Title: I asked for milk, not a baby

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Hamish Holmes - Watson, Mrs Hudson,...

Rating: T

Warnings/Triggers: Some strong language use.

Spoilers: No spoilers for the real episodes, this fanfic is set after the reichenbach fall.

Pairings: Sherlock/John

Summary: Sherlock had erased his biggest mistake he ever made from his mind, but what happens when the next day he finds it on the doorsteps of 221? John only asked for some damn milk. Parentlock.

Author's notes: We hope you enjoy this! This is a story made by me ( Sophlock ) and Femke ( JustFemke ).

Sir Conan Doyle created all the wonderful characters, and the BBC gave them their good looks. We only created the story; the rest belongs to them.

Chapter 1: Is that a baby?

Sherlock and John were sat in the adjoining kitchen and lounge at 221b, Sherlock working on an experiment as usual and John typing his blog. Sherlock sighed and looked over his goggles at John,

"What are you telling them?" He glared, he had no idea why all these people read John's blog, it didn't even help any of them to deduce.

John replied without looking up from his slow typing "About us."

Sherlock frowned as he went to looking back down his microscope at his latest experiment. "What about us?"

John sighed inwardly and stopped typing and looked up at his tiresome boyfriend, "You know... How we spent the weekend and stuff like that..." John gestured with his hands.

Sherlock thought for a moment before replying "But we don't do anything interesting..." A development under the microscope caught his eye and he muttered under his breath, "Sodium hydroxide..." He added it to his mind palace and carried on.

John sighed properly now, "But that's not important... They like to hear it anyway..." He went back to typing to his avid followers.

"If you say so... Potassium..." The detective added another note to his mind palace and carried on silently.

John smirked to himself after a while and looked up, "Can you pass me the milk?"

Sherlock glared "Why?", he hated being interrupted during experiments.

John rolled his eyes "Because I need to wash my hair with milk while I'm typing Sherlock, why d'you think?" John smirked at his sass, it wasn't often he got to be the sassy one.

Sherlock growled and stood up dramatically, flounced over to the fridge and opened it angrily and quickly. He ignored the usual body parts and chose the green capped milk bottle. He slammed the fridge closed and went over to John and put the milk next to his laptop angrily "Happy now?"

John grinned and looked up in mock surprise, "Yes, thank you...". He unscrewed the lid and looked inside "Sherlock, it's empty..."

Sherlock glared at John "For God's sake!"

John raised his eyebrows, "Well I didn't do it, you must have used it in an experiment... Well it's your turn to go and get some more."

Sherlock looked at John like he'd asked him to kill someone, "Really?! I'm in the middle of an experiment!"

John grinned at his partner's irritated face "I don't care!"

Sherlock threw up his hands in defeat and walked over to the sofa and threw his goggles onto it "Fine! I'll go and get your stupid milk..."

John sighed and laughed a little at the detective's immaturity "Sherlock... Come here..."

Sherlock span around in annoyance and glared "You just told me to go and get the milk! Make your mind up!"

John folded his arms across his chest "Fine, no kiss for you then..." He smirked a little at the face Sherlock pulled at this comment.

Sherlock dropped his anger and put on his best puppy dog eyes "No I want a kiss..." He strode back over to John and bent down to his level.

John grinned "Good.." He stretched up a little and pecked the pale skin of the detective's sharp cheek then pulled away "Now go and get that damn milk!" He chuckled a bit

Sherlock rolled his eyes and went over to the coat peg, he grabbed his long coat and scarf and put them on in his usual manner then turned back to face John "I'll see you in a bit..." He walked down the stairs to the front door, grimacing at Mrs Hudson's choice of new lamp shades hanging from the hallway ceiling. He opened the door with a flourish but stopped dead in his tracks at the sight on the doorstep. The cold October wind of London blew his curls as he swallowed and shouted back up the stairs "John!"

John heard the call and stopped typing and threw his hands up in the air in exasperation "What now Sherlock?! I only asked you to get some bloody milk!"

Sherlock stood frozen to the spot as he looked down and scanned the sight before him. A sleeping 6 month old baby with dark hair lay wrapped up in a blanket in a basket with a note on top. "Come downstairs!" His voice was wavered as he called his boyfriend.

John gave up and closed his laptop, sighing "Oh for fucks sake Sherlock..." He stood up angrily "this better be worth it!"

Sherlock glowered "Just do it." He closed his eyes and took deep breathes through his nose, considering his options.

John walked down the stairs angrily and stopped a couple of steps from the bottom and glared at Sherlock, this was getting stupid now. "What now?!"

Sherlock didn't say anything but opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder, fixing his gaze on his and swallowing hard.

John frowned and looked past the tall frame of the detective and down at the ground on the other side of the threshold, what he saw made him double take and he frowned in confusion. He finally decided that is was a baby and managed to get his voice to form words "is that a..." He still couldn't say it properly though.

Sherlock nodded slowly in reply and watched John intently.

John shook his head and smiled nervously as he stepped down the last few steps, this would all be a joke... "why...?"

Sherlock shrugged unhelpfully, "I don't know, I haven't read the note."

John dropped the smile and his eyes flashed with anger "well read it now then!"

Sherlock frowned for a second but turned around and bent down "ok ok..." He picked up the note and as he read it in his head his eyes widened and he swallowed hard.

Sherlock, he's yours now. Sorry. I name him Hamish.

Irene x

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