Warning the following chapter contains smut, i.e. strong mention of sex.

Kaidan casually strolled into the Loft, shoulders relaxed for the first time in hours, carrying Shepard to his own amazement.

The bravado of slipping through Shepard's "anti-helpless" net, which she so jealously guards, simply by picking her up in a traditional bridal hold, fueled Kaidan's steps.

She never leans on me; tonight I will teach her so feels safe to do so.

Shepard was already half dozing off, eyes half closed, in the time it took for a few short steps to reach the bed. I hope Kaidan doesn't bring up the "topic", maybe if I pretend to sleep…

Noticing, he changed her position from being held to sitting on his lap like a child being told a bed time story, her head still on his shoulders craning into his neck.

He craned his own head, turning to plant a kiss on cheek and touch his forehead with her own, gazing into her eyes. I guess Kaidan leaves me with no choice…

"Lisa, we need to talk." Stating in his warm voice, a whisper only between the two of them. Lisa, we damn right need to talk.

Fresh from Chakwas interrogation, she really was in, in her opinion, no mood to talk. She attempted again to dodge Kaidan's soft questioning and untimely concerned eyes to sulk into Kaidan, pushing him back, willing him to drop the subject and simply lie down with her.

Kaidan would have none of this. Enough is enough.

Picking her up, he took his left arm to lift Shepard's chin to his eye level, like a parent ready to scold a young child on his/her lap.

"Lisa, you are precious to me. Your troubles are my troubles. Your pain is my pain." He started, his voice shaking, wavering to the bottled up protective concerns.

"I wasn't there with you when you woke up, I wasn't there with you after Horizon, I wasn't there with you through your confinement on Earth, but I am here now." Tears ran down his cheeks, his body shaking, partially hugging Shepard.

"I want you to know, whatever happens, I will be here. You can lean on any of us, but especially, you can lean on me, because I love you." He concluded, running his hands through Shepard's soft silky hair, and enveloping her into a bundle of warm Alenko.

Shepard was shocked at Kaidan's display of underlying guilt, loyalty and love.

Taking herself out of her pleasant shock, she reached to Kaidan, simultaneous pushing him to the bed and engaging him in deep kiss, a mouth war of intimate and passionate emotion. Sitting on top of his stomach, she slided to lie on his side. Kaidan copied her movement, until they both were laying on the bed, facing each other, holding each others hands.

They sat there in relative peacefulness, minutes passing before Shepard timidly spoke.


"I remember everything. Prothean visions and how..." She stilled, her body frozen in fear lost in waking nightmare.

"Hey, hey, I'm here." He said, propping himself on his elbow, pulling Shepard into him. He could feel her short warm breath and cold tears on his neck. "Please tell me, what do you remember?" He prodded into the sobbing darkness.

"I lied to Miranda. I lied to all of you. I remember dying." She finally gasped, in-between her sobbing session.

"The window…" She pointed upwards. "…does not help the nightmares either."

Kaidan spared a glance upwards, noticing a crystal clear window into the abyss of space.

"Oh, Lisa." He quietly uttered, keeping a firmer grasp on her, to make her feel safe.

Oh, god didn't Cerberus read her psych profile or know how she died?

"Stay?" She suddenly asked, her inquiring eyes gazing into Kaidan's soul.

"Of course. I'll even do one better." He replied with a grin.

He grabbed Shepard, digging his head into her neck, rubbing and kissing all exposed skin. He brashly took off her shirt, shifting over her, attacking the freshly revealed skin.

Shepard groaned, the tension rolling of her, relaxing and relishing Kaidan's constant touch.

Kaidan didn't slow down.

Finishing his first tour of kisses, he moved to remove bra and pants from the equation.

Kaidan's caressing touch built up enough confidence, for her to return fire.

She toppled Kaidan, ripping his own shift off and assaulting with kisses of her own, starting from the neck pecking down his chest.

She was acutely aware, of Kaidan's now showing restraint. She teased it further, by staying in the area with kisses and savouring licks, and removing his pants none too gently.

He moaned against her, he in turned seized her, returning to their previous status quo, him on top.

The freshly revealed breasts from before, called to him, and he paid no expense attending to them.

Dotting small kisses up and down interspersed with licks and squeezing.

The loving sounds of groans, squeals and moans from Shepard were the only things he needed to know his success rate.

Intent on improving, he removed his whites, and lined his penis up.

Slowly, caressing her as he did, whispering reassuringly, he entered her.

The moment was marked by simultaneous gasps of sudden joy.

He resisted the urge to blindly attack, instead shifting in and out, slowly, allowing Shepard to have some degree of control.

His thrusting slowly but surely sped up, incrementally. He lifted Shepard's leg over him, to reach deeper and to hit more satisfying tightness and completeness, before being overcome by desire to accelerate things.

For Shepard, it was glorious.

His being, inside of her felt so good, a tingly sensation of pleasure and adrenaline. His smooth touch and grasp gave her a sense of security unknown before.

He picked up her other leg, and began to fully immerse into her. Striking deep, striking fulfilment.

The air filled with slapping of bodies, moans of pleasure as both overtook their climax.

They finally relaxed, curling into each other for warmth, a pleasurable feeling of giddiness and for Shepard I haven't felt this alive, this happiness for so long.

"Kaidan?" She murmured into his ear.

"Hmm?" He responded, turning to face her.

"I'm glad we had this talk, I love you." She simply uttered, wrapping herself into Kaidan's warm comfortable chest-pillow.

Kaidan could only feel elated. I'm glad we had this talk too.

"Me too."

He grabbed the nearby sheets and blankets, draping them over him and Shepard.

Settling into a peaceful sleep, free of nightmares and for the moment everything that every happened.