Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot.

Summary: Kuki has reached her teenage years, the last of her old team to do so. There's just one problem: She remembers. Well, remembers enough to know she's forgotten something.

Chapter 0: Prelude Pains.

Kuki Sanban looked down at her scarcely clad self and back down at the last toy from her childhood, smiling at the obvious signs she'd grown up and wondering about the past. Her brow slowly furrowed as she struggled to remember most of it.

She thought and thought but nothing- not one single tiny thing- came to mind.

Her brain felt scattered. Scrambled and shook until she was left with no memories. No memories…

Kuki fell to her knees and clutched at her head, which throbbed very painfully, okay? Dragging herself onto her bed she sat on the covers and tried very hard to not think anymore.

Brief and vague flashes of a machine and lots of head pain later, Kuki was a childhood short and one of her mom's stolen headache relievers down.

Faintly she heard the doorbell ring and her mom yelled up at her, "Kuki, your friends are here!"

Kuki's heart plummeted. Friends? She had forgotten her friends, her life, everything! They'd hate her now!

Taking in a deep breath she looks at her reflection in the mirror, turning this way and that, and felt awkward.

Black and white chuck heels, sheer thigh high stockings, a tight green mini dress, and a black long sleeved cropped over shirt that draped to make her dress look like a shirt and had off the shoulder but tight sleeves.

Why did the Kuki in the mirror look different from how she expected to look?

Shaking it off and brushing her waist long black hair behind her ear, she took off, racing to meet her friends.

She just hoped they could help her fill in the blanks.