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He was falling.

He was tumbling through the sky, away from the eclipse, and away from the calming voice. He crashed through a thick patch of trees, branches snagging at his sleeves and pants, occasionally slicing his skin and leaving a trickle of blood. He landed in a thin pile of snow underneath a tree. It was cold – he sluggishly sat up and shivered violently. His clothes were soaking wet and he grunted in discomfort. The water…

He gasped as he looked around himself. The snow he had landed in had completely melted.

Standing up, he tugged at the red fabric of his robe. He frowned. Where his fingers touched the silky material, it was no longer wet. Slightly damp, maybe, but dry nonetheless.

He tilted his head in confusion, but paused when he heard rustling behind him. Cautiously, he turned around. Nothing but bushes and trees, most of their leaves gone. And snow. He exhaled, not realizing he had held his breath the whole time. The bush by his side rustled again, causing his shoulders to suddenly tense up and he could feel the hair on his arms stand up. Danger was near. He faced the bush and without thinking, his left arm shot out in front of him while bending the other, pressing it securely by his side. His legs were parted into a firm stance and his fists were curled tightly. He didn't know why he had done that, since the posture made him feel a little bit silly.

Somehow the stance felt...right.

He kept his glare at the suspicious looking bush, and shuffled a little closer. Craning his neck, he caught a glimpse of something blue. He reached out to move a branch out of the way, dying leaves rustling as he did so.

A sudden cold thud on his back caused him to tumble face-first into the snow dusted bush. He yelped as the limbs of the shrub attacked his face. He scrambled out of the pile of twigs the plant had reduced into. He spat out leaves that stuck on his tongue, and spun around, looking for whoever had thrown the snowball at him.

Standing by a tree a couple of meters away was a blonde kid about 10 years old, snowballs cradled in his arms.

"Dang it, I missed!" the kid hissed.

Zuko looked furiously at him. "What? No you didn't! What are you-"

"GOT YOU NOW!" A squeaky voice shouted behind Zuko, from where the bush was, but before he could react, balls of snow pelted him and he fell over again.

"H-how did..?" the voice stuttered.

Zuko stood himself up once more, and gave the squeaky voiced, brown-eyed kid a nasty look. "Look you little-"

"The snowballs just..."

"Stopped," the blonde boy finished for his friend.

Zuko whipped around, from kid to kid. "What are you talking about?"

Fits of laughter sounded close by, grabbing the attention of the two boys. "There you guys are!" a tall girl wearing a white toque called out. "Bet you guys were camping the whole time."

Behind her, a larger girl snickered. "Wimps."

"I wasn't camping!" the blondie huffed and pushed his orange frames up. He pointed a gloved finger at the kid with the squeaky voice. "Jamie was!"

"Shut up, Monty!" the Jamie kid retorted and shoved his friend's shoulder.

The kids started to head back towards a faint path that Zuko hadn't noticed before. He furrowed his brows, confused. Why were the kids not responding to him? It was as if he was invisible to them. "Fine, ignore me then!" He threw his hands into the air. "It's not like you need to apologize or anything!"

But the children kept walking, and he could hear them talk amongst themselves, their voices slowly fading. He stood there, arms crossed, watching them disappear through the pine trees. He sighed heavily. Maybe he could follow them - not in a stalkerish-creeper way, but just to see where they were headed. Who knows, they could lead him out of this forest - he was getting quite sick of getting nicked in places by these branches of death. Maybe he could also find someone mature enough to actually acknowledge his existence.

He stomped after them, glad to finally see some buildings in the distance, as odd as they looked to him. They were large and square; the roofs were dusted with fresh, powdery snow; and several rows of windows lined almost every single wall he saw. They were out of the forest now, and the dirt path was replaced with hard, solid grey rock. It was mostly smooth, with a couple finger-like cracks extending from the sides. He looked up and squinted - long, black wires that hung from wooden poles placed uniformly along the road. Several civilians walked past, paying him no attention whatsoever. He realized how behind he was from the kids, and quickly jogged to catch up to them. They came across where four different roads met and the kids strolled across, leaving Zuko behind as he stood hesitantly, staring at the rumbling metal things on wheels. He made his way across carefully, but something caught his eye.

Glancing up, he saw a thin figure soaring across the sky, like it was surfing the wind. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Great, now I'm seeing things.." he muttered to himself. "I need to meditate more."

He turned back to the road - where he could've sworn the kids were a second ago. He whipped around, searching for them. His breathing got shallow - he wasn't familiar with this place at all, and now he was lost. With no memories of how he ended up here in the first place, he was completely and utterly vulnerable.

A young man in a beige trench coat was walking towards him, and Zuko opened his mouth to ask him for help. He raised his hand to grab the man's attention, but he unacknowledged Zuko, walking right pass him. Zuko scoffed. Did that man just ignore him?

Chasing after him, Zuko called out, "hey, excuse me!" He reached out to grab the man's shoulder, expecting to feel the thick fabric of the coat against his palm - but instead, he felt nothing, his hand slipping though the man's body. Confused, Zuko reached out again with the same results. He waved his arms through the man, still not feeling anything solid.

He felt numb and confused. What was happening to him? He stared at the palms of his hands, searching for answers. His body was trembling, and he stumbled backwards before breaking into a run. He swerved around civilians that he ran by, afraid of going through them again, like some kind of - of ghost.

Am I dead? I can't be -

Zuko's shoulder collided with a another, and he yelled out in pain, nearly stumbling onto the concrete. He turned around, his hand grasping his shoulder where it stung most.

"Whoa there, buddy," a lanky white-haired boy said. "Watch where-" His eyes widened at the sight of Zuko, who didn't look like or dress like all the other regular kids.

"I'm sorry! I was just - something weird is happening to me and I'm freaking out-"

"You can see me?" The boy asked, ignoring Zuko's blabber.

Zuko let go of his shoulders as it suddenly dawned on him that he had bumped into the boy. As in, a physical touch, where he didn't simply pass through like a spirit. "... I don't know what's going on. I think I'm going crazy."

The boy seemed to be mumbling to himself excitedly. "But he's not a little kid!" He then looked directly at Zuko, blue eyes glimmering as he smiled toothily. "You believe in me?"

"I what?"

"You can see me! So you must believe in me!"

Zuko narrowed his eyes at the strange kid. "Believe what?"

"In me! Jack Frost!"

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