doorstep, waiting to marry her.

She could already see the pity in the eyes' of everyone around. Another Black spinster, that was what they were thinking. No one will ever want to marry her.

Well, she'd shown them all. She'd get married before Narcissa.

So what if she'd have to use a few Unforgivables to ensure that? It wasn't like anyone was going to test her groom for the Imperious Curse before they got married.


Bellatrix hated her fellow Death Eaters.

They were always swirling around her Master, taking up his time with their insipid whining and useless plans. They were taking up all the time he could spend with her!

All of them were useless. All of them deserved to die. How dare they take her Master away from her?

So when her Master granted her the rare gratification of killing one of those fools who had displeased him, Bellatrix took it with pleasure.

They would return to claim his attention again, of course. They were like a diseased squid, with millions of arms all clamouring for her Lord's attention.

But at the very least, they next time they returned, they would be one arm short.


Yes, Bellatrix Black was a jealous creature.


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