Last Farewell

Summary: When Ran and her friends are given tickets for a concert and afterparty where they get to meet the hottest Korean boy group in existance it's exciting, to say the least. But when the partygoers get stuck in a mansion with a killer amongst them, they're going to have to be very, very careful and trust no one - not even their new friend Aoko.

Pairings: A few hints here and there.

A/N: Own nothing that's canonically DC. Recommend you read all the stories listed in the Prequels and Side Stories if you want better understanding. Also, I don't like using brand names and am forbidden from using actual people. So you get a large number of OCs that are apparently world-famous thrown at you.

BIS/1315: Fictional Korean Boy group that's based off BIGBANG. I guess I own them. BIS, I mean, not BIGBANG.

Prequels: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", "Scarborough Fair"

Side Stories: "Clockwork Relations", "Invisible", "Meltdown"

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Mouri Ran was annoyed. Just a bit, nothing much. Just the usual amount of annoyance a teenage girl would get when she came home to find her charge – who was sometimes like the younger sibling she had never had and sometimes like her childhood friend who also happened to be her crush since forever – came home late and told her that a kidnapping case had been solved and he was going to bed because he was tired after a day of hard work without giving specific details on just where he'd been the entire day.

Oh, who was she kidding? She was furious.

Despite her efforts to keep it all bottled within her, Sonoko and Sera Masumi – a tomboyish female detective in high school – managed to learn about it as they walked home after school. "So Conan-kun was involved in the recent solving of the Clone Kidnappings?" Sera-san, as usual, seemed impressed by her young charge.

Sonoko, not so much. "Knowing his track record, he probably caused it," she muttered darkly.

Ran laughed at the inside joke-like statement made by her best female friend, but she secretly wondered the same. Her father and Edogawa Conan both seemed to attract trouble – Conan more than her father – and they did live in the area near where the kidnapper had lived. No matter how many times people told her that ghosts didn't exist, she couldn't help but keep going back to the theory of a death god haunting the people in her life – after all, there was also Sonoko and Hattori-kun, who also had mysteries come to them at the most unfortunate times. If it wasn't the god of death chasing people around her, then maybe it was simple misfortune. Bad luck wasn't supernatural, not in that sense.

The things that happened around her supported that theory as well. Shinichi always being away, her father always saying the wrong thing to her mother, Conan always running into some sort of a mystery wherever he went . . . .

The Clone Kidnappings had been a bit hard on her. Four boys with almost identical faces were hard to believe. Seeing pictures of the four boys that all looked nearly identical to Kudo Shinichi on the news for being missing had hurt her quite a lot and made her nervous for his safety. She hadn't shown it, but every day she had worried about Shinichi, wondering if he'd be taken by this person as well. Every time a new name and face had been announced missing, she had been wracked with guilt as she felt immense relief at the knowledge that it wasn't him taken.

Now the entire case was solved and she hadn't even gotten to see Shinichi. Why hadn't he come in to check on the kidnappings? He must have seen the faces so similar to his on the news and yet he had stayed back.

She almost wanted to pack Conan up in a suitcase and mail him to Shinichi, wherever he was now. The little kid solves cases faster than you do, she thought angrily. Learn something from him.

But outwards, Ran just chatted, discussing and guessing where Kaitou Kid would strike next and complaining about the test they had taken in math today. Usual stuff.

Nearly at her home, Ran slowed her pace down as she saw a strange person wearing a dark hat and shades in front of the agency. Her friends, noticing the same thing she did, copied her movements. "Excuse me?" she called, hoping this would scare the person away if they bore any ill intent. "Are you lost?"

The person glanced at her before smiling widely. She removed her hat and sunglasses to reveal a somewhat familiar foreign face with fiery red hair. The black pearls she wore in her ears only reinforced the memory of the woman. "Mouri-chan!" she exclaimed in surprisingly decent Japanese. "Suzuki-chan! Do you remember me?"

Ran did. "Roth-san, right?" she asked for clarification, remembering the Club A opening gala. Anika Roth was the heiress and owner of the Club A line, and the woman had been devastated when three of her friends had been made suspects for a murder at the gala party. At least Hattori Heiji and Conan had figured out which of her three suspected friends had been the culprit.

She looked much better now. "Right! How have you been?"

"Great. And you?"

"Fine, fine. Anna and I went to the hot springs to cheer up after the whole Club A incident. Japan definitely has awesome natural baths."

"We do. Would you like to come in?" she asked, gesturing to the agency door.

Anika Roth made an apologetic face. "Actually, I can't. I just came here to repay a favour."

"A favour?" Sonoko looked confused.

"Yes. I wanted to thank you, Mouri-chan and Toyama-chan for your kind words and support back in Club A. I think you girls were the only reason why I didn't have a complete breakdown. And speaking of which, where is Toyama-chan? I thought you were close friends?"

"We are," Ran assured her. "She just lives in Osaka, that's all."

"Ah, okay. Oh," she said, finally noticing Sera-san. "I'm sorry, I don't believe we met. Anika Roth, nice to meet you."

Sera-san shook her offered hand. "Sera Masumi, and the same goes for me."

"This is actually great," Roth-san smiled. "But before I try to repay the favour, I just need to ask you something. Are you girls fans of the group BIS?"

Sonoko shrieked before any of them could answer. "The BIS? Like, the Korean boy group BIS?!"

Roth-san nodded. "I take it Suzuki-chan is a fan. What about the two of you?"

"I like them fine," Sera-san shrugged, much to Ran's surprise. "Decent songs, nice choreography and they try hard."

Huh. She hadn't seemed like a person into boy groups. Sera-san was definitely a surprising, unexpected person.

"And you, Mouri-chan?"

"I like them," she said honestly. Out of all the countless K-pop stars Ran thought they were the most memorable, and she liked some of their songs.

"Great," and with that the foreign woman handed her an envelope. "Do you know about the BIS concert taking place this week?"

Sonoko nodded enthusiastically. "So these are the tickets for . . .?"

Anika Roth smiled instead of verbally replying and the heiress shrieked ecstatically. "How'd you get these? Even my family couldn't get them!"

"The manager for the boys happens to be my friend and she always saves some tickets for me. This time she saved four but I can't make it because I'm returning to Canada tomorrow and I thought it would be a terrible waste to just let them rot, so . . . ."

Sera-san took the envelope and looked inside. "There are more than four tickets in here," she noted.

"Oh, right. This time, my friend also heard about what happened in Club A and she wanted to cheer me up so she sent me four backstage passes to the after party. After the concert you'll be escorted to a secondary location by limo where you'll be able to meet them in person. There's only six other passes like these, so it isn't going to be a huge event or anything like that. Don't worry, they're all really nice boys."

"We get to meet them?" Sonoko looked like she was about to die of happiness. "In person?"


She let out another ecstatic shriek.

Getting her father to agree hadn't been a problem. Somehow, he had been invited to a fashion show scheduled that day where Okino Yoko was going to be a guest model. As far as that particular day was concerned, the world could end and he wouldn't care as long as he was able to watch the idol walk down the walkway in various different pieces of clothing.

Edogawa Conan, on the other hand, was a different story. "Can't I go with you?" he asked, playing his adorableness to the maximum amount. "I have nothing to do."

"I'm so sorry, Conan-kun," she shrugged apologetically, feeling bad. Even if Roth-san hadn't made them promise to save one ticket for Kazuha and given the last ticket to Sera-san, he still wouldn't have been allowed in. The concert's age limit was ten, and the after party's was fifteen. "Maybe you could stay over at the professor's house for that day? I promise I'll make you something special for dinner the next day."

He put on a brave face, but she could tell he really didn't want her to go. "Okay," he said dejectedly, in such a heartbreaking voice that she nearly cancelled the entire thing before remembering Sonoko withdrawing a promise nearly rivalling a blood oath in its complexity from both her and Sera-san to not back out of this no matter what. Despite the dramatics the young heiress had really wanted to go meet her idols with her friends.

What were friends for? "Thanks, Conan-kun!" she said.

After a few silent moments, he spoke again. "I don't get why BIS is such a big deal," he said, sounding like a sullen and – dare she think it – jealous teenage boy.

Ran lifted and dropped her shoulders, answering his question while shrugging off his maturity. Somewhat. Most teenage boys weren't really that mature, even if they all seemed to have a near-unanimous dislike for 1315. "They're just charismatic, I guess."

It was kind of true. Each and every one of them had an eye-catching quality and the ability to keep the eyes on them once they caught them. The group leader, SD, for example, was the fashion trendsetter for South Korea and several other Asian countries. There were even talks of him getting his own clothing brand, instead of wearing every other famous name to make it the next big thing.

Most of her knowledge on the group came from Sonoko. Recently, the young heiress had fallen in deep love with the Korean group, especially the rapper VICK after watching some television show where he played the role of a stylish assassin. Ran watched a few episodes for the sake of understanding her friend's interests and whole-heartedly agreed the rapper was very good looking, although the storyline itself was a bit cheesy. The drama itself was overall well-made.

She thought Conan would find the story funny. "Sonoko's favorite member of the group is VICK. You know, the rapper? She really liked him after watching a K-drama where he was an assassin working for a crime organization deeply infiltrated in every aspect of seemingly normal life. The boss of that crime organization was never shown, but everyone had a code name and wore black so it was pretty easy to tell who the bad guys were."

Ran didn't get why Conan began to thump his head against the dishwasher. "Conan-kun, stop that! You'll hurt yourself!"

He stopped, looking almost . . . exasperated? "Sorry, Ran-neechan," he apologized, not looking particularly sorry at all. "It's just . . . that's a really bad story."

"I know," she blushed. Despite the obvious bad and almost clichéd storyline she had still enjoyed the few episodes. "But that kind of thing would never happen in actual life, right?"

Conan bashed his head one last time into the spot on the dishwasher. "Right," he answered, hair considerably messier than it had been before she had told him about the drama's general plot.

Ran had the feeling that she was touching some kind of sensitive subject. She couldn't quite imagine what, though. Conan, despite his strange ability to become a magnet for murder, white-dressed thieves infamous for magic and mysteries, wouldn't have anything to do with a crime organization like that. Even he didn't have that kind of misfortune.

What would they call themselves? She thought as she put away the last dish. The drama had chosen to keep the name of the crime ring a secret, but Ran knew they had a name – the protagonists had been trying to find it before the assassin played by VICK threw himself off a cliff.

Maybe something like the Black Organization, since they all wore black.

Laughing out loud at her ridiculous fancies - organizations like that didn't exist! - and receiving a strange look from her younger brother figure, Ran wiped her hand on the kitchen towel and went off to do her homework.

Rant Corner: Two reasons why this took so long. One, because I wanted a Vocaloid fic to be my hundredth fic. Which I have now achieved so all is well (this one is #102). Two because I had a hard time coming up with the names for BIS members. It's easier to come up with names for people that speak a language you don't understand because you can blame your lack of comprehension on their awkward sounding-ness. (I'm Korean, though I haven't been there in a long time and sound like a kid)

In all fairness, I could have just said that coming up with Korean names for celebrities is hard for me. It is. I admit it. Which is why I cheated with a lot of them. VICK, for example, is based off T.O.P. VICK is the name of the assassin from the drama IRIS. Hence why Ran was thinking about a crime organization, though that's not the exact plot of IRIS (Actually, I wouldn't know, I never watched it). SD, as I'm sure you can all tell, was based off G-Dragon (fashion idol). Others will appear later in the story and their names, I assure you, gave me a headache. I solved it with some divine intervention from the god that cures writer's block - the internet. Specifically Wikipedia.

So yes, I cheated a bit with their names - but hey, cut me a little slack here.

Also, the title. Since the OCs appearing in this fic have been based on BIGBANG - and then there are the other fangirls but let's not go there - it's only right that I use one of their songs as the title (all of the other stories in this series, minus Clockwork Relations, have a song name for a title).

Well, my favourite songs from BIGBANG happen to be: Strong Baby (SeungRi solo, still counts), Fantastic Baby, Lies, Haru Haru, Heartbreaker (yeah, GD solo, still counts), Red Sunset and Last Farewell, not necessarily in that order.

Out of all of them I thought Last Farewell would be the best title for this fic. I was sad about not being able to name it Fantastic Baby (because that is my current favourite. Hey, don't judge me. Besides, boomshakalaka.) But Last Farewell is great! (Bass! B to the I to the G! Bang Bang!)

Thanks for reading through all this.