I am up at 1 in the morning writing. I am bored. This is probably going to have some Sherlock torture in it so... yeah. I am kind of scared to write this haha! Let me know what you think! Please review, it helps a lot!

Sherlock was bored. John was out, going shopping, and probably having another row with the chip&pin machine. He had taken his gun, in case Sherlock tried to shoot anymore holes in the wall. All of Sherlock's experiments were in the waiting process. He had absolutely nothing to do. He lay there for awhile, not thinking. A sudden scream broke the silence. Sherlock sprang to his feet. He almost wanted to cheer, even if it was a false alarm, it was something to do. But the scream had sounded urgent, he needed to get down to- Mrs. Hudson. It was her. Sherlock practically fell down the stairs.

"Mrs. Hudson! Mrs. Hudson are you okay!?" no answer, but the commotion stopped. Sherlock realized now he had been hearing scuffling. He darted into the hallway. Mrs. Hudson was being held over the shoulder of a big burly man, who had placed a gag in her mouth.

Sherlock felt white hot anger pulsing through him. He didn't care for a lot of people, but Mrs. Hudson was special. She was his landlady, and England would fall if any harm came to her.

"Let. Her. GO."

The man smirked. Without speaking he handed the landlady to a man behind him. Sherlock hadn't known there were two men. The first man walked toward him. Sherlock took a step back, not knowing if he could take the huge beast before him. The man had Sherlock cornered. He couldn't go into the flat and leave Mrs. Hudson. He couldn't get past the man. He would have to fight.

Sherlock charged, knowing already the outcome of this move.

The man did something unexpected. Sherlock had expected him to grab his out stretched arms. The man instead wrapped his large meaty hands around Sherlock's neck, and squeezed. Sherlock panicked. He couldn't leave Mrs. Hudson. He clawed at the hands, scratched, kicked, and attempted to bite. It was futile. They were too strong. Sherlock Holmes passed out.

"Oh Sherlock!" Mrs. Hudson yelled through her gag. Well, she tried. It came out more like "o sherwok!" Mrs. Hudson was scared, and angry that these men would try to hurt one of her boys. She wanted to lash out, but the men were too big. They placed Sherlock in a large bag, carried both out the back, and into a truck. They set Mrs. Hudson down with care. They tossed Sherlock into the back, the bag he was in landed with a loud clang against the metal. The men got into the truck and drove off, right as John Watson returned.