Black Beauty

She watched him walk away from her. He'd apologised but she wasn't sure he meant it. Did he? She watched him walk away from her as she continued to think about whether he'd really meant it.

He'd apologised to her. Couldn't fucking believe he'd actually fucking apologised to her. What the fuck? He was turning into a fucking pussy. He walked outside into the sunlight. Fucking people were turning him soft in the head like they'd already turned his brother. But she was beautiful. He stopped as that thought struck home. He knew the Governor had wanted her in the worst way. The worst possible way. The Governor wanted to break her. He didn't want to break her. He just wanted her.

She watched him handle the weapons. Even with one hand he was adept. She admired that. The prosthesis he used with a knife attached did nothing to impede him. She shook her head mentally as she wondered whether he'd had that bright idea or if the Governor had thought of it. Didn't matter anyway, it was a good invention in their current world. Her brow furrowed as she realised there was something in him that she admired. She didn't want to admire anything about him.

The fucking Korean had gotten a shower working. Who'd have thought he had it in him? He'd been on watch, His Black Beauty had been with him. Said she wanted to keep an eye on him. Fuck that shit. He smiled a cold smile as he watched them in yard talking about what order they'd shower in.

She stayed on her watch looking at him every time she turned in his direction. She made no secret of it. It certainly didn't bother him. He was looking back at her every time. As if he could sense her looking at him. Or if he was already looking at her. Her heart skipped a beat every time their eyes met. And every time she ignored it.

He finished his watch handing over to the Cop's kid. He snorted at this as he slammed down the stairs. He went inside being brought up by Daryl who handed him a towel and some soap with some fresh clothes. He told him where the shower was. Fuck, he didn't want a shower. He wanted to lay his arse down for a couple of hours.

She switched off the shower bending over and shaking out her dreads. As she did so she saw boots behind her.

His Black Beauty was truly beautiful.