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Sleep had been difficult for the members of the Gaang, their memories of the previous night still clear within their minds. For Toph who had not been able to see the battle which had raged, she had been able to feel the immense heat and pressure that radiated from the pink haired firebender. For the Avatar himself, he could not recall such a time as having seen a firebending style resembling anything that Natsu had used. Not only that, but Natsu had the tendency to shout out the name of his attacks just prior to using them, as if by doing so he was able to channel much more power into the strikes. Whether or not this was effective was still a mystery as Natsu had been able to overpower everybody who had come close to him, at least within the opening minutes of the bout.

Katara was thinking about the bout from a different perspective, that from the eyes of a healer. She had watched amazed at the display of control that Natsu had held throughout the entire battle, not once was a movement wasted. However such a state did not last long as bigger and more destructive attacks started to hit their mark. She recalled one moment where a chunk of earth at three times the size of Natsu had caught him in the chest with such force that she imagined several ribs would have cracked under the pressure. As each attack hit it's mark however, it had only seemed to spur the firebender on, as if the pain was helping him push forward and reach new heights. The strangest thing though was not the damage that the Dai Li were dealing to him but rather the damage he wasn't doing to himself. For a good portion of the battle Natsu's fist had been on fire, and not in a metaphorical sense but literally on fire to the point where the skin on his hands should have melted off the bone. Yet not once did the heat seem to faze him and Katara pondered on how much time and effort Natsu had to have put into his training in order to have so much control over something like that.

As for Sokka, his mind wasn't so much on the battle itself but what had occurred beforehand. He couldn't help but be impressed by the amount of fighting abilities Natsu had and wondered how things would have turned out had the group have confronted Natsu physically rather than with words. Yet this was pushed to the back of his mind for the moment as he considered the things which had been mentioned before Long Feng and the Dai Li had arrived. Whether or not he believed the stories about Natsu being brought up by a dragon or fighting one for that matter were true or not, he did believe the thing about Natsu having come from a different planet, or dimension, or something. The constant not knowing of things that were pretty common knowledge such as the existence of the Avatar was a pretty bug giveaway. Yet that in turn only raised more questions. If Natsu had come from a different world, then had anybody else done the same?

The strangest thing however was the way that Long Feng had acted. At first when he had seen Natsu he had played it as if the pink haired firebender was merely a lowly citizen who he had never made contact with. It was pretty clear though that Natsu knew him and after the first strike (or breath depending on what way you looked at it) was thrown Long Feng's attitude did a complete one eighty on the situation to the point where he actually stated that the two parties had already collided on a previous occasion. As Sokka scratched at his chin, he couldn't help but wonder why Long Feng would want to keep the fact that he knew Natsu beforehand quiet. The only logical reason he could think of was that the government member knew of the fact that Natsu was a firebender, but that went against everything that the man stood for considering he was responsible for the government heritage thingy or something along those lines. Yet why did Long Feng pretend not to know Natsu before the firebender went on the attack? Did he simply not want to be associated with the teenager or was there something more to it? His thoughts however were cut off as the first rays of the morning light pierced through the window and burned at his eyes, forcing his hand up to shield the sun from his sight. With the new day rising and the information Natsu had given them, he couldn't help but feel like they were already one step closer to finding Appa.


Natsu awoke within the dark desolate area of a prison cell, his body bound by chains of solid steel. The chains weren't the major problem however as his eyes began to adjust to the darkness of the room he could see that dozens of spikes of earth were pressed gently into the joints of his body. Natsu could tell that a single movement of his right arm would cause a spike at his elbow joint to pierce into his flesh, and if he put enough force into it maybe cripple him for life. More than enough force could possibly even tear straight through the joint and rip off a chunk of his arm, something which kept him in place momentarily.

Turning his attention to the surrounding areas he found that the accommodation was rather cramped. A steel door was all that separated him from...whatever was on the other side of the door but Natsu imagined that there were a few guards on duty to ensure he remained in his cell. It wasn't often that he sighed in defeat, but since he rather like the use of his limbs he had little option but to wait and see what fate had in store for him. By the fact that he was still alive after his defeat gave him several indications that he would remain alive for at least a little while longer, to what point and purpose though he couldn't tell. For now all he could do was wait and internally yell at himself for getting defeated like he had.

Unlike normal goons he often fought, the Dai Li fought as a cohesive unit and the result of which was a typhoon of power washing down on him. It wasn't like he hadn't fought back, more than half their number would be spending the day recovering from their wounds while the rest would likely have restless nights envisioning the monster they had encountered. Natsu's fist clenched, anger writhing inside as a menacing glare grazed his face. When he got out of here, there would be all hell to face.


As the day came to a close, the events that had occurred all round could hardly be called a small achievement. After dispersing flyers across the Ba Sing Se, Aang and the group had been reunited with their tour guide 'Joo De' and were less than pleased at the talking they received. One thing lead to another and they were also reunited with the Freedom Fighter Jet who they discovered had been brainwashed, and that had been where several pieces had fallen into place. Using the information that both Jet and Natsu had spoken about they were able to figure out that the Dai Li had a secret organization underneath Lake Laogai. They weren't the only ones to figure it out however.

Zuko, having found out about Appa through one of the distributed notes, found his own way of getting to Lake Laogai and once inside the hidden fortress, after some meaningful words from his uncle, released Appa from captivity before escaping. Meanwhile the Freedom Fighters along with Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph took arms against the Dai Li and Long Feng, who while reduced in number still proved a difficult task to handle.

While all this was going on however there was one other occupant within the underwater walls of Lake Laogai. Unnoticed by all, she crept along the corridors with ease after having discovered the secret entrance located above the water. She dared not make a sound, the young girl having been sent here by Guru Pathik after the Avatar had failed to show at the Eastern Air Temple. Even though she wouldn't say it upfront, she was thankful to be away from the guru as she was unsure for just how much longer she could suffer the taste of onion and banana juice.

From where the young girl was, she could hear destruction raging around her but was timid about joining the battle. She had healed after the fight with Acnologia but having woken up in a strange world had still shaken her something chronic. The sights, the animals, nothing resembled anything she knew of and without Charle by her side she felt isolated and alone, much like she had before she had run into Jellal many years ago.

Ahead, the sound of the battle faded and she couldn't help but be curious as to what the outcome was. Edging closer step by step, she found her way to an open door and peeked her head through, only to duck away as an arrow zipped past her head. "Who goes there!" shouted Smellerbee as the ever silent Longshot readied another arrow.

"Sorry, I mean no harm," said the young girl as she walked into the path of the door with her hands in the air. To say that the two members of the Freedom Fighters were surprised by the sight of a girl younger than they were would have been an understatement.

"What are you doing here?" asked Smellerbee as she regained composure, contemplating the young girl as an enemy.

"Who is it?" asked Jet, the leader of the Freedom Fighters struggling to say the words as he felt his life leaving his body.

"Is he hurt?" asked the girl as she edged closer, Longshot pulling back on his string just in case any sudden moves were made.

"Don't move any closer!" warned Smellerbee.

"I can heal him," said the blue haired girl as she kept her hands raised in the air.

"What makes you think we can trust you?" asked Smellerbee.

"You can't," said the girl, knowing the situation the two parties were in.

"What do you think?" Smellerbee asked of Longshot. The stoic archer looked at his partner for a second before lowering his bow, not a single word leaving his mouth. "Fine but if you make a single move that looks suspicious we will hurt you," warned Smellerbee as she stepped out of the way, allowing the blue haired girl to see Jet. Kneeling next to the leader of the Freedom Fighter, the young girl placed her hands over his chest, a soft green glow emitting from her palms which entranced Smellerbee and Longshot. For a full minute nobody moved before the young girl stopped what she was doing and rubbed her brow and not a few seconds later Jet sat up, his wounds seemingly gone.

"I feel incredible," said the Freedom Fighter as he touched the part of his stomach that had been struck by Long Feng's earthbending skills. "Thank you."

"No problem," she said with a smile as she got to her feet, brushing off the dirt that had rubbed onto her skirt.

"I'm Jet," said the brown haired teen as he got to his feet. "These are my Freedom Fighters, Smellerbee and Longshot."

"I'm Wendy," said the Sky Dragon Slayer as she smiled broadly. "A friend of mine told me that I could find somebody called the Avatar here, do you know where I could find him?"

"Well it's your lucky day, because he was just here," said Jet as he walked to the wall where his weapon was still protruding from the structure. Gripping onto the handle and giving a hard yank, the weapon was pulled free and safely back within the hands of its owner. "Let's go catch up to him."

"Thank you," said Wendy giving a light bow which mildly disgusted Smellerbee, wondering what kind of high class this blue haired girl was from.

"Let's hurry, we might miss them otherwise," said Jet as he charged forward, his two companions plus the young blue haired girl following as they ran through the concrete tunnels. Looking over his shoulder, Jet looked at Wendy before focusing forward once more and while he wouldn't question it now, once they were out he needed to know just how she had healed him.


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