The pink-haired kunoichi sighed, looking at the dim skies that haunted her vision on her wake. 'How lovely.' She groaned in annoyance. 'Raining in such a good day.' She ran as drops of rain showered her slim figure. Splashes of water wet her, making her look like a wet dog looking for shelter. She ran and ran, looking for a near shelter. She sighed.

Naruto's house was nearer than hers.

She hesitated, before running toward the familiar apartment of her team mate. Since he had a mission, he didn't mind her using his apartment for shelter. Right?


She unlocked the main door and excused herself. She shook her head, drops of water hit the wood floor. She removed her wet sandals, rubbing it to the rag before stepping towards the dirty room. She examined it carefully. Stacks of spoiled ramen spread the room like wildfire, just like the rotten scent that overcame her senses. She was disgusted. What a gentleman he was, not learning how to 'tidy' his own house. She grabbed the garbage bin and carefully dispose them. Though the garbage can was so full, she just grabbed a large black plastic bag and throw them in. She inhaled the air again, before choking. 'Even the air in here smells like ramen.' She groaned as she searched for any perfume or spray that can get rid of the ridiculous smell. She finally found one, and it was almost empty. 'At least he has one. Or else I was getting rotten here.' She pressed the spray and out came the smell of fresh vanilla scent and mixed with mint. She sighed. 'Finally…' She inhaled the sweet scent, loving the smell of perfume. She looked at the can and was quite familiar with it. 'Is this the one I gave to Naruto two weeks ago?' Then something snapped. She glanced around the room, alarmed of intruders. She grabbed her kunai from her wet weapon pouch, and started searching. She examined in every corner, then went to Naruto's room. His clothes were thrown on every corner, almost any mouse can hide there. She sensed a chakra trace, vaguely familiar. She then faced outside his room, greeted by the blonde. "Sakura-chan?" She squeaked, dropped herself to the hard wooden floor. Her butt hurts, but her eyes still bore into the blonde's blue ones. "W-what are you doing here, Sakura-chan?" She gritted her teeth, resisting to punch him. Every fibre of her body begged her to get a taste of her fist colliding to the blonde's cheek. But she was able to control it and forced a grin on her delicate features. "Naruto, I was running from the rain and found your house nearby so I just dropped in here and waited for the rain to stop." She explained, while rubbing the back of her neck. She was embarrassed. Why couldn't she sense him?

Was he an intruder of his own house?

She bit her cheek, struggling to keep her posture perfectly. She dusted herself off before smiling to the confused blonde. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun." The words slip off her tongue, making the said boy blush. "It's no problem, Sakura-chan. You're welcome to stay here anyway." He stated with a grin. She just kept her smile in place and plopped herself down to his brown couch. She relaxed, the scent of fresh vanilla still lingered her nose. "Good thing the house smell clean." The boy muttered, staring at the large trash bin with a large black bag sitting beside it. "The house stenches a while ago." He walked to the couch and sat beside the pinkette. She lightly blushed at the space between them. She had never let this ever since the raven-haired boy left her. She was still very sad that he didn't come back. She thought she would let him stay here any longer.

"Sakura-chan, would you like anything to eat or drink?" Naruto questioned, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Ahhh… No thanks. I'm quite okay." She murmured, frowning. Why would he leave Konoha to just accomplish one futile dream of his? Sure, you wanted to kill your brother when he killed your own clan. But, there must be a reason why he killed their clan. And, he must be a good guy. He would never do such a thing just for the reason of 'Testing his skills'. Naruto sighed, tiredly leaning on the couch. She blushed again, feeling his warmth radiating on her skin. "Sakura-chan… So you want Sasuke to return to Konoha, with us?" she snapped her head towards the male. Her face written with concern and confusion. "Why?" She blurted, almost feeling quite mad at him bringing up that subject. "Because… people say I should quit finding Sasuke and just look forward being a Hokage. But for me, why would I even quit on finding my own lost comrade? He is my friend! What if they were in my shoes, huh?" He babbled, making the girl chuckle lightly. "Well, Naruto. Maybe they thought that finding Sasuke is ridiculous since he is gone and became a rogue ninja. I mean, even though he is a rogue ninja, would you still search for him?" She bluntly said. The blonde sighed, quite tired on arguing for the search of their beloved friend. He was quite tired of searching for him, yes. But achieving the goal without a comrade was useless. Would you even become successful even though you cannot rescue your own comrade? The pinkette looked like she heard his thoughts, though he was muttering it out loud, then stated. "No, Naruto. You can still become successful even though you lost your comrade. Sasuke is now swallowed into darkness. His eyes is already shut for searching a light." His fists shook, his body trembled. For once, he didn't even know what to do. Save his lost comrade in the pit of darkness or become a saviour for once? Actually, he wanted to choose both. But it was, it was very difficult to do it. "Sakura-chan." He called, making the kunoichi's attention dart towards him. "Please, help me forget."