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"I want you to make it up to me."

"...Excuse me?"

"...You heard me..."

Regina opens her mouth in the hopes that some form of retort will come tumbling from her lips, but as it is, she simply lets out a low, audible breath as her eyes flicker uneasily in silent combat with the blonde's own; entirely unnerved by the way Emma dominates what is by all accounts a most peculiar situation.

Closing her mouth primly and leaning back in her chair, she creates a little more space between them, but it does nothing to thwart the intensity that thrums like an electric charge within the room. She is sure she can almost taste the younger woman in the very air she breathes, and she is loathe to admit, it is a flavor for which she could well grow partial.

"What are you doing?"

That question again, but, just as she had known that the irksome woman had been up to no good in the parking lot outside Mary Margaret's, she recognises the slow smile that Emma offers in the here and now to hold nothing but deviance.

And it excites her.

Excites?... But I have already served her swift justice... Taught her a lesson... She taunted and teased so I played right back... I won... Surely?

But why then... Why then if this is just a game, does she effect me so?

A good question, and one she begrudges irritably of her psyche. She had been sure it would be a while coming before the blonde recovered from their activities the previous day; sure that she had left Emma belittled and confused by her sudden rising to the bait and taking it just that little bit further...

Now though... Well, now her head aches and the lace between her thighs is dampening fast.

"What am I doing? Really, Regina? What am I doing?"

"You don't need to repeat yourself; I am neither deaf nor lacking in intelligence."

A light chuckle at this, and she frowns as pretty white teeth flash enticingly, before the blonde leans over the desk so far that it must be somewhat uncomfortable and addresses her, once more nose to nose.

"Then why are you asking such stupid questions?"

And with that, pale lips crash against scarlet; the Mayor letting out a small noise of protest, even as her hands defy her and launch themselves eagerly into tangled tresses.

She stands in response to a small tug to the lapels of her shirt from the blonde, and edges around the desk so that she may deepen their kiss with greater ease; not because Emma clearly wishes for her to do so, but because she herself feels the desire.

She clings on to the importance of this fact as her eyes slip closed and a pale finger traces a curious line from the hollow between her clavicles, across her collarbone to the right, before travelling back across to the left; the younger woman's nail skimming perfect flesh hard enough to elicit a sordid shudder, but not cruel enough to leave a mark.

For, when it comes to the darker woman's punishment; Emma has other ideas.

Purring appreciatively against the blonde's flesh as she dips her head to taste the pale expanse of her throat, the Mayor is too intoxicated by the moment to ponder on whether or not it is wise to allow slim fingers to continue their journey downwards, as, one by one, the delicate buttons of her shirt are fiddled loose.

A thumb brushing roughly over soft satin has her taking in a sharp breath and deeming her leniency to be very wise indeed.

"Take it off..."

A low demand whispered raspily into her ear, but she is not so far gone that she is about to start taking orders from Emma Swan. Leaning back, she regards the younger woman darkly, noticing that the latter's impish Cheshire grin still remains.

"An eye for an eye, dear."

She demands sultrily, so used to the blonde's ways that she readies herself for argument reflexively, but the younger woman simply shrugs and rids herself of both her sweater and the t-shirt she wears beneath in one swift move; letting the garments fall carelessly to the floor.

"Nothing you haven't seen before."

Emma states casually, green eyes continuing to flicker over the delectable expanse of the Mayor's own flesh in a way that has the darker woman's cheeks flushing not with embarrassment, but excitement.

Regina keeps to herself that- while true- this fact bares little significance, as the sight she takes in is made no less enjoyable through repetition. On the contrary, to be allowed the time to drink in pale flesh in the warm comfort of her office is most pleasurable, and- while she imagines such symbolism is lost on the blonde- she can't help but find a cynical appreciation for the stark contrast between the younger woman's simple black bra and her own intricate white satin and lace.

"Then show me more."

She counteracts in the same, low tone Emma uses; dark eyes glittering with the challenge.

In all fairness, it should be she herself to make the next move if they are to be taking turns, but she has no interest in whether or not this is fair. What she does have an interest in is the most peculiar fact that the younger woman proceeds to do as she is told; negating to bicker and argue in that ever vexing way of hers. Such out of character compliance would ordinarily arouse suspicion, but the brunette currently finds herself rather preoccupied by a vast expanse of bare flesh as the blonde shucks her jeans; managing to make the removal of her heavy boots with the rough denim still suspended halfway down slim legs obscurely graceful.

"Tit for tat."

The younger woman quips, with a little too much sass for one stood in their underwear and mismatched socks in Regina's opinion. Her wording garners a smirk however, and the darker woman flicks her hair back primly; her smile widening as the younger woman moves forward to stand flush against her, pale lips brushing against scarlet as Emma hisses

"Or are you going to let me win so easily...?"

Nipping cruelly at the blonde's kiss-swollen bottom lip in rebuttal, the Mayor growls, slipping a slender arm expertly behind her back, before her intention is intercepted by the younger woman's own wandering fingers.

"Do you mind?!"

She admonishes with breathless irritability as the blonde snaps open the clasp of her bra before proceeding to tug at the item with about as much finesse as one might expect of a sex-starved adolescent. Warm hands cup her newly exposed flesh in response, and she purrs appreciatively against the hard ridge of the younger woman's collarbone; grazing that delicate groove with her teeth as the latter lets out a flippant


Despite a rolling of her dark eyes at Emma's predictably contrary response, it is as though the skin-on-skin contact between the two of them ignites some sort of fire, and suddenly everything begins to move much faster and more frantically.

Perfectly manicured fingers free the younger woman of her own black bonds, as the blonde keeps one hand pressed and fluttering playfully over the Mayor's rapidly beating heart, and the other entangled within silken tresses to keep the darker woman's mouth pressed heatedly against her own.

A pale thumb makes one final swipe over a deliciously taut nipple, before Emma slips her hand down soft skin to release the catch on the brunette's black pencil skirt.

Scowling as the younger woman proceeds to yank at her clothing once more, Regina takes over; batting the blonde's hands irritably away as she slips heavy cotton gracefully down long, slender legs, never once breaking contact as she tastes the other woman hungrily.

With the Mayor magnificently on display- save for the expensively cut french lace that covers her sex- Emma steers them in the direction of the sofa; inwardly a little nervous as she spies beneath hooded lids that the darker woman still wears her sinfully seductive heels, and taking curiously cautious steps to avoid any painful accidents to her bare feet.

Pushing Regina down onto the low sofa, the blonde straddles her easily; any complaint the brunette might have towards being forced into such a submissive position overruled as the younger woman deepens the assault with her tongue and cups damp lace with playful fingers.

The Mayor shudders as the blonde's own need presses against her hotly; slim fingers caught between them.


Emma growls, lifting her own hips slightly to allow the brunette to lift hers so as to free the wet, white fabric that is all that remains of the darker woman's impeccable ensemble.

"Just because you're half nude, doesn't mean you should forgo what few manners you have. A 'please' wouldn't go amiss here and ther-ah!"

Dark eyes shoot open as the blonde hooks her finger slyly through the crotch of the Mayor's underwear and yanks it viciously upwards; the material narrowing delectably to reveal slick, wet flesh. Emma smirks cruelly, looking thoroughly pleased with herself.


She mocks innocently; her lips brushing wetly against the brunette's as she releases her painful hold on white lace.

Regina complies, lifting her hips and letting out a low moan as the younger woman trails her tongue down her torso as she moves to dispose of the unwanted garment. Nipping very lightly at the delicate web of flesh above the darker woman's navel, Emma chuckles lightly as the Mayor's fingers entwine themselves within her heavy curls and attempt to force her attention lower.

"Uh uh."

The brunette makes a small noise of frustration; her blood thrumming maddeningly and the complete debauchery of the situation causing her sex to ache hungrily as her inner muscles flutter on the delicate brink of orgasm.

She is careful not to let such desperation show in her expression, and when Emma travels back up to find her lips- long hair ghosting tantalisingly over sunkissed flesh- she simply pulls the younger woman down towards her to begin the battle for dominance once more with her tongue.

Soft, black cotton presses down with an incredible heat over the Mayor's most sensitive secrets, and as their kiss continues to grow ever more passionate- low noises of arousal escaping from both women to become lost and entwined and impossible to trace back to any one set of swollen lips- the brunette shudders every now and then as the younger woman rocks her hips as she works; creating delicious friction.

"Your turn..."

Huskily low, a red lacquered fingernail trailing the waistband of the blonde's bikini briefs hard enough to leave a faint, reddening line in its wake.

Lifting her hips once more, Emma plucks away scant fabric; lifting her knees one at a time to free the swatch of cotton and tossing it carelessly aside.

Regina makes a low noise- her tongue flickering into view to wet a deliciously plump bottom lip- as she waits for the blonde to lower herself back down and sate her need.

Well-plucked brows furrow when Emma proceeds to do no such thing.


The younger woman chuckles in a way that sends sharp jolts of pleasure rippling straight to the Mayor's core; amused at the ever demanding note to the brunette's sultry purr.

Don't play games you can't win.

Offering a curious little shrug- eyes wide and shamelessly innocent- Emma leans forwards, supporting her weight carefully on her forearms as her lips brush Regina's; her stomach pulled taut to engage her core and a smooth line of definition casting shadow down her slender arms as she keeps herself hovering teasingly above the brunette.

"What are you doing?"

Audibly irritated now, and the Mayor finds the firm flesh of the blonde's backside and attempts to pull her down, but the younger woman is strong, and though her arms shake ever so slightly, she keeps her position with a salacious grin.

It's tough when someone else makes the rules, huh, Madame Mayor?

"Miss Swan!"

The darker woman huffs; despising the uncharacteristic whiny tone to her voice, and the desperation so evident in her traitorous body.

Emma laughs quietly; picking up on the exact same qualities to the Mayor's current behaviour.


She muses- feigning ignorance- brushing her lips against the sharp line of the brunette's jaw as the latter attempts to thrust her own hips up towards the pale woman's promised heat.

The blonde makes a low, scolding noise; bracing herself precariously on just one arm- visibly shaking now due to the amount of time spent with her weight punishing her limbs in her awkward, yet delicious position- and scuttles the fingers of her free hand up a slim thigh and over the darker woman's mound.

She blows lightly across the Mayor's breasts.

"Emma, please!"

The brunette growls, dimly aware of the fact that she has given in to the blonde; not just resorting to pleading with her, but calling her by her first name as though beseeching a friend for compliance.

Smirking victoriously, the blonde crashes her lips against the Mayor's as she gives in to gravity and lowers herself heavily down onto the brunette; straddling her once more, but without the irritation of any barrier.

Regina moans into chaotically tousled tresses; her nails creating small, crescent grooves in the pale flesh of the younger woman's shoulder blades as she encourages the latter to move against her roughly.

Humming in her own pleasured ecstasy, Emma moves her hand down to her target once more, lifting her hips ever so slightly to allow her to slip slender fingers easily between the darker woman's slick folds before grinding down once more; moving with her entire body as the Mayor begins to groan tellingly into her hair.

"I hope you've learnt your lesson..."

Curling her fingers to find the sensitive patch of flesh that causes the brunette to tremble beneath her, the blonde moves her thumb over the erect bundle of nerves an inch or so north and grins at the beautifully hoarse cry against her throat; Regina's fingers digging cruelly into sparsely freckled shoulders as she comes violently undone.

"Oh my god..."

Laughing huskily against the darker woman's clavicle, Emma offers one final sweep of her tongue, before sitting up and climbing easily off the Mayor who lies trying to regain her breath.

Not to mention her composure.

"Wh-what... Where do you think you're going?"


"But we... I... You..."

"Payback's a bitch, huh?"